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Woot Woot!


Update: Mutant Future is now available!

Mutant Future Cover

“The sinister and sadistic bleating of spidergoats echoes in the night, a complementary chorus to the rustling of an unfortunate victim caught in their webs. In deep, dank caves to the north, corrupted humans take communion with an unspeakably evil abomination they worship as a god. Shrill cries from the fields can only mean the vomit flies are back, molesting your livestock.”

In short, just another day in the Mutant Future!

Mutant Future is a post-apocalyptic science fantasy RPG, in the same flavour of similar genre games from the late ’70s and early ’80s.

From the back cover:

Enter a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland filled with mutants, ruins, and radiation! You can take the role of an android, mutant human, mutant animal, pure human, and even a mutant plant! Seek wealth and ancient technological artifacts. Enter vast underground complexes, and avoid killer robots!


Mutant Future will be available for free as an electronic book, from the Mutant Future website and at Your Games Now. Print versions will be available at Lulu, in both hard cover and paperback formats.

Welcome to the mutant future; welcome back to classic science fantasy gaming!