Revised Armour Rules

Mutant Flytrap

Armour isn’t the only fashion statement that a character can make, but it’s a big one. There are a handful of armour-related house rules that I am implementing for the campaign.

First, several new post-apocalyptic themed armour types have been added, as detailed below and on the Additional Equipment page.

Second, all armour types have been divided into three categories – light, medium, and heavy – that affect Encumbrance & Movement (see that page for details).

Third, I like shields and I don’t think they get enough love in the core Mutant Future rules. I’ve divided shields into four types: bucklers, small shields, large shields, and tower shields.

Finally, armour and shields limits mobility, reducing an agile wearer’s ability to dodge blows. This is reflected as a maximum Dexterity bonus to AC that a given type of armour or shield allows.

Please refer to the revised armour tables provided below:


Cost Armour
Bonus to AC
Light Armour:
  Skins / Furs 5 gp 8 +5 10 lbs
  Leather Jacket 10 gp 8 +5 8 lbs
  Arachnofibre Shirt 75 gp 8 +7 3 lbs
  Plant Fibre / Bark Armour 30 gp 7 +4 15 lbs
  Leather Armour 20 gp 7 +4 15 lbs
  Arachnofibre Robes 150 gp 7 +6 5 lbs
Medium Armour:
  Hide Armour / Thick Furs 25 gp 6 +3 25 lbs
  Studded Leather 30 gp 6 +3 20 lbs
  Chitin Armour 40 gp 6 +3 20 lbs
  Chain / Wireweave Shirt 50 gp 6 +3 20 lbs
  Sports Gear 75 gp 6 +3 15 lbs
  Tire Tread Armour 100 gp 5 +2 35 lbs
  Chain Mail 150 gp 5 +2 30 lbs
  Cord Armour / Wireweave 175 gp 5 +2 25 lbs
  Enhanced Sports Gear 250 gp 5 +2 25 lbs
Heavy Armour:
  Metal Breastplate 300 gp 4 +1 40 lbs
  Plate Metal 600 gp 3 +0 50 lbs
  Buckler 15 gp -1 * +6 5 lbs
  Small Shield 10 gp -1 * +4 10 lbs
  Large Shield 20 gp -2 * +2 15 lbs
  Tower Shield 30 gp -3 * +1 45 lbs

* Using a shield improves the bearer’s AC by the listed amount. A buckler’s AC bonus can only be used against a single attack per round.

Armour Spikes: You can have spikes added to your armour (or shield), which will allow you to inflict 1d4 damage in melee combat. Spikes increase the armour’s weight by 5 lbs. and worsen the maximum DEX bonus to AC by 1. Cost: +50 gp

Mastercraft Armour: These well-made armour suits function like the normal versions except that they improve the armour’s maximum DEX bonus to AC by 1. Cost: +150 gp

Shields: A buckler’s AC bonus can only be used against a single attack per round. You can use a bow or crossbow without penalty while using a buckler; you can also use your shield arm to wield a weapon but you take a –1 penalty to hit while doing so.

A light shield’s weight lets you carry other items in that hand, although you cannot use weapons with it.

A heavy shield is so heavy that you can’t use your shield hand for anything else.

A character carrying a tower shield is considered to be wearing ‘heavy armour’ in terms of Encumbrance & Movement. When employing a tower shield in combat, you take a –2 penalty to hit because of the shield’s encumbrance.


One comment

  1. I didn’t think that shields got enough love in Mutant Future, so I’ve added some different types to provide variety.

    For PCs, I’ve assumed those of you with shields all have ‘small shields’ (though I could see Aka-Vasha with a buckler, if she’s interested, and Rasputin with a large shield instead).

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