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Grass Plains Knight

A confession: I have a weak will when it comes to tinkering with RPG rule systems.

Before Mutant Future was announced, I was working on an ‘old-school’ version of my own homebrew post-apocalyptic RPG, which I have subsequently abandoned in favour of MF. However, since I’ve already put the work into developing a number of rules modules, It was relatively easy to adapt them to Mutant Future.

Since this blog was started, I’ve put together some additional rules variants and options for Mutant Future. The following rules variants are are in addition to the House Rules already described and may be of interest to others who are starting a Mutant Future campaign:

Stuff From K-Slacker

Thoughts on Ability Scores
Variant HP Rules

Two New Races (Stock Humans and Near-Humans)
Tweaked Humans
Eugenic Humans and Moreaus
Replicants as Clones

Backgrounds (Optional Rule)
Additional Backgrounds (Optional)

You can also use the WordPress archives (in the sidebar) to browse posts related to Game Rules.

There’s also material from other Mutant Future fans that I’m quite fond of, much of which has already been incorporated into the House Rules. Here’s examples of some other interesting Mutant Future stuff from the web (particularly monsters):

Stuff From Other Sources

Broken Men (from Malevolent & Benign)
Flumphs (from Mutant Foursome)
The Exterminators (from Mutant Foursome)
Spidergoat Economics (from Jeff’s Gameblog)

Let me know what you think of these, or how they work if you use them in your own game.



  1. For those who may be interested, I’ve collected the variant rules posts here for convenience. I’ve also gathered a few notable links from other sources.

    If I were to start a tabletop Mutant Future campaign today, I would add all the House Rules currently used in Barrier Peaks (with the possible exception of Karma Points), plus the Variant HP Rules and new races listed here.

  2. I’m curious. Why would you do away with the Karma Points?

  3. I tend to run a harsher tabletop game than online. I’m a bit of a rat-bastard referee face-to-face.

    In a tabletop game, it’s reasonably quick to roll up a new character and bring them into the adventure in the case of an unfortunate PC demise. Online, it might take a couple posts – which is a long wait if you’re character is the one that’s out of commission. (My other online games have averaged about 1-2 posts per week.)

    That said, this is my third iteration of Karma Point rules, and I think they might be decent enough to incorporate in a tabletop campaign – particularly if I were running a ‘heroic’ game.

  4. Well, I actually ran a live session of Mutant Future tonight. As expected, I used all the House Rules from Barrier Peaks (minus Karma Points) plus the variant hp rules and the new races. We generated PCs using the ‘old-school’ method and ran the sample adventure from the Labyrinth Lord rulebook.

    You can read the session report for a summary.

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