Character Creation

A typical party of PCs

To participate in the Barrier Peaks campaign, you’ll have to make your own Player Character. You might play a hulking mutant warrior skilled in combat or a savvy scoundrel with quick wit and a quicker blade. You might be a deadly wasteland hunter trained in survival techniques or a mind mage who has mastered the psionic arts.

Before starting, try to envision the type of character you desire. Although the dice may force you to re-imagine your PC, it helps to start with a character concept in mind. You might also want to know what character types the other players are using so that you can create a PC that fits well with the group.

PCs will be generated using the following guidelines:

Ability Scores:

Abilities are determined using a ‘4d6 drop lowest’ method. Roll four six-sided dice, disregard the lowest die, and total the three highest. Generate a total of six scores, and assign them as desired to Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Willpower, and Charisma.

Character Types:

Most characters should be Mutant Humans or Pure Humans. Mutant Animals will be considered on a case-by-case basis (using rules loosely adapted from Palladium’s After the Bomb RPG), and I might allow one Basic Android, but only for an experienced player. No Mutant Plants or other types of Androids. Note that there should be at least one Pure Human in the party.

As per the House Rules, Pure Humans and Androids with INT 9+ are automatically literate and may attempt to repair technology.


The game will use a ‘mutation pool’ method to determine PC mutations. Roll up four physical and four mental mutations. You may select mutations from each list for your character. Thus, if you’re picky you might only take one of each type. If you’re lucky, you might want to select them all. You do not need to select any defects for your PC.

Note that all mutants should have at least one physical mutation and one mental mutation. Some mutations will not be allowed for the current adventure. The referee will inform you of these restrictions if required.

Starting Level:

All new players start at 6th level. Players who have participated in any of my other campaigns, or have helped me out with playtesting in the past, start at 7th level. If you’ve been involved with all my online games, or if you’re one of the authours of Mutant Future, you get to start at 8th level. PCs will use the revised Level Benefits Table from the House Rules page.

Note that I won’t be tracking XP in this adventure. PCs are not expected to level up while on the Expedition. If we continue playing the current characters in a later adventure, I’ll tally your XP at that point.

Starting Wealth:

All PCs receive 100 gp per level with which to purchase equipment. In addition to the basic gear available from the Mutant Future rulebook, Additional Equipment can be selected from the lists provided on this website. Also, the referee will provide one or more pieces of special gear to each PC or otherwise upgrade your equipment.


Languages in the campaign are discussed on the House Rules page. Unislang is the common tongue for Expedition PCs. Pure Humans and Androids with INT 9+ receive literacy for free. Note that an Androids speak Ancient by default; an Android PC (if present) will need to start with INT 13+ and select Unislang as a bonus language to participate in the Expedition.

Finishing Touches:

Now that you have all your game stats figured out, pick a name and I’ll post a draft character sheet online for you. Your PC almost ready – but first you’ll have to earn your Karma Points.

I’d like a short (1 sentence) summary of your PC, plus a longer background description (a paragraph or two). This is your chance to get creative; I’ve left much of the campaign setting deliberately vague for the players to flesh out. Remember that your character is a high-level adventurer and will be known by reputation to the other PCs, so feel free to provide information on past exploits. Take a look at the Sample PCs to get an idea of what I’m looking for. You can also provide a character picture if you wish.

Now that everything is done, your character is ready to adventure!

Creating PCs Online

Due to the dice rolls required during character creation, it’s a bit tricky making PCs over the web. I want to make sure all rolls are done fairly, and I figure the easiest way to do this online is to use the RPG Library Dice Server to roll for your Ability Scores, mutations, level bonuses, and hit points. Be sure to send the results to yourself and me (k-slacker@shaw.ca).

You will need to make the following rolls:

Ability Scores:

First, you’ll need to roll your Ability Scores:

  • Roll 4d6 six times, dropping the lowest die.

You can arrange these scores as desired.

Generate Mutations:

If you’re playing a mutant, you’ll need to roll your mutant powers:

  • To generate your physical mutation pool, roll 1d100 four times.
  • To generate your mental mutations pool, roll 1d100 four times.

Refer to the appropriate tables to see what mutations you may have. No rerolls, no mulligans. If you roll the same mutation more than once and it can’t be taken multiple times, tough luck.

Select as many mutations from each ‘pool’ as you wish for your PC, but each mutant must have at least one physical and one mental mutation.

Level Benefits:

Expedition PCs start at 6th level or above, and are eligible for experience level benefits:

  • For each level above 1st, roll 1d100 and refer to the revised Level Benefits Table from the House Rules page.

I reserve the right to fudge some of these results if they don’t make much sense for the PC.

Hit Points:

Hit points are also generated randomly:

  • For each point of CON, roll 1d6 (1d8 if you’re a Pure Human). The total is your maximum hp value.

Remember: Make sure to specify the subject and include yourself and me (k-slacker@shaw.ca) in the e-mail instructions!


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  1. I never actually had a Gamma World campaign that ran to this experience level, and I am interested in seeing how it plays out…

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