An Introduction to Mutant Future


Thought you might find this amusing. My mother-in-law and eight-year-old nephew were visiting for a few days this week, and the nephew found my miniatures collection downstairs. He was pretty interested in finding out what they were for, so I ended up running a game of (simplified) Mutant Future one night, followed by a Mutant Future/Labyrinth Lord crossover session the next evening.

It was refreshing to see an RPG viewed by a young person with new eyes. I think his biggest surprise was that unlike video games, the action is only restricted by his imagination. I also surprised me how quickly a new gamer succumbs to munchkinism!

On the first night of gaming, my nephew created a warrior mutant with Increased Strength, Regeneration, and Vampiric Field mutations. (Only the Increased Strength was fudged; the other two were honest rolls.) He also decided that the Vampiric ability worked by biting his target (which is a little different than the normal rules). I let him pick out a couple followers based on his CHA score, and he plowed gleefully through a vault filled with giant spiders, mutant snakes, and floating brains. He was very, uh, creative with uses of body parts from fallen foes.

On the second evening, he wanted to try something different, so he created a wizard. I let him cast his spells at-will, and he decided he wanted to attack the tower of another wizard to steal his spells. (He came up with that one himself; I was impressed.) Along the way, he had to get past the purple worm guarding the wizard’s study. Eventually the creature was vanquished, though it ate all of the wizard’s companions – the cowardly caster saved himself by running away and finishing off the worm from a distance with a wand of lightning bolts.

In a thrilling grand finale, his new character (the wizard) was pitted against his first PC (the mutant warrior) in a deadly final battle. The wizard won.

Anyhow, I gave him a copy of the Labyrinth Lord rules, my old dog-eared Mentzer Basic D&D books, an assortment of dice, and a few miniatures. Hopefully he’ll get a few of his friends to try it out and discover a new hobby.

Some choice quotes:

  • “Let’s play this one; it’s more violent.” (When asked to decide between Labyrinth Lord or Mutant Lord, based on the covers.)
  • “Can I be him?” (Pointing to the purple worm mini.)
  • “At first I thought it would suck, but it was actually really fun!” (Afterwards, when describing the session to his grandmother.)
  • “Invincible.” (When asked to name his character.)
  • “Fireball. What does this one do?” (When looking over the spell list in Labyrinth Lord.)


  1. Thats good stuff! :D

  2. You can follow the further adventures of my nephew in the post-apocalyptic wastes here:


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