43 – The Doors Open


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Cargo Bot

Cargo Bot

While the rest of the group waits near the stairwell up, the party scouts have discovered a cargo bay – and perhaps an exit from this installation!

Ibben, Apollo, and Slinker have discovered a large, well-lit cargo bay. In the middle of the room are two large robots, different in appearance from the police robot which you encountered earlier. There is also the enormous body of a creature lying upon a table of some type. The monster is unfamiliar to you, and surrounded in a nimbus of light. The robots take no action, nor does the creature on the table.

To the south is a large set of cargo doors. These resemble perfectly the doorway which you spotted from the outside! On the east and west walls are large doors similar to the one you just entered, but brown-coded.

Cargo Hold

Ibben pauses to continue watching the two robots for a minute…

Saying nothing, and moving as quietly as he can manage, Apollo takes a couple of cautious steps into the room, glancing warily around this new area.

Other than the robots and the mysterious creature, there is little else of interest in the room. There are several open crates lying in the corners of the chamber, but from what Apollo can see they appear empty. He notes no dust or signs of disuse, unlike other areas within the lower level. In fact, the chamber appears well used – with scratches and scuff marks everywhere. There are definite signs that large and heavy objects have been repeatedly dragged towards the southern cargo doors…

The Slinker moves into the room slowly and carefully, scanning the room in hope of finding his valuable possessions. Although his camouflage is less perfect than that of Apollo or Ibben, the robots take no notice. With his gear nowhere in plain sight, Slinker peers into the crates. Although mostly empty, each contains at the bottom a smaller version of the ‘table’ that dominates the center of this room. (This still leaves each crate as mostly empty space.)

Suddenly, and without warning, the robots grind into action! They turn towards the central table, and suddenly the shimmering lights surrounding the creature blink out. You stand, momentarily transfixed, as the machines grab the enormous creature in their clumsy graspers. (Did the monster just twitch, or was it your imagination?)

Next, with the sound of grinding metal, the large cargo bay doors slowly begin to open, exposing sunlight! These are indeed the lower doors that you spotted while outside! The robots begin to drag their load towards the doorway, still seemingly oblivious to your presence.

What are your actions?


  1. Amazed by the spectacle unfolding before him, but keen not to become embroiled in it, Apollo steps slowly backwards towards to internal doors. While it seems that the party have found the immediate cause of the incursions into the surrounding lands, Apollo can see no obvious way of stemming the flow of creatures being ejected from this huge portal.

  2. (Only the invisible characters are in the cargo bay, correct?)

  3. While standing guard, Aka-Vasha jokingly whispers to herself, “Whats taking them so long? Its like we have been waiting here for nearly a month now!”

  4. (Ibben and Apollo are invisible; Slinker is camouflaged and difficult to see, but not quite invisible.)

    (Also, note that the party members back near the stairwell can hear the grinding of the outer cargo doors opening from their location…)

  5. (In the distance, Yobo catches a whiff of fresh air. The scouts must have discovered the exit!)

  6. Ibben remains motionless in the doorway, watching the robots go about their task. Independently he has the same thoughts as Apollo, for the moment the best he can do is observe and hope the information will come in useful later on.

  7. The Slinker catches himself gawking at the event before his eyes, but quickly comes to a conclusion. He thinks to himself, “damn withdrawl, now I’m seeing things. I really need to find my shit…” He carefully retreats to the internal doors to discuss further exploration.

  8. Meanwhile, in the stairwell, the sound of grinding gears reaches Genes ears.

    “What in tarnation?” He wonders.

    Slowly, Gene peers toward the portal wondering if his companion’s need aid…

    “Talk to me ‘Decider'” he mutters to himself as his hand hovers above the grip of his trusty pistol.

  9. Rasputin hears the noises from the cargo bay also and sees Gene start to move.

    “Hold up Gene,” Raputin hisses, “Our companions will shout if they need aid. Don’t risk their lives by your impatience.”

    Even as he says that, Rasputin is itching to investigate the noises himself, but exerts his will to hold himself back.

  10. Silent as can be, Olive appears to go into a low-power state as he waits for something to move on. He looks like a plastic statue, frozen in a guard position.

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