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“The mutant future is a dangerous place. Life has mutated and evolved to survive in a spidergoat-eat-two-headed dwarf world. It isn’t just the animals that are more deadly. Some plants have mutated to be sapient, mobile, and others wait patiently in one place for fresh meet.”

– the Mutant Future website

The Barrier Peaks RPG will be using the Mutant Future rules for the game. Mutant Future was created by Goblinoid Games, a small press RPG publisher. You can download the rules for the game for free from the publisher:

Go To: Mutant Future Website

(It can also be downloaded at Your Games Now. Print versions are available Lulu, in both hard cover and paperback formats.)

Mutant Future is deliberately old-school. I’m looking forward to running a game where the game mechanics take back seat to the story itself. As much as I love fiddling with rules and RPG design, the goal of this game is to get back to basics. It should be refreshing.

There ain’t no school like the old-school!

What is Mutant Future?

Mutant Future is an old-school science fantasy RPG published by Goblinoid Games, based on the Labyrinth Lord system, but retooled in the spirit of classic nuclear post-apocalypse science fantasy games. It attempts to ‘get back to the basics’ by emulating rules from simple RPGs of the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Mutant Future is produced as Open Game Content, and can be distributed and used for free under the terms of the Open Game License. You can download the Mutant Future rules, print them out for yourself, and even publish compatible products for free. As stated on its website: “In many ways, Mutant Future is the best realization of the concept of Open Game Content. We’ve taken a great deal of open game content terms and text, stirred it all together, and made something old yet new.”

What Mutant Future Isn’t

A retro-clone (sometimes called a simulacrum game) is any game, currently in production or legally available for free, which attempts to reproduce or support the look, feel, game mechanics and/or play style of classic RPG games. Mutant Future is kind of a ‘mutant retro-clone’…

“Mutant Future is not a direct clone of a particular game. Some elements of Mutant Future are heavily inspired by old-school and newer games alike, but the core system is from Labyrinth Lord. So while Mutant Future is not any more innovative than any other retro-clone, it is more like a Frankenstein’s Monster in that it takes an old-school infusion of rules from Labyrhinth Lord, classic science fantasy rules, and additional material from more recent open game content.”

… “What this means is that Mutant Future is probably fairly easily converted to older science fantasy games, but it is not designed to closely emulate their rules. Mutant Future is designed more to emulate their ‘feel’, while taking advantage of the solid rules we already have with Labyrinth Lord”

– the Mutant Future website

Further Information

If you’d like to learn more about Mutant Future, Goblinoid Games, and old-school gaming in general, check out the following links:

Go To: Goblinoid Games Forums
Go To: Goblinoid Games Website
Go To: Mutant Future Website

So in conclusion: grab yourself a copy of the Mutant Future rules and read them, then head over to the Character Creation page to generate your PC. You’ll find that “Mutant Future lets you whip up characters in a hurry, so you can get to the fun part, adventuring in the wasteland of the post-apocalypse future.”

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  1. As noted, much of the text on this page is paraphrased from the Goblinoid Games and Mutant Future websites.

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