Campaign Setting

Long ago, the world was dominated by the Ancients who developed a godlike mastery over all sciences: from mechanical engineering to nuclear physics and beyond. Unfortunately, more often than not, these Ancients chose to use their knowledge for destruction rather than the advancement of their species. Although some of their achievements were truly beneficial, many of their activities caused irreversible pollution and had side-effects that were slowly poisoning the world.

Blind to the dangers that their activities caused, the Ancients’ wars, weapons, and pollutants gave rise to many mutant species. Their computers and weapons were eventually responsible for the great nuclear and chemical catastrophes that brought an end to their way of life and left few survivors. Due to radiation poisoning and other types of fallout from their weapons of mass destruction, most of the Ancients were destroyed hundreds of years ago in an event known as ‘the Fall’.

The Fall

The Fall devastated the world. Society crumbled, and all that mankind had worked for was seemingly destroyed. As mutants wandered the scarred wastelands, human society fragmented and most of the knowledge of the Ancients was lost for eternity. The world was plunged into a new Dark Age.

Yet, somehow, humanity’s descendants slunk out from the ruins and continued their struggle for life. In time they adapted to the harsh conditions of the mutant future.

As the radioactive glow slowly faded, the children of man learned to hunt the necropoli and search for surviving items and equipment. And thus, on the ruins of the old age, society began to build itself anew. In the wastelands people banded together, formed communities, fell in love and struggled for not only the right to life, but for a life worth living. Eventually, society re-formed into what might be considered a new civilization. Vast regions are still lawless, but other large areas have formed into a crude feudal system, somewhat reminiscent of medieval times.

The Affiliation

In this new era, a loose network of economic, political, and military alliances known as the Affiliation has arisen to unite many of the independent baronies, tribal clans, and necropoli gangs.

The Affiliation serves to hold back raider warlords, mutant beasts, reawakened Ancient threats, and the other forces of chaos which still arise from the wastes. Now, centuries after the Fall, civilization is slowly returning as society begins a new renaissance.

From its centre of the Free City and the Inner Baronies, the Affiliation reaches to the Grass Plain (or ‘Outer’) Baronies (to the east), the Beastmen Clans of the Barrier Peaks (to the west), the Dismal Swamps (to the north), and even to the edge of the Deadlands (to the south). Although the Conclave attempts to exert a degree of control over the entire region (assisted by the newly formed ‘Judges’, the unofficial police force of the Conclave), the Affiliation is far from a unified state. Indeed, even as the prosperity of its inhabitants improves, the first cracks in the stability of the Affiliation have begun to surface as various factions vie for control of the rising empire.

It the dawn of a new age and a time of adventure!


  1. I’ve just added this page with some further background information on the campaign setting. Some of this text was originally on the initial blog post. A lot of the words are stolen from the ‘Gunslinger’s Guidebook’ for the Dark Tower, published by Marvel.

    In a nutshell, the campaign influences include:

    Classic Old-School Science Fantasy +
    Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower‘ +
    Mark S. Geston’s ‘Out of the Mouth of the Dragon‘.

    (That last work is a relatively obscure novel from the late ’60s, well worth checking out – along with ‘Lords of the Starship’ and ‘The Siege of Wonder’, also by Geston.)

  2. Think of the Affiliation as being closer to the European Union than a traditional nation-state. Although it shares a common economy (including a gold-standard currency) and law enforcement (the Judges), Affiliation members maintain independent governments and military forces.

    Also, note that most Affiliation citizens are Near-Humans or Stock Humans, with a significant Mutant Human minority. Pure Humans are rare, and Mutant Animals are viewed as second-class citizens. Androids are nearly unheard of, and Sentient Plants are considered little more than monsters.

  3. I’m glad you took the idea of the judges into the fold of the setting. :)

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