Player Characters (& NPCs)

Each PC is an experienced hero, with a history of past exploits and adventures to match. Representing various factions of the Affiliation, each brings with him or her a particular viewpoint or agenda to the Expedition. Although you have not adventured together as a group before, you know one other by reputation.

Here are the current Expedition PCs; including a short description, current status, and links to their character sheets:

  • Aka-Vasha (Jeremy’s PC): Aka-Vasha is a two-headed female buccaneer, who is tying to rebuild her pirate fleet. (25 of 36 hp.)
  • Yobo (Thakazum’s PC): Yobo is a small dragon-like creature that lives in the wild near Affiliation lands. (37 of 37 hp.)
  • Ibben (Kipper’s PC): Ibben is an intensely curious priest from the Brotherhood of Radiation with two distinct personalities: one is somewhat of an introspective pacifist, while the other is more extroverted and aggressive. (47 of 47 hp.)
  • Slinker (Ian’s PC): The Slinker says he is something called a ‘journalist’, sent out from an underground colony of Eugenic Humans to compile a report on current conditions in the wastes. (34 of 34 hp.)
  • Rasputin (Al’s PC): Rasputin is a tall, stringy, weather–worn Pure Human with a shock of red hair, long beard, and a fanatical gleam in his eyes. (74 of 75 hp.)
  • Apollo (Edsan’s PC): Judge Apollo (‘Irons’ to his friends) is a tall bony man, never seen without his black clothes and wide-brimmed hat. He travels the edges of Affiliation territory bringing law and justice to even the most remote villages… usually in the form of point blank pistol shots to the back of the head. (45 of 45 hp.)
  • Gene Siskin (James’s PC): Gene appears to be a grizzled veteran of the badlands, yet he looks surprisingly healthy. His weapons and armor show scars of battle, as does he. His eyes are cold and calculating. (55 of 83 hp.)
  • Olive (Doublenix’s PC): Olive is a humanoid android built before the Fall. Olive’s body is sleek, compact, and seems to be designed for speed – this is evident from his innate quickness in nearly everything he does. (47 of 50 hp.)

Your party has collected the black and violet keycards.


Accompanying the PCs are a number of retainers, either assigned by the Conclave to support the group or obtained from inside the vault itself. Each is a potential hero in their own right, though they lack the experience of the PCs.

Here are their stat blocks:

  • Reesus: Apeman [AL N, MV 90′ (30′), AC 6, HD 10, #AT 1, DG 1d6+2 (melee) or 1d6 (ranged), S L6, ML 7]. (27 of 45 hp.)
  • Rogaine: Near-Human [AL L, MV 60′ (20′), AC 7, HD 13, #AT 1, DG 1d6 (melee) or 1d6 (ranged), S L3, ML 7, Mutations: albinism, parasitic control]. (34 of 52 hp.)
  • Andre: Goliath [AL N, MV 60′ (20′), AC 5, HD 12, #AT 1, DG 1d10 (melee) or 1d8 (ranged, ROF 1/2), S L4, ML 7, Mutations: gigantism, increased strength, increased stamina]. (40 of 54 hp.)

(Note that all are considered ‘heavily encumbered’ from carrying the party’s excess supplies and gear.)

And here are the stats of those retainers who did not make it:

  • Pris: Synthetic [AL L, MV 120′ (40′), AC 7, HD 10, #AT 1, DG 1d6 (melee, subdual) or stun (ranged), S L5, ML 6]. (0 of 50 hp. Slain in a surprise attack by displacer beasts on Level 1.)
  • Xanax: Near-Human [AL L, MV 60′ (20′), AC 7, HD 11, #AT 1, DG 1d6 (melee) or 1d6 (ranged), S L3, ML 6, Mutations: plane shift, weak will]. (24 of 39 hp. Fled in panic from displacer beasts on Level 1.)

Should a PC die during the adventure, a retainer will be ‘promoted’ to PC status. The stats of the newly promoted PC will be generated using a modified character creation process, and will have only one-half the previous PC’s level.

Marching Order

While exploring, the party is currently using the following marching order:

  1. Aka-Vasha – Yobo
  2. Ibben – Slinker
  3. Rasputin – Apollo
  4. Gene – Olive
  5. ReesusRogaine
  6. Andre

Each rank takes about five feet of space, so the entire party stretches over thirty feet from front rank to rear.


  1. Retainers have now been posted. The average party Charisma was just under 12, which gave you 4 retainers with Morale 7. Note that Rogaine and Xanax each has an unusual mutant power that may come in useful during the adventure.

    As long as your retainers are with your group, I’ll assume you’re consuming the food and water that they carry and that they provide PCs with replacement ammo (normal, not mastercraft) for any shots taken.

  2. Hey K,

    Do we have specific assignments to which retainers each of us are using? Do they have any affiliations we should know about? Do any of us have prior experience with these folks? Sorry about the questions, but just want to make sure I RP interactions properly if they need to happen. :)

  3. None of the retainers are specifically assigned to any PC, though they will tend to follow the orders of the high-Charisma characters (Ibben, Rasputin, then and Aka-Vasha and Gene).

    They represent various lesser factions within the Affiliation and do not have the reputation or status of your PCs; you wouldn’t have known them before the adventure.

  4. Astute observers will note that I have retconned the retainers Rogaine and Xanax as Near-Humans, swapping some of their mutations to fit.

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