Barrier Peaks Cartoon


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Barrier Peaks


  1. Superb! I am running my kids through a 5e conversion of Expidtion – my favourite D&D adventure which I have converted and played in every edition of the game (except 2nd, we don’t speak of 2nd). You may also be interested in Paizo’s Iron Gods Adventure Path which is heavily inspired by this deathtrap adventure.

  2. Yeah; I looked at Iron Gods when it started but haven’t checked out where the Adventure Path led.

    I actually played a lot of 2e. The core rules are fine and a lot easier to reference during play than 1e. Things got stupid during the splatbook era, though. (4e is the one edition I never played.)

    • I am currently running Iron Gods and converting it to 5e as I go. I am about 70% through the adventure path after 12 months of play. You can see the session logs on my blog as well as my conversion of equipment, monsters – including iconic Expedition mobs like vegepygmies – and the like. Separately I am running my kids through a 5e converted version of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. I’ll put that on my blog once we have played through it. Its less of a death trap than the original. The only other change I made over the years was thematically. Instead of a nameless Star Trek style spaceship I switched it to a Rogue Trader and re-themed it appropriately.

      I played basic, 1e, skipped 2e more because a stage of life than disliking it, but I did play the video game 2e games. Didn’t seem particularly different to 1e. Came back during 3.0 and kept on going through 3.5. Ran a few one off and short campaigns in 4e, mostly a 4e Expedition to the Barrier Peaks using Gamma World 7th edition monsters, but I didn’t like it. Came back for 5e which is mechanically very similar to 3.5 but feels like 1e (in a positive sense, not negative).

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