Additional Equipment

Podog Rider

In addition to the basic gear available from the Mutant Future rulebook, additional equipment can be selected from the lists provided here.

As mentioned earlier, the Affiliation mints its own coins of various varieties and each PCs receive 100 gp per level with which to purchase equipment. Also, the referee will provide one or more pieces of special gear to each PC or otherwise upgrade your equipment.

Additional equipment is divided into the following categories:

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Basic Firearms

Some basic types of black powder and flintlock firearms can be manufactured by Affiliation communities and are commonly available in larger settlements or from merchant caravans. Higher-tech firearms are generally unavailable for sale.

A black powder firearm takes two full rounds to reload, while breech-loading firearms need one full round.

Basic Firearms

Cost Damage ROF Range Weight
  Black Powder
100 gp 1d10 1/3 40’/80’/120′ 3 lbs
125 gp 1d10 1/2 50’/100’/150′ 3 lbs
  Black Powder
200 gp 1d12 1/3 100’/200’/300′ 10 lbs
250 gp 1d12 1/2 150’/300’/450′ 10 lbs

Standard ammunition for both types of firearms are the same: 10 bullets and a powder horn. Cost: 35 gp. Weight: 3 lbs.


The armours and shields listed below are additional types that can be manufactured by Affiliation armoursmiths (often using scavenged pre-Fall materials). As reflected in the pricing, heavy armours are rare; the best that most communities can fabricate on their own are the leather/hide-based types and shields.

See also the Revised Armour Rules page for further information.


Cost Armour
Bonus to AC
Light Armour:
  Skins / Furs 5 gp 8 +5 10 lbs
  Leather Jacket 10 gp 8 +5 8 lbs
  Arachnofibre Shirt 75 gp 8 +7 3 lbs
  Plant Fibre / Bark Armour 30 gp 7 +4 15 lbs
  Leather Armour 20 gp 7 +4 15 lbs
  Arachnofibre Robes 150 gp 7 +6 5 lbs
Medium Armour:
  Hide Armour / Thick Furs 25 gp 6 +3 25 lbs
  Studded Leather 30 gp 6 +3 20 lbs
  Chitin Armour 40 gp 6 +3 20 lbs
  Chain / Wireweave Shirt 50 gp 6 +3 20 lbs
  Sports Gear 75 gp 6 +3 15 lbs
  Tire Tread Armour 100 gp 5 +2 35 lbs
  Chain Mail 150 gp 5 +2 30 lbs
  Cord Armour / Wireweave 175 gp 5 +2 25 lbs
  Enhanced Sports Gear 250 gp 5 +2 25 lbs
Heavy Armour:
  Metal Breastplate 300 gp 4 +1 40 lbs
  Plate Metal 600 gp 3 +0 50 lbs
  Buckler 15 gp -1 * +6 5 lbs
  Small Shield 10 gp -1 * +4 10 lbs
  Large Shield 20 gp -2 * +2 15 lbs
  Tower Shield 30 gp -4 * +1 45 lbs

* Using a shield improves the bearer’s AC by the listed amount. A buckler’s AC bonus can only be used against a single attack per round.

Armour Spikes: You can have spikes added to your armour (or shield), which will allow you to inflict 1d4 damage in melee combat. Spikes increase the armour’s weight by 5 lbs. and worsen the maximum DEX bonus to AC by 1. Cost: +50 gp

Shields: A buckler’s AC bonus can only be used against a single attack per round. You can use a bow or crossbow without penalty while using a buckler; you can also use your shield arm to wield a weapon but you take a –1 penalty to hit while doing so.

A light shield’s weight lets you carry other items in that hand, although you cannot use weapons with it.

A heavy shield is so heavy that you can’t use your shield hand for anything else.

A character carrying a tower shield is considered to be wearing ‘heavy armour’ in terms of Encumbrance & Movement. When employing a tower shield in combat, you take a –2 penalty to hit because of the shield’s encumbrance.

Mastercraft Items

A mastercraft item is a finely crafted version of a normal piece of equipment. The exceptional quality of these objects provides the user a bonus to hit, Ability checks, or some other characteristic that improves when the object is used.

Mastercraft Armour: These well-made armour suits function like the normal versions except that they improve the armour’s maximum DEX bonus to AC by 1. Cost: +150 gp

Mastercraft Arrow, Quarrel, Bullet, or Stone: A mastercraft projectile functions like a normal projectile of the same type except that it is so aerodynamically sound that a +1 bonus on damage rolls is added when using it. The projectile is damaged (effectively becoming a normal projectile) when it is used. Cost: +6 gp per projectile.

Mastercraft Tools: These well-made items are the perfect tools for the job, so the character gets a +2 circumstance bonus on checks. Bonuses provided by multiple mastercraft items used toward the same skill check do not stack. Cost: +50 gp.

Mastercraft Weapon: These well-made weapons add a +1 bonus to hit. Cost: +300 gp.

Juju Potions

Potions are simple medicinal concoctions and brews whipped up by tribal witch doctors and juju men throughout the wastes. As the advanced techniques and chemical recipes of the Ancients are, by and large, lost to mutantkind in this twilight of the Fall, simpler – but certainly effective – solutions must be made.

Potions work exactly as described described below. Juju medicines have the remarkable quality of working perfectly for all races, whether Pure Human or Mutant Animal; medical incompatibility is not a factor.

Drink Of Fools: This legendary ‘poison’, when drunk, causes the drinker to break out in violent hiccups. A saving throw vs. Poison is allowed. While affected, the drinker suffers -2 penalty to all attacks and AC for an entire hour before wearing off. Typically this drug is administered secretly. Cost: 25 gp.

Infusion Of Valor: This potion effectively intoxicates the drinker, granting a +1 bonus to melee attacks, saving throws, and Ability checks for 1 hour. Thereafter, however, the character suffers the double the opposite effect (-2 to the stated fields) for twice that duration. Cost: 100 gp.

Juju Salve: Juju salve is used to remedy wounds. An application of the salve will heal the beneficiary of a number of hit points equal to 1d6 + one-half his level. Cost: 50 gp.

Oil Of Remedy: This is a medicinal salve rubbed into an area of injected venom or toxin. The potion has a 75% chance of curing poisons administered in this way. Cost: 100 gp.

Purgative: This grotesque mixture of ingredients is used to cleanse the system of a patient. When drunk, the drinker suffers 2d6 points of damage but the potion automatically purges any ingested poisons in the his system. Cost: 125 gp.

Sleeping Potion: A sleeping potion is generally slipped into the drinks of the unwary. When imbibed, the drinker must make a saving throw vs. Poison or drift off into a deep sleep for 1d4 hours. The drinker cannot be wakened short of violent means while the potion is in effect. Cost: 100 gp.


  1. I’ve made primitive firearms available to the PCs and improved their rate of fire slightly compared to the core rules.

    The additional armour types are meant to provide options with more of a post-apocalyptic ‘feel’ to them.

    Remember that I’ll make available one or more pieces of ‘special equipment’ to your PC, if there’s anything here that catches your interest (but is a bit too pricey).

  2. Minor house rules related to equipment:

    – Clubs and torches can be thrown. Range increments are 10’/20’/30’.
    – Spyglasses only cost 100 gp (not 1,000 gp).

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