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Wikipedia Barrier Peaks


Wikipedia has posted “Expedition to the Barrier Peaks” as its featured article today and my blog stats have suddenly shot through the roof.

For those who are interested in checking out how this play-by-post adventure went, check out the Adventure Archive page.

Anyone who wants to see my latest fantasy/post-apocalyptic RPG games check out Mutants & Magic, or try Tempora Mutantur (a minimalist one-page post-apocalyptic RPG).


Tempora Mutantur


During the minimalist one-page RPG buzz last year, I put together another little post-apoc game, called ‘Tempora Mutantur‘. Since then, I’ve added a number of (one-page) supplements and grafted something resembling a campaign setting around it. You can find the results of my work here:

Tempora Mutantur uses Simon J. Bull’s “SotU Refired” as a basis, which was itself inspired by Nicolas Dessaux’s original “Searchers of the Unknown”.

Comments and feedback are welcome.


Mutants & Magic


In a dark future wasteland, the great cities have risen and fallen. Civilization’s grip on mankind has grown weak and arthritic. Dark forces seek to renew forgotten covenants, and primordial beasts reclaim the wilderness.

One thousand years after the Fall, a strange new world rises from the old…

a world of savagery, super science, and sorcery!

Mutants & Magic is an old-school rules-light fantasy/post-apocalyptic RPG, run via the internet using Skype and Gametable.

Interested players are invited to follow this link:

I’m still recruiting players for Skype gaming. When we have enough interested players, I’ll start organizing a date and time for a session.


Farewell Barrier Peaks…


Well; after 7 months of gaming and 44 game posts, I suffered GM burnout. Luckily, the players were pretty close to the exit at the time…

If you found your way here via Google, go over and check the Adventure Archive. The logs are quite comprehensive:

I’ve also used a lot of the campaign background from this campaign in my Mutants & Magic game.

I’ll leave this site up indefinitely as a record of the adventure, and I may post occasional updates here for new projects of mine.


44 – Expulsion!


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Cargo Bay

Cargo Bay

(Well, I’m sure you’ve seen this coming. Referee burnout has gotten to me and I’ve let the game die. But rather than let this tale trail off into nothingness, I’d like to at least railroad it into closure…)

Ibben, Apollo, and Slinker continue to watch the cargo bay. Suddenly the robots grind into action! They turn towards the central table as the shimmering lights surrounding the creature blink out. The machines grab the enormous creature in their clumsy graspers.

Next, the large cargo bay doors slowly begin to open, exposing sunlight! These are indeed the lower doors that you spotted while outside! The robots begin to drag their load towards the doorway, still seemingly oblivious to presence of the scouts…

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43 – The Doors Open


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Cargo Bot

Cargo Bot

While the rest of the group waits near the stairwell up, the party scouts have discovered a cargo bay – and perhaps an exit from this installation!

Ibben, Apollo, and Slinker have discovered a large, well-lit cargo bay. In the middle of the room are two large robots, different in appearance from the police robot which you encountered earlier. There is also the enormous body of a creature lying upon a table of some type. The monster is unfamiliar to you, and surrounded in a nimbus of light. The robots take no action, nor does the creature on the table.

To the south is a large set of cargo doors. These resemble perfectly the doorway which you spotted from the outside! On the east and west walls are large doors similar to the one you just entered, but brown-coded.

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42 – Cargo Bay Doors


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BP Map #21

Current Map

Once again, the party has returned to the lower deck. Taking the western stairwell this time, you have descended to a location that is a mirror image of the corridors you explored earlier. Unexplored halls extend north and northwest, while to the east lies the large violet-coded door which attracted your interest earlier.

As before, the halls are eerily silent and have a deserted, haunted feel to them. There is no trace of the police robot. Yobo’s keen scent detects no living creatures. As before, he does smell traces of an unusual chemical scent, but he cannot identify its properties or source.

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