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Just like the title implies – you can use this page for any Out-of-Character (OoC) discussion.

(Note that I’m not very picky about OoC comments in the game itself, either, but some players can get pretty annoyed at them.)


  1. You can post comments here if you have any questions about the game or character creation. Anonymous comments are permitted, but make sure you leave your name if you want to join the Expedition.

  2. The game is afoot!

    I managed to find enough time to clean up the remaining PC sheets and re-post the introduction. I’m going to do some pruning of comments next, removing any PC creation details that have already been dealt with.

    In my other online game, I send e-mail notices whenever a new post appears. Are you interested in a similar arrangement here?

  3. (I might have gotten a little carried away with some of the comment pruning, but I don’t think I deleted anything critical…)

  4. Before I forget again… At some point I’m going to need your marching order. You can assume 10′ wide corridors in most circumstances, so you’ll likely be travelling two-by-two.

  5. E-mail notices would be most useful, yes.

  6. I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed for the site on my Google Reader, so email notices aren’t critical for me.
    As far as marching order, I think Gene will be towards the back with the slower marchers he’s never really in a hurry unless theres real danger.

  7. I signed up on blogspot and now I’ll be posting as Gene.

  8. Marching order suggestions

    In front – 2 scouts out of Aka-Vasha, Slinker and Yobo (probably riding on Gene). They all have mutations that make them well suited as scouts. The scouts can shelter in the centre of the party if combat begins.

    1st rank
    Missile weapon specialist. After the first shot they can move back a rank to reload if appropriate. Ibben and Rasputin would be good here

    2nd rank
    Melee weapon specialists. They come forward and fight creatures that get close. Gene (possibly with Yobo) and Olive would be good here.

    In the centre
    Those of us with useful ranged mutations
    Apollo, the retainers Rogaine and Xanax. Scouts can also shelter here when not scouting

    Rear rank
    The retainers Andre and Reesus can guard the rear, possibly with one of the scouts that is not up the front (so we can detect creatures approaching from the rear).


  9. 1) email notifications are not much use to me as I will not be checking my email more often than I check this game ;). I can reliably check and post a comment about once a day, but not more often than that.

    2) How do you do formatting in these comments, such as italics, etc…? Do you use tags like a bulletin board?

    3) Is there a way to find all the most recent comments? In the upper right of my screen my browser lists the last 8 comments or so, but in the case where there are more than 8 I may miss something important. For example, I didn’t even know there were new comments here (OOC) until I checked it myself (I was going to ask the question about formatting italics).

    4) Marching order looks good. Ibben has Control Light Waves mutation (as do two other PCs I think, for invisibility) and Echolocation (so he can locate things in the dark) so could also be very useful as a scout.

  10. Perhaps a combination of conrolling light waves along with apollos invisibility would be effective for scouting?

    Gene’s greater assets are going to be his high hp’s and knack for technology as well as his radiation immunity.

  11. Rasputin I think that marching order you posted looks good. Yobo can help us get messages from the scouts to the group (If he agrees, of course).

  12. Apollo is higly versatile. He can shoot from a distance, charge into the fray and scout ahead invisible.

    Whatever role the group prefers for him is fine by me.

  13. Olive will be good for any organization you guys want to do, but you’ll need to pull him in for awhile in the beginning. He’s pretty much fearless and processes quick, so he will jump ahead instead of talking if the opportunity arises.

    Also, have we established a leader? Looks like Ras is stepping up so far. Bobby will follow direction well enough, but would not be a good leader for the group. :P

  14. Interesting idea with the marching order. This is what I see with the stats:

    – Aka-Vasha are Slinker are good skirmishers.
    – Apollo, Gene, Ibben & Rasputin are good frontline soldiers with one-shot pistols.
    – Olive is a good soldier and skirmisher.
    – Yobo would be good at moving up to targets and biting them with his venomous bit.

    – Aka-Vasha is good at dealing with surprises.
    – Apollo has abilities to help with negotiations.
    – Gene & Rasputin have vary high HP, but Rasputin has a low attack power.
    – Ibben has the best mental strength, and he has the best Charisma to deal with negotiations.
    – Apollo & Slinker have the best ability with technology.

    How does that sound?

  15. Gene’s got 18 INT with 15% bonus on technology he’ll do ok with it ;)

  16. So something like this for marching order (from front to rear, with retainers in italics):

    1) Aka-Vasha – Slinker
    2) Ibben – Rasputin
    3) Gene – Yobo
    4) Apollo – Olive
    5) Rogaine – Xanax
    6) Andre – Reesus

    With the expectation that the scouts (Aka-Vasha and Slinker) would pull back during combat and let the front-line fighters conduct melee? BTW, I like the idea of having the retainers cover the rear. I’ll add ranged weapon to their stat blocks.

  17. Is Yobo small enough that he doesn’t take up a space on the marching order – either through being on someones shoulder or tagging along next to someone on the ground?

    If we could place Yobo either with the scouts or keep him where he is and let either Apollo or Olive move into the 3rd rank with him, it would aid our capabilities.

  18. Yeah; Yobo’s pretty small. He could squeeze in with another person.

    And Andre’s pretty big; he’d probably take a whole rank in the marching order by himself.

  19. A word of warning to Olive: If he begins refering to his biological companions as “meatbags”, Apollo will shot him.


  20. Yobo is happy up front with the scouts. If travelling a significant distance he’ll ride on someone’s shoulder or in their pack. Aka-Vasha or Slinker, either one of you want a passenger?

    If the terrain gets rough Yobo will likely drop down as he can manouvre better and scout a route ahead, and if the party stops for awhile, he will get down and start exploring.

  21. Aka-Vasha wont mind having Yobo on her shoulders. She kinda like snakes! ;)

  22. Yobo, you and I are intended to have some backstory of previously knowing each other but I don’t mind if you hitch a ride with somebody else. I’m kind of a loner by nature anyway.

  23. LOL Meatbags. I’m going to have to remember that. :P

    If Yobo doesn’t mind non-living companions, he is welcome to jump up on Olive any time.

  24. ‘Meatbag’ is Bender’s line (Futurama) originally AFAIK :). Love that show!

  25. Actually I was refering to the assassin protocol droid from the KOTOR games whose name escapes me now. Like Olive it always preceded its senteces with a word describing what it he would express:


    “Puzzled Inquiry…”

    “Thinly Veiled Threath…”

    “Obvious statement…”

    He called every bio except the main character “Meatbag”. I think it was voted “Best RPG Henchmen Ever” by IGN.

  26. Sometimes it can be tricky reading through a post to pick out new information.

    In this post, I’ve highlighted ‘new’ text in the initial portion in blue to indicate additional notes from me in response to player comments.

    Let me know what you think of this system.

  27. I like the new text color added. It helps breakup the text and actually feels more active now. Helps show important features of the narrative as well. I likey. :P

  28. Blimey! I go away for a day and all hell breaks loose… things are moving fast.

  29. No kidding; this is progressing a heck of a lot quicker than any of my previous online games!

    If the pace is too fast, then let me know. As referee, I’m used to chomping at the bit waiting for player responses.

  30. I’m having a great time so far, pace is perfect.

  31. So here’s what I’m going to assume for your general marching order:

    1) Aka-Vasha – Slinker – Yobo
    2) Ibben – Rasputin
    3) Apollo – Gene
    4) Olive – Reesus
    5) RogaineXanax
    6) Andre

    I’ll keep the current marching order listed on the Player Characters page (and I might reorder your character sheets in the sidebar to reflect marching order).

    Also, I’ve gone back and added blue text to the previous posts to identify new material. It’ll be a lot easier for you to skim the posts now for useful info.

  32. Do we make strategy suggestions in here?

    Regarding the lurker, I’m afraid if we shoot it we will harm akavasha. I think Andre should try and pry it off as well as try to burn the creature with torches and make it release her. I will attack it with my mace and Olive should probably do the same.
    Hopefully she can get one head free to breathe with while we try to dispatch the wretched thing.

  33. It’s up to the honourable Referee just how much meta-gaming he wants in his game, methinks.

  34. I’m honestly not that picky, unless it’s discussing the game stats of a creature your characters wouldn’t know. (But in that case, I’d just change the stats anyways…)

    So plan away!

  35. Cool, I don’t want to talk meta… just common sense stuff.

  36. Oh; I think I forgot to mention in the last post that there are closed doorways in all three corridors. (Not that it matters much during combat.)

    I’ll probably go back and edit the post to cover my tracks.

  37. Ok, then I’ll bite. I assume even if Andre pries the thing off Aka it will still be flaying and flying about and need to be put down. *That’s* when he shoot’s it with them irons. :)

  38. My actions shouldn’t draw blood, just burn the thing. If you rule it would, I would just get a hold and flick its eye with my finger until it wanted Bobby instead. ;) Also, Olive’s mace is hanging from his wrist via leather strap, just to clarify. :)

  39. No conflict in Olive’s programming here; I’m sure it was just an ‘accident’ with the torch, and flicking the lurker in the eye wouldn’t draw blood…

  40. By the way, if Aka-Vasha has 2 heads, then can she do a shriek in mono (one head) for a normal attack or in stereo (both heads) for twice the effect, or dose she just only do a normal shriek attack?

  41. Good question; I believe the answer is ‘neither’.

    I’m going to house rule that with two heads, Aka-Vasha can shriek 2/day (instead of 1/day), but she can’t ‘combine’ them for additional effects.

  42. Aren’t Referee Rulings great? :)

  43. I will be moving houses this weekend, and likely will not have time to use my computer for the next few days, probably not until Monday, so please NPC Ibben during this time. Thanks!

  44. Cool! Thats sounds like a better idea.

  45. I’m going to try to keep a map for the game. I’ve added the current map into the last couple posts and to the adventure archive.

    I don’t make any promises that it will be kept current; I like using an old mapping program called Dungeon Crafter that only runs on Windows. I had to dig out my ancient laptop to use it, and I think its vacuum tubes or whatever are past expiry…

  46. Ha! I found a tileset for Dungeon Crafter in the original old-school blue. Looks like I’ll have to redo the maps to provide the ‘authentic’ experience…

  47. Awesome!

  48. There were a few questions earlier from kipper that I missed…

    Formatting in comments can be done using html tags; for example bold and italics are supported. I wouldn’t worry about formatting anything, though.

    There’s no feature that highlights the latest comment on a particular page. I’ve added a ‘Skip to bottom’ link at the top of the OoC Comments page to jump straight to the end, though. Hopefully that’ll make it easier to catch new comments here.

    Also, I’ve expanded the ‘Recent Comments’ to include the last ten comments.

  49. testing

    Sorry, I’m just seeing what works.

  50. Old-school blue maps have been implemented.

  51. @ K

    Thanks for that! I somehow just feel better if I can use italics occasionally :D.

    ‘Skip to Bottom’ is very useful as well, and much appreciated!

  52. Just a campaign note – the Affiliation does not include mutant plants amongst its citizenry. The idea of sentient vegetables is preposterous to most people, though as adventurers you may have had strange encounters that suggest the true mental powers of some mutant plants…

  53. Also, I’ve updated the map on the Adventure Archive page to include a number of areas that you may have glimpsed but not explored yet (the blue squares).

    I’ve also indicated on some doorways a particular colour. This matches the colour of the slot found in the panel adjacent to each door. The southern doors in the main room have a violet slot, while most of the hallways doors have a jet black slot.

    If there’s no colour indicated in the doorway symbol, then that panel does not have a slot at all. Open doorways are indicated by a symbol that look suspiciously like an ‘open door’.

    Also, I’ve placed asterisks to highlight key locations (lurker, broken robot, vegpygmie).

  54. Thanks for the post clean up K.

    Has anyone discerned the depth of the circular shaft?

    Is it common knowledge?

  55. It looks pretty deep… (Your party hasn’t yet plumbed its depths.)

  56. Heehee, sorry about that “Take us to your leader” line, I just couldn’t help myself :D!

  57. I’d feel a lot better if I had a squirt bottle with some herbicide in it right now.

  58. I’m out of town again for a few days.

  59. working overtime this weekend myself, wont be around much either.

  60. Yipes! me and my big mouth! Thats what i get for saying the android looked harmless! Sorry, Olive.

  61. female android = Pris, heehee, classic!

  62. Hey, no worries. Just dont be POed when I jump in front of your bullets to save her. :P

  63. As long as she doesn’t try to crush my head with her thighs we are cool.

  64. LOL I’m sure Olive would jump into that bullet as well. :P

  65. Though some none-lethal leg crushing by Priss would not sound that bad ;)

  66. Yep, thats an attack I would not save against! ;P

  67. LOL Priss? I like that. Guess we already got a name picked out for her. :)

  68. While you guys are picking out your china patterns, I’m gonna smash her to pieces.

  69. The Slinker dropped me a note saying his internet connection will be on the fritz for a period of time; other players (or lurkers) are free to post for him until he returns…

  70. Again, apologies for Olive’s actions. It is what he would do though.

  71. No problem! I’m having fun.

  72. Me too :)

  73. Attempting to turn all attacks between in the android and the group, no matter which way they go.

    Also, if trying playback will drop his repulsion field, he’s going to have to mod his actions until everyone calms the heck down. :P He will keep the field up, tell everyone he can figure out what she’s saying if they just all stop.

  74. The repulsion field requires Olive’s full concentration; it’s difficult for him to even talk while keeping it up.

    He’ll have to stop the repulsion field to do his playback trick.

  75. No problem boss. :)

  76. Remind me of something. What is the status of androids, synthetics and machine intelligences in general in the Affiliation? Are they regocnized as sentients? Do they have any rights at all or are they simply viewed as machines or tools?

    I am asking because it will help me portray Apollo’s reaction to the captured synthetic.

  77. Robots/androids/synthetics are rare enough that there is no ‘general rule’ about their status amongst the Affiliation. In general, they are treated with suspicion due to Ancient legends blaming them for the Fall.

    For example, the Scholarium considers Olive to be ‘sentient’, but he would not be treated as an equal by others. Some communities may consider him a demon. Or a god.

  78. I thought she was dead, lol.

  79. Obligatory Monty Python quote:

    “Bring out ‘yer dead!”

  80. Obligatory Drinking Game Moment: A Monty Python quote!


  81. Going along on what K said about androids and other constructs: This is only my personal view as playing as an android character, so feel free to interpret as you will.

    From the perspective of Olive, he views himself and other self-aware constructs as equal to humans. In his mind, they are so similar in many respects, he views them as simply the same type of minds in different physical forms. As such, he does feel the need to be respected and treated appropriately. This may be due to his personal background, but other constructs may feel the same way. Food for thought.

    In regards to how he feels about others of ‘his kind’, like this synth, it is similar to how humans view their own family as opposed to strangers on the street. While Olive feels a universal connection to all sentients, he feels much closer to constructs than other forms of life/intelligence. That’s why he is working so hard for this ‘stranger’. He views her as family, in a way.

    Another funny thing to point out is how he feels about unintelligent constructs. They are simply tools to him. However, if one ever achieved a sentient state, he would view them as equal as well.

    Hope all of this makes sense. Ramblings from the perspective of an android player. LOL

  82. I like that approach. Sentient constructs have minds similar to humans, INT, WIS, and CHA scores, and are susceptible to psionics/mental mutations.

    They may also have additional built-in programmming restrictions (like auto-shutdown if they injure a human), but these are outside of their conscious control.

    A sentient construct with this type of programming restriction would probably resent it.

    Simple robots operate solely on programming and have no ‘minds’.

  83. I will be away from my computer until the evening of Friday July 25th, and thus unable to post again until then.

    K-Slacker, please NPC Ibben until I get back. Thanks!

  84. Between working late and being out-of-town, it’ll probably be a few more days before I get a chance for a new post…

  85. Due to other time commitments I’m going to drop out of the game. If someone else wants to play Yobo that’s great. Otherwise, I hope he gets a suitably cool Post-Apocalyptic death! Thanks for having me K-Slacker, I had fun.

  86. Thats too bad. :(

    I don’t mind taking over your character if K doesn’t mind. We could also give one of the other people who wanted in on the game a chance at it if theres a waiting list…

  87. ‘Tis a shame, wulfgar. I’ll post on the Goblinoid Games forums for a new player. Until someone else joins, you can all feel free to comment for Yobo.

    The same goes for the Slinker; his player was expecting to be without internet for a week and it’s been considerably longer now.

    Don’t worry too much about the abundance of characters at present (8 PCs + 4 retainers); sooner or later I’ll get a chance to thin the ranks!

  88. What are the retainers and Slinker up to?

  89. Retainers are at the crossroads with Gene, Slinker is hanging out in the same room as the synthetic.

  90. Cool, so we can keep watch without me getting dizzy watching every direction at once. Thats all I needed to know, thanks!

  91. The Slinker’s back!

    You can ignore my previous comment about looking for a replacement player. Yobo’s still up for grabs, if any of you know anyone who is interested. Otherwise, feel free to play him as a shared character.

  92. And now I’ve found a player for Yobo too! Thakazum should be joining the game this weekend, taking over the mutant snake.

  93. My computer has died, can someone remote control Apollo until I bring it back from PC Hades?


  94. So you’ve got yourself a synthetic retainer. Note that she is damaged and will not intentionally harm living creatures (subdual or stun attacks only) – unless you want her to do her ’emergency shutdown’ trick again.

    What are your plans for Pris? Where will she fit in the marching order?

  95. I think she should stay near Rasputin or Olive they seem to have the best bond so far.

    Any other ideas?

  96. How is the number of retainers calculated?

  97. Naw, Ras has the better bond. She’s not acknowledging an android since she is one. Programming and all. Ras is the best bet by far.

  98. As described on the House Rules page under ‘Retainers’, the maximum number of retainers is determined using the average party CHA. It ended up being just below 12, which gives you 4 retainers with morale 7.

    (I didn’t want dozens of NPCs along for the ride, which is why you don’t have individual retainers.)

  99. looks like a retainer is gonna have to take point!

  100. The PC casualties have been far lower than expected.

    (So far…)

  101. Hey Slinker – did you get the e-mail I sent to you a while back?

  102. I will go along with keeping Pris near to Rasputin.

    I’m not too sure how useful Pris is going to be (except as a replacement character!) but I guess she can shoot the stun pistol if things begin to get too dangerous.

  103. I’ve jiggled around the marching order on the Player Characters page to fit Pris in with Rasputin.

  104. Gah; I’ve been drafted to assist in house renovations! Gaming time is severely depleted…

  105. No problem. I think we kind of hit a low spot with all the real world stuff that everyone is doing anyway. Hopefully Edsan gets his connection back soon. How does next week look for you?

  106. Guns are going to be EXTREMELY LOUD. You guys should go melee against the spiders!

  107. Too late, Gene! Hopefully the gunfire doesn’t attract too much attention…

    Gene – remember that you can spend a Karma Point to reroll your save vs. poison, if you wish.

  108. This is it! I’m gonna bite the big one!
    We did bring a healer, didn’t we?

  109. I’M BACK!!!

    PC fixed and all that. Now to read on what’s been happening to the brave PCs…is Apollo still alive? [crosses fingers]

  110. Wow; Gene took quite a beating – good thing poison isn’t auto-kill on a failed save! Your party has some juju salves, but other than that you’ll need to find some Ancient meds if you want to heal faster.

    Olive – your strategy was sound, but the mama phase spider was moderately intelligent (and pissed off at Gene after he hit her on the head). Plus your initiative rolls sucked.

  111. Sorry bout the rant, but Reesus hit a sore spot for our lil android.

  112. now that the monologues are finished, lets kill the monkey!


  113. I was waiting to see if anyone would pull a trigger, but it looks like you’d prefer to talk the monkeyman down!

  114. We might need him for bait later. Heyo!

    Seriously though, I still think we should bring the spider carcasses to the plant men, they might help us now, we killed a lurker too, they should be grateful.

    We should also ask Pris if she recalls anything about black level access.

  115. Put it in the post, then! Any thoughts on the OoC page are just the idle musings of your PC…

  116. Gene already spoke up about the spiders I think it got overlooked.

    Chances are the dead plantmans friends know he had that black key card as well.

    we should open a few doors before they ask for it back.

  117. The plantmen comment was not overlooked – just momentarily postponed so that Reesus could put on his little show.

    Now that it appears that the apeman will live, the time is ripe to either check back with the vegepygmies or head in a new direction (like east to the lit shaft).

    Just waiting for another in-game comment or two before deciding which way things will fall…

  118. I say head back, make allies and then proceed.

    We’ve already taken injuries and we haven’t been here long. We’ve left much undiscovered and now we have the key to unlock what we’ve left behind.

    Give this a thought, companions. ;)

  119. The shroom-folks should be happy with having less creatures to deal with. They can get their key back, when we are finished with it.

    As for not fighting with the retainers. It would be a huge setback if we killed off the cannon-fodd… serv… red-shi… ringg… replacement char…

    …well you know, the helpers. ;)

  120. Rasputin is so mission orientated he is always going to choose to move in the direction he thinks will help with this.

    If you want to do general exploration and looting, you may have to overule him with a show of opinion -even Rasputin wouldn’t go against a majority vote!

  121. Looks like something slipped through the spam filter earlier this morning. FYI, there’s usually about 30-40 blocked spam comments on this gameblog each day.

  122. I wondered what that was. Ha!

  123. Ok guys, My PC is dead for good with 3 components down, including the hard drive. Lost all my 1gig collection of rpg material. Blog account is not working for some reason so cannot even post at netcafe to warn people.

    I won’t have the cash to repair it or but a new one anytime soon so…I don’t know when I will be able to game here again.


  124. Bummer edsan. Any public libraries around?

  125. Hi folks,

    Just wanted to introduce myself as I think I’m going to be taking over Apollo during Edsan’s absence (I’m sorry to hear about the demise of your PC, btw, Edsan – I shall attempt to do justice to your character).

    My name is Tom, and I live in the South East of England. I used to play RPGs quite a lot when I was younger, but haven’t done so for many years now. Anyhow, I’ve been following the Barrier Peaks expedition with interest and thought I’d get in touch with K-Slacker to see if there was any chance of getting involved. He’s suggested that I play as Apollo until such time as Edsan’s PC comes back to life. I hope that’s okay with everyone, and that I can live up to the high standard set so far.



  126. Welcome aboard Tom! I’m sure you’ll fit right in…

  127. Also, I still haven’t been able to get a hold of Slinker’s player. I’ve opened the PC up as a shared character until I find someone to take him over.

    Lurkers; let me know if you’re interested in playing Slinker.

    UPDATE: That was quick. Ian (from my Scorched Earth gameblog) will be playing Slinker.

    Welcome, Ian!

  128. lets move on, this big room would be hard to defend.

  129. Hey guys it’s me, at the random netcafe again. Just wanted to give Tom my blessing to take over Apollo.

    Have Fun.

  130. Thanks Edsan :-)

    I’ll try not to get him killed!

  131. I should be writing a new post tonight, but I’m being lazy and watching Trailer Park Boys instead. New post likely tomorrow…

  132. I dont know what you guys think, but I think that we’re not ready for what’s on that level. Those vines don’t sit well with me. Perhaps we can come back?

  133. Busy weekend! I’ll try to get a post online in the next couple days.

  134. Do not fret, adventurers, you have not been abandoned! I will get a new post online as soon as feasible.

  135. Yeehooo!

  136. I was starting to wonder if we were still playing :-)

  137. No worries here, I’ve been super busy at work and cleaning up after hurricanes. Lost internet for a bit there too. All good now.

  138. I do have a half-decent excuse – we had several sessions of live gaming last week, including one evening of Mutant Future, leaving little time for online posts. Plus Trailer Park Boys, of course.

    I guess it’s not quite as good as ‘hurricanes’, but it will do for me.

  139. Probably a silly question – but how do I do italics?
    Are there some tags I’ve got to use around a word if I want it to appear italicised?

  140. I’ve finally added a new map. It’s at the end of the latest post.

  141. Simply fantastic!! If you ever need an extra LMK. Im looking forward to what happens next.

  142. 21 responses to a post! That’s a new record…

    By the way, Blood Axe – did you get my PM on the Goblinoid Games forums?

  143. No PM received. You can email if you want.

  144. You guys better get the drop on this robot or I’m toast!

  145. My internet access may be spotty or absent over the next week (until Oct 27th), so please NPC Ibben for me as necessary, thanks!

  146. Feel free to contact me with details:


  147. Maybe we can lead the police robot down to the empty room by the stairs and kick the spike away and trap it in there?

  148. As you probably noticed, Blood Axe will be RP’ing some of the NPCs – starting with the police robot.

    Welcome, Blood Axe!

  149. Welcome aboard! :)

  150. Ibben, should you and I go invisible and head off from the group to search for a brown key card? Hopefully the robot won’t be able to see us if we’re invisible!

    K – are you happy for the group to split temporarily, or would you like us all to stick together.

    Finally, welcome Chad! :-)

  151. Thank you for the welcome. Ive been watching your adventures. Looks like lots of fun! Im glad to take part.

  152. I don’t trust you, you’re a robot!

    Welcome aboard :)

  153. Bzzzt. Does not compute. ERROR.

  154. (Well, the good news is that I’m getting in some gaming sessions at home these days. The bad news is that my online games are suffering as a result.)

    (An update is coming Real Soon Now…)

  155. (Once again – do not fear! Real Life has intruded into the game, but a new update is forthcoming!)

  156. (Sorry about losing your gear, Slinker! At least I was too soft to let him get your force belt.)

    (If you remain unarmoured and with light weapons, then you can attempt camouflage without dropping any gear.)

  157. Damn! I was fiddling with the game map for over an hour then overwrote the stupid file. I’m switching to ‘Plan B’…

  158. It’s a bit tricky to see clearly, but the current map has been updated (at the end of Post #40). Here is a direct link:


  159. Ouch, I’m having trouble reading that map. Any chance to make it larger or clearer (or both).

  160. Sorry Rasputin; that’s maximum resolution from the pdf.

    It was a lot easier to do maps before you reached diagonal and curved areas…

  161. I’m sure I could fix it for you if you wanted to send me the file but, I’d feel like I was cheating.

  162. Alright, alright – I figured out how to clean up the map. Check out the following:

  163. Sorry about the decrease in post frequency… but we will continue, even slow and steady if necessary.

  164. Real world has been kicking my butt :(

  165. Ditto here. Interesting times indeed…

  166. I don’t mind the slow pace. I kinda like not have to be rushed through the adventure. I can sit back and take the time to think about my character’s actions.

  167. Slow suits me, at least for the rest of this year, as its got into the busy time of the year for me.

  168. By the way, what color door is the one 10 feet from us? Is it brown or black?

  169. Brown.

  170. I was out-of-town for most of a week, and was without internet. I’ll try to catch up on posting soon.

  171. I will be away Monday December 15th through Tuesday December 23rd. Please NPC Ibben if necessary, thanks!

  172. I’m still juggling travel, Xmas parties, family visits, and work. Posting will resume as soon as feasible!

  173. I should know better than to say that I’m going to post soon. It’s pretty much a sure bet that whenever such a claim is made, it’ll be a while before anything new appears…

  174. Sorry to hear that you’re thinking of winding the game up, K-Slacker. I would personally be all for continuing.

  175. I’d like to continue as well.

  176. Alright then – let’s keep things rolling here.

    Anyone who wishes for a graceful exit now, make your way to the cargo doors at this point. Anyone who’s still on board, just hang back. And if I don’t hear from you before the end of the weekend, I’ll assume you’re out.

  177. I’m still on board!

  178. I’m happy to continue.

    I can’t see Rasputin wanting to leave till he knows more about the source of the problems.

  179. Sorry to do this to you guys :(, but I think I will take this opportunity to withdraw Ibben from the game. I have had a lot of fun playing with you, but the game is just progressing way too slowly for me at this time. Happy gaming to all of you :)!

  180. Thank you for your participation, all of you, and congratulations! Few can say that they have survived an Expedition to the Barrier Peaks!

  181. Thanks, I enjoyed it :)

  182. Thanks for the game. Give me a shout if there is ever a second expedition.

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