Yobo (Thakazum’s PC)

Yobo is small mutant lizard that lives in the wild by himself. When standing upright he is 1′ tall and his tail is another 1 ½’. He is curious and enjoys exploring the wilderness in search of interesting things to find. For most of his life he stuck to his wilderness range and avoided contact with ‘civilized’ folks.

One day while travelling near an Affiliation village he heard a scream. Investigating he saw a small child about to be attacked by a Kamata. Yobo killed the Kamata and saved the child. Following this event, many of the villagers believe that Yobo is a good luck dragon. Yobo has seen no need to persuade them otherwise and is happy to accept offerings of free food, gold and trinkets. In fact, Yobo’s not sure he isn’t a dragon – he’s never met another one. Yobo’s ‘hoard’ is divided up and hidden in a couple different stashes in the wilderness.

Yobo is becoming quite taken with the whole dragon persona. He claims to be over 5,000 years old (actually 14) and will hold ‘audiences’ with the believer villagers and offer his wisdom on their problems and occasionally serves as a guide for expeditions into the wilds. While quite capable of defending himself, Yobo could be in trouble if the wrong person grows tired of his act or decides a dragon would make a great pet.

Recently, Yobo has accompanied Gene Siskin on his journeys. It through this association with Gene that Yobo has become involved with the Expedition.

General Information

Character Name: Yobo (the ‘Great and Powerful’)
Primary Player: Thakazum
Character Type: Mutant Animal (Lizard)
Alignment: Neutral
Level: 6th
Karma Points: 7 (7/adventure session)

Ability Scores

Score Modifiers
Strength: 12 +0 Melee Atk, Damage, & Forcing Doors
Dexterity: 14 -1 AC, +1 Missile Atk, +1 Initiative
Constitution: 13 +0 vs. Poison, +0 vs. Radiation
Intelligence: 9 +0% Technology Roll Modifier
Willpower: 9
Charisma: 8 +1 Rx’n Adj, Max 3 Retainers (6 Morale)

Saving Throws

Target Number
Energy Attacks: 13
Poison or Death: 10
Stun Attacks: 12
Radiation: 11


Base Combat Stats

Hit Points: 37 (37 maximum)
Armour Class: 3 (Natural Armour, -2 Dwarfism, -1 DEX)


Attack a Damage Range
Bite Attack +2 1d4-2 P Melee

a +1 to hit targets human-sized or larger.
P Successful bite attack injects Class 4 poison (4d6 damage, save for half).

Physical Attacks

Opponent’s AC
≤-5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6

Mental Attacks

Opponent’s WIL
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 ≥19
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 F

Special Abilities


  • Ability Adjustments: +1 DEX, -1 INT (already included).
  • Humanoid Features: Full Biped (complete legs & feet), Full Hands (and arms), Full Speech.

Animal Traits

  • Increased Smell: Can pick up scents at 180′ and tell the difference between various smells even if some seem overwhelming to others. Creatures that are upwind can never surprise this character.
  • Natural Armour (Medium): Scaled armour grant an AC of 6.
  • Natural Weapon: Bite is a natural weapon, character can attack once per round for 1d4 damage (+ poison).
  • Prehensile Tail: Tail can grapple objects like a hand. +2 bonus to DEX checks when climbing or balancing (+4 if climbing trees).
  • Toxic Weapon: Successful bite attack injects Class 4 poison (4d6 damage, save for half).
  • Dwarfism: Character is 1′ tall and his tail is another 1 ½’. +1 to hit targets of human sized or larger, -2 damage, -1 AC bonus. Base speed is reduced to 90′ (30′), load limits are 2/3 normal.
  • Ophidian Deformity: Base speed is 2/3 normal. However, if character slithers on his belly (using all four limbs), his speed is normal.

Random Mutations

  • Body Adjustment: The character can heal all of his hit points (requiring one turn, usable 1/day). In addition, if the character is in a life or death situation, he can double his STR, DEX, and movement for 3d10 rounds (usable 4/week).
  • Night Vision: Can see in conditions of low light to a range of 60′. Vision is in black and white only, and does not function in utter darkness.

Body Adjustment Stats

  • Strength: 24 (+4 Melee Atk & Forcing Doors, +5 Damage).
  • Dexterity: 28 (-5 AC, +4 Missile Atk, +3 Initiative).
  • Armour Class: -1 (Natural Armour, -2 Dwarfism, -5 DEX).
  • Bite Attack: +6 to hit (+7 vs. larger targets), 1d4+3 damage (+ poison)
  • Movement (Bipedal): 120′ turn move, 40′ encounter move, 120′ running move.
  • Movement (Ophidian): 180′ turn move, 60′ encounter move, 180′ running move.

Other Traits

  • Level Bonuses: +1 DEX, +2 to hit, +1 damage, -1 to AC.
  • Languages: Unislang (illiterate).

Possessions & Encumbrance

  • Combat Gear: None.
  • Miscellaneous Relics: Boron solution spray, magnesium firestarter, ion bonding tape.
  • Other Possessions: Small backpack (xeno jerky).
  • Load Limits: 0-40 lbs medium / 41-100 lbs heavy.
  • Current Encumbrance: <10 lbs (light load).
  • Movement (Bipedal): 60′ turn move, 20′ encounter move, 60′ running move.
  • Movement (Ophidian): 90′ turn move, 30′ encounter move, 90′ running move.


  1. I had a hard time picturing little Yobo with the same movement rate and load limit as a normal-sized PC, so I house ruled some additional restrictions on the Dwarfism mutation.

  2. Cool picture. Slightly different than what I saw in my imagination, but I definitley like it! I’m cool with the movement rate and load capacity changes. Yobo is planning on riding on someone else’s shoulder/backpack for most of the travels anyway- assuming that’s cool with one of the other party members.

  3. Don’t look at me boy. Apollo is already overburdened :)

  4. That’s what we have retainers for!

  5. Ibben wouldn’t mind having Yobo tag along on his shoulder, but he might drive Yobo a bit batty with his chatter :D.

  6. Gene suddenly speaks up, “Yobo, you can travel with me if you like I’ve wandered the wastelands half my life. I don’t usually care for human companions but you seem alright. I make fast time though so don’t dilly-dally or you’ll be left behind. I ain’t your mama or your personal cook neither soull your own weight and I’ll keep you out of harms way as best I can and we won’t have any quarrel”

    Gene’s voice silenced as quickly as it had started and his eyes fixed on the horizon as he moved onward not waiting to find out if his words had been heard…

  7. Bonus Equipment: Added boron solution spray, magnesium firestarter, and ion bonding tape.

  8. Well; wulfgar’s gone so Yobo’s available for a new player to take over. In the meantime, he’ll be a ‘shared PC’, though can’t use his his Karma Points.

  9. I should be on Yobo full-time now. Took a while for me to get inspired to play anything after my vacation at the beginning of the month!

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