Olive (Doublenix’s PC)

‘Olive’ is a humanoid android built before the Fall. Olive’s body is sleek, compact, and seems to be designed for speed – this is evident from his innate quickness in nearly everything he does. His unusual nickname arose because he is painted an olive green and has a single red eye. When he was found and reactivated, it was remarked that his head looked like an olive and it kind of stuck.

Discovered inert by scavengers looting an Ancient ruin, Olive was sold to the Scholarium in the Free City and reactivated by the savants there. Olive’s memories of his existence before the Fall were inadvertently erased during reactivation, but his programming remained intact and he was able to adapt to his new conditions. Since then, he has remained with the Scholarium and served as a ‘technology adviser’. Olive’s dedicated service over the years has allowed him to gain the trust of Affiliation leaders, who have instructed him to join the Expedition.

Olive has become a favoured oddity around the Scholarium and has been given the nickname of ‘Bobby Olive’ by many of the younger savants. He appreciates the name and is happy to introduce himself as such. While ‘out and about’ on a short expedition, Olive found an old duster jacket (fitted with impact resistant plates). He was prompted to try it on by the others and took a liking to it.

Olive’s programming expressly forbids him from drawing blood. He has found an loophole in his program, however, that allows him to use blunt weapons in combat (as well as weapons that stun or paralyze).

General Information

Character Name: Olive (aka ‘Bobby’)
Primary Player: Doublenix
Character Type: Basic Android
Alignment: Lawful
Level: 7th
Karma Points: 2 (3/adventure session)

Ability Scores

Score Modifiers
Strength: 14 +1 Melee Atk, Damage, & Forcing Doors
Dexterity: 15 -1 AC, +1 Missile Atk, +1 Initiative
Constitution: 11 +0 vs. Poison, +0 vs. Radiation
Intelligence: 16 +20% Technology Roll Modifier *
Willpower: 12
Charisma: 13 -1 Rx’n Adj, Max 5 Retainers (8 Morale)

* Includes +10% dual CPU bonus.

Saving Throws

Target Number
Energy Attacks: 9
Poison or Death: 8
Stun Attacks: 10
Radiation: 9


Base Combat Stats

Hit Points: 47 (50 maximum)
Armour Class: 5 (Duster Jacket, Small Shield, -1 DEX)


Attack * Damage Range
Mace (MC) +3/+3 1d6+2 Melee
Sling +1/+1 1d4+2 40’/80’/160′
Club (melee) +2/+2 1d4+2 Melee
Club (thrown) +1/+1 1d4+2 10’/20’/30′

* Two physical attacks per round (Quickness).

Physical Attacks

Opponent’s AC
-6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5

Mental Attacks

Opponent’s WIL
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Special Abilities

Android Traits

  • Fixed Hit Points: All androids have a fixed total of 50 hp and are destroyed at 0 hp. Androids do not heal, but can be repaired.
  • Hardened Senses: Immune to any stun or blinding effects that occur as the result of attacking the senses.
  • Immune to Mutation: Never mutates as a result of radiation exposure.
  • Immune to Poison & Disease: Immune to poisons (including paralytic poisons) and diseases.
  • Resistant to Radiation: Androids are affected by radiation as if it is 3 class levels lower than its rating.
  • Resistant to Heat/Cold: +4 on all saving throws against heat- or cold-based attacks.
  • Literacy: Androids with INT 9+ are automatically literate.
  • Repair Technology: Androids with INT 13+ may attempt to repair technological items.

Android Accessories

  • Dual CPU: Two fully-functional processing centres. Gets two saves against mental attacks and +10% to technology rolls.
  • Quickness: Movement rate is doubled, mental tasks take half as long to accomplish, and the character may attack two times per round in physical combat (not mental combat).
  • Repulsion Field: Can build up repulsion field to turn any incoming damage back at opponent. Turns 3d6 damage first round, increasing by 1d6/round (max 20d6). Character only takes damage above current repulsion field. Requires full concentration and prohibits all movement.

Other Traits

  • Level Bonuses: +1 WIL, +1 CHA. (Other level benefits were not applicable to androids.)
  • Languages: Ancient, High Tongue, Unislang (literate).

Possessions & Encumbrance

  • Combat Gear: Mace (mastercraft), sling (ROF 1 2/round [Quickness], 20 sling bullets), clubs (2), duster jacket (with impact resistant plates; equivalent of leather armour), small shield.
  • Miscellaneous Relics: None.
  • Other Possessions: Patchwork backpack (crowbar, rope (silk, 50′), grappling hook, lantern, oil (4 flasks), candles (10), flint & steel, mirror (small steel), large sacks (2), small sack), map case (quill pen, ink (1 vial), paper (12 sheets), expedition map), coin pouch (6 gp, 1 sp), Scholarium signet ring (silver, worth 10 gp), hat.
  • Carried by Retainer: Spare android parts (allows self-repair, 7 uses), chain (10′), manacles, oil (1 flask).
  • Load Limits: 0-65 lbs light / 66-165 lbs heavy.
  • Current Encumbrance: <40 lbs (light load).
  • Movement: 240′ turn move, 80′ encounter move, 240′ running move.

One comment

  1. Bonus Equipment: Spare android parts (each weighing 5 lbs).

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