42 – Cargo Bay Doors


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BP Map #21

Current Map

Once again, the party has returned to the lower deck. Taking the western stairwell this time, you have descended to a location that is a mirror image of the corridors you explored earlier. Unexplored halls extend north and northwest, while to the east lies the large violet-coded door which attracted your interest earlier.

As before, the halls are eerily silent and have a deserted, haunted feel to them. There is no trace of the police robot. Yobo’s keen scent detects no living creatures. As before, he does smell traces of an unusual chemical scent, but he cannot identify its properties or source.

Cautious Exploration

Still determined to locate the large exit doors that you spotted from outside, Ibben focuses his attention to the east. “Let us first investigate that large violet-carded door”, Ibben states. “If that’s what the police robot was guarding, there may still be something useful in there.”

Peering back and forth while listening for the hum of the police robot, he continues after a pause. “… we should proceed carefully if we are not to run into it again, including keeping a sharp ear out for its approach”, he adds. “Give me the keycard and I will go ahead.”

“I will join you, brother”, states Apollo in hushed tones.

“Alright, let’s do this!” Slinker whispers with enthusiasm, ready to take on whatever might be behind the door.

Rasputin nods. “Go quickly. We will keep an eye out for the police robot and signal if it comes,” he states, moving over to listen and keep watch on the northern tunnels.

Olive says nothing, but judging from his stance, he is anticipating trouble. He swings his wicked mace in slow circles from its leather strap.

Likewise, Gene remains near the stairs, drawing his pistol and waiting for the door to open. Aka-Vasha and Yobo also remain wary, waiting a few paces behind the intersection, closer to the stairwell.

The violet keycard is handed to Ibben, who turns invisible and proceeds carefully towards the door. Remaining invisible, Apollo draws his weapons and stalks quietly down the hallway after Ibben. (Or at least after where he figures invisible Ibben is.) Using his Chameleon mutation to blend into the background, Slinker follows slowly behind.

(The referee tosses some dice. No random encounters this time, but Yobo can hear a faint humming to the northwest; perhaps the robot has headed away in that direction?)

Cargo Bay Doors

Ibben and Apollo proceed invisibly, bumping into each other once or twice as they cautiously move forward. A few paces back, Slinker moves even more slowly to better maintain his chameleon blending with the walls.

The trio reach the large violet-coded door. You are in near-complete darkness, far from the torchlight of your companions, but there is just enough light to see the door and keycard slot.

Ibben listens carefully at the portal before inserting the card (referee tosses a die), but hears nothing. Whispering to his hidden companions, he says: “I will use the card now.”

There is an audible ‘beep!’ as Ibben inserts the violet keycard, and then the large door slides silently open!

Cargo Bay

Cargo Bay

The room beyond is bathed in bright light. It is large and roughly rectangular – over a hundred feet wide and about seventy feet to the far side. It appears to be a warehouse or cargo area, but is mostly empty. In the middle of the room, however, are two large robots, different in appearance from the police robot which you encountered earlier. There is also the enormous body of a creature lying upon a table of some type. The monster is unfamiliar to you, and surrounded in a nimbus of light.

To the south, directly across from your current location, is a large set of cargo doors. These resemble perfectly the doorway which you spotted from the outside! On the east and west walls are large doors similar to the one you just entered, but brown-coded.

The robots take no action, nor does the creature on the table. They do not seem to acknowledge your presence in any way.

What are your actions?



  1. Saying nothing, and moving as quietly as he can manage, Apollo takes a couple of cautious steps into the room, glances warily around this new area.

  2. Ibben pauses to continue watching the two robots for a minute.

    (If nothing new happens), Ibben will retreat back out of the door and let it close again behind him. He will then whisper (to Apollo) “It seems like those robots are creating some sort of mutant to release outside.” (If Apollo is still inside, “…Apollo?”, Ibben will say again slightly louder. He will then wait outside of the door for Apollo to (hopefully) re-emerge.

  3. The Slinker moves into the room slowly and carefully, scanning the room in hope of finding his valuable possessions.

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