38 – Police Robot


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BP Map #18

BP Map #18

The party is still on the lower deck, trying to find the large door which you saw from outside the installation. Walking down a long corridor, you have reached a large cargo door – much larger than the other doors you have found before – set into the southern wall. Olive figures you’re still about seventy feet north of the outer doors, however. Set beside the door is a violet keycard panel.

Suddenly, Yobo’s keen hearing detects an eerie humming sound from the east. You can’t see anything; whatever is making the noise is still out of sight. Within moments, the rest of you can also hear the noise – it seems to be getting louder…

Eerie Humming

Gene tilts his ear towards the sound and wonders aloud: “What in the world is that?” Even as is his curiosity is piqued, his instincts tell him to tighten his grip on his weapon and prepare for danger.

Apollo tries to make a quick assessment of how quickly the source of the humming is approaching the party – his gut reaction is to urge the group to hide until they know what is generating the strange noise, but it may be that there is insufficient time to find appropriate shelter.

The Judge figures that whatever is making the noise is less than a minute away. The hallway stretches as far as Apollo can see in both directions – offering no opportunity for cover! (The empty room that you passed is almost a hundred feet back, near the crossroads.)

Olive listens intently to the eerie humming. “Absent thought: It’s a technological sound…” While everyone is talking, the android taps his fingers in an intricate pattern on his head, trying to determine the type of sound it is.

Ibben makes a few clicks and ticks (Echolocation mutation) in an attempt to identify what is making the noise. He doesn’t pick it up with his echolocation; it must be more than ninety feet away. Ibben looks worriedly over his shoulder to the west. “Maybe we had best move on… and quickly!”

Apollo agrees. “A wise sentiment, brother Ibben, a wise sentiment indeed” he says, and strides hurriedly westward down the corridor, away from the approaching sound.

Yobo, however, is not yet ready to assume hostile intent. The mutant snake slowly slithers close to the ground – towards the stairs and the sound. His tongue lashes at the air as he continues his attempt to discern the strange scent. He peers into the darkness (Night Vision mutation) to see what is approaching as he stays still.

With his keen vision, he confirms that it is not yet reached the corridor, but by the sound it is approaching – quickly – from the northern branch of the crossroads… The only unusual scent is the faint chemical odour which he had already detected earlier.

Rasputin considers the situation. “I concur that we retreat west. Slinker, perhaps you can stay back, out of sight with your powers, and view whatever it is coming towards us.”

Olive gives one last effort to determine the source. Perhaps some kind of travel device was present here as well. The android places his hand on the ground, then on the wall, to determine if there is any subtle vibration coming from them. However, Olive picks up absolutely no vibrations.

“Face it guys.” Aka-Vasha says as she readies her weapon. “There is no place to run, no place to hide! Whatever is coming at us is going to meet us! All we can hope for is that it friendly, but I’m willing to settle on benign.”

Gene stands his ground, readying his black powder pistol in grim silence.

Ahead of the rest of the party, Yobo tries his best to stay low and still against the corner of the floor and wall.

Once Ibben sees that the others (except the wise Apollo) are apparently not taking his advice, he halts his movement and turns invisible, keeping on the far western side of the party.

Slinker strips down with unnatural quickness, his skin taking on the colour and appearance of the metal corridor (Camouflage mutation). “Don’t worry, my friends. I’ll figure this one out.” Blending into the background, he moves to the side of the hall.

Noticing that the party is staying put, Apollo shakes his head in irritation, turns round and heads back to rejoin the group. “There is no shame in avoiding conflict – we need not pick every fight which presents itself.” He grumbles to no-one in particular, and draws both pistols in readiness.

In a hushed and concerned tone, Yobo says “My first thought was that this may not be something hostile approaching… but…” He slowly takes a step backwards. “If the rest of you think we should move on,” he whispers, “perhaps we should.”

You have no chance for further consideration, however, as a robotic monstrosity floats into view!

(Yobo’s the only one with a clear view of the creature at first, though Ibben can pick it up with his echolocation. The rest of you can only see a dim form in the shadows in the distance…)

(I’m going to assume that you won’t shoot until you’re certain of hostile intent.)

Police Robot

Police Robot

Police Robot

Uttering a small shriek at what he sees, Yobo scurries back towards the party in a panic. Seconds later, a threatening robot floats into view. It is rapidly approaching your group!

It is unlike any creature of living metal that you have seen before. Floating several feet above the ground on humming repulsorlifts, it is cylindrical in shape and constructed from Ancient alloys. It possesses two human-sized arms, with two longer metal ‘tentacles’ beneath. Several protrusions on the robot suggest weapons, though it makes no attacks yet.

It pauses about thirty feet from the group, metallic tentacles writhing. In a booming voice, the creatures utters words in the Ancient tongue. Rasputin offers a quick translation: “Police! Drop your weapons and put your hands in the air!”

What are your actions?



  1. (I’ve finally updated the maps! Note that the colour coding has been changed. Clear squares are areas under direct observation; shaded squares indicate previously-mapped areas. The asterisk indicates the general party location.)

    (Also, remember squares are 10′ each. I forgot, and made some references to ‘ten-foot wide’ corridors, when I should have said ‘twenty-foot wide’.)

  2. Hoping that his camouflaged and invisible colleagues will gain the advantage over the robot, Gene raises his hands into the air and addresses the machine.

    “Thank goodness you’re here! There is a disturbance upstairs! Bandits have stolen my identification, you must apprehend them!”

    Gene grits his teeth and prays that his ruse convinces the robot to move on or provides his companions with the opportunity to surprise it in combat.

  3. Yobo does as the robot says, lifting his hands into the air as he stands upright. His face turns to one of fear and into that of confusion as he hears Gene’s words.

  4. (Note that Gene is responding in Ancient for the robot and most of you will be unable to understand him.)

  5. Ibben remains motionless and invisible, waiting to see the outcome of the verbal exchange (once again kicking himself that he has not let learned Ancient).

  6. From his position at the back of the group (at least I’m assuming he’s at the back, as he walked on ahead and then turned round and came back) Apollo focusses on subtly distorting the light between the party and the hovering robot (dissipate laser fire). While he has not encountered this exact type of machine before, he has enough experience of the technologies of the ancients to know that it is likely to have hidden suprises and should not be taken at face value.

  7. Olive complies with the robot, but asks a question in response. “Query: Have we been suspected in some crime?”

  8. (playing the Police Robot)

    You noticed the robot has signs of damage; small dents, scartches, even shooting a few sparks on occasion.
    It turns to address Gene.
    BZzztt! “Greetings citizen. Identification please. This is a restricted area.”

  9. “Like I said, my identification has been stolen!”

    “Bandits have infiltrated the upper levels!”

  10. Olive begins speaking to the rest of the group outside of the ancient language so the robot can’t understand. “Suggestion: Someone, like the invisible, should look through the other rooms quickly for a brown key card. Explanation: The police robot is looking for identification for this restricted area.”

    Holding up the violet card taken from Pris’ fallen form, Olive tries to buy more time, distracting the police bot with two different conversations. “Distracting explanation with ulterior motive: I still do have a violet card that the bandits did not take. Does this give me clearance?”

  11. FZzzzt!
    “Warning! Drop your weapons, or you shall be subdued and placed under arrest.”
    “All animals must be contained in the botanical level.” (facing Yobo)

  12. (glancing at Olive & the violet card)

    “Identification insufficient.”

  13. “It appears you are malfunctioning! Perhaps you should reboot your system as a safety precaution?”

  14. Yobo shrieks “why is it looking at me!!!” and skitters off behind the others.

  15. Rasputin has hung back up till now, trying to figure out the motivations of the crazy machine (as almost all of them seem to be after such a passage of years).

    Now he steps forwards. “We have collected up the escaped specimens from the botanical level (nods at Yobo) but were attacked trying to return them there (gestures at Gene’s wounds). We fled here to escape harm. Can you accompany us back to the botanical level to protect us?”, suggests Rasputin.

  16. >click.fzzt.<

  17. (turning toward Rasputin)
    “Affirmative. Citizen requires assistance. Holster your weapons. Primary function- to serve and protect”

  18. “Compliment: Nicely played Rasputin. How did you know what its primary protocol would be?”

  19. Rasputin holsters his weapon but just lets out a thin smile at Olive.

  20. Aka-Vasha stood quietly to size up the situation, but once she seen everyone put away their weapons, she sheaths her sword. She then picks up Yobo and slings him across her shoulders like a snake.

    Not being able to speak directly to the machine, she asks loudly if anyone is going to ask the metal-being about the significance of all the colored-coded doors.

  21. (Sounds like we’ve got consensus; I’ll try to get a new post in the next day or two, but things are busy right now so no promises!)

    Once your weapons are holstered the police robot appears satisfied with your response and escorts the group to the nearest stairwell back up to the botanical garden…

  22. Slinker decides that it would be better to stay unnoticed and will wait until the police robot is out of sight before moving to follow.

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