37 – Cargo Door


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BP Map #17

BP Map #17

You are at a dark crossroads on the lower deck where the path branches in several directions. Corridors stretch straight north and west, and there is a stairwell up further to the southwest.

Your torchlight reveals several sets of doorways in the northern corridor; at the edge of your light, it appears that there are open doorways on either side (east and west). Yobo’s nightvision confirms the far doors are open, and he also sees that the closest doorway has a brown keycard slot.

To the west, there is only a single doorway evident (about twenty feet down the west hall). Yobo’s keen eyesight can pick out that it is open.

The halls are eerily silent and have a deserted, haunted feel to them. The whole deck is rather spooky…

Lower Deck

“I believe west and south will get us to the main doors,” muses Rasputin. “Olive, does this agree with your assessment?”

“Confirmation: Yes, Rasputin, your assessment is correct.

With Olive confirming his direction sense, Rasputin suggests heading west, in regular party order and scouts out ahead.

Apollo agrees: “Lets get moving, then – I don’t like this deathly silence”

Ibben is mindful of your mission: “Yes, once we find the main doors from this side, we can hopefully backtrack to find the source of the infestation. But let us hope it stays this silent, I much prefer it to the sound of enemy feet.”

(When Ibben mentions feet, you look down to the ground. There is a layer of dust on the floor, but no tracks are evident. Perhaps it suggests that you will be safe from the sound of enemy feet.)

“I don’t know, I think it’s kind of cozy.” Gene replies. “I could get used to a nice quiet place like this.”

Yobo tells the group what he sees with his nightvision and pauses for a few moments to sniff the air in an attempt to discern whether or not there are any creatures nearby. He then moves along with the rest of the party.

Yobo’s keen scent detects no living creatures. He does smell traces of an unusual chemical scent, but he cannot identify its properties or source.

Pulling his notebook out once again, although fumbling around in the increasing darkness, Slinker starts mumbling once again.

“As the salad snakes slowly slithered towards us, clearly trying to make a more substantial meal of themselves, we knew fire was the only answer. The burning reek was suffocating, but a new route was found, bringing us deeper into the darkness – into dank deserted depths…”

Slinker pauses and stuffs his notebook into his pack as things really do get pretty black. “Yeah, access keys. I can be the keymaster. And then maybe we’ll find the gatekeeper.”

Hearing Slinker’s words, Olive commits them to a portion of his memory. Slinker is the one person of the group Olive doesn’t understand much, so the android begins building a profile to understand the man more.

The android speaks again: “Cautious suggestion: With these brown doors already open, we may want to search the interiors of these rooms as we may find our own access key.” Not one to wait, Olive readies his mace and creeps towards the door to the west. He stays low, looking like a cat ready to pounce.

Cargo Door

You cautiously travel west down the hallway. You pass by the open doorway, which appears to have been jammed open with a metal spike. Inside is a storeroom, now empty. Given the layer of dust covering all surfaces, it appears to have been completely scavenged long, long ago.

BP Map #18

BP Map #18

You continue west, about one hundred feet west of the crossroads. Here again, there is dust on the floor but no tracks (except for those which your party has left). This dark area seems completely deserted. There are no doorways on either side, except for a single large cargo door set into the southern wall (much larger than the other doors you have found before). The size of the doors match the large lower door that you saw from outside! Set beside the door is a violet keycard panel.

“Aha!” says Rasputin with uncharacteristic excitement. “Right where I expected!”

“Correction.” responds Olive. “My measurements indicate that we are approximately sixty-eight feet north of the lower door which we saw from outside.”

(The referee rolls some dice. He seems pleased with the results.)

Your voices echo down the eerily silent corridors…

“Shh!” says Yobo. “What is that noise?”

To the east you hear an eerie humming sound. You don’t see anything – whatever is making the noise must still be out of sight. The noise seems to be getting louder…

What are your actions?



  1. (Once again I am negligent with the map; perhaps I’ll get around to it tomorrow.)

    (UPDATE: Well, the map’s been added – but only after I’d completed the one for the next post.)

    (Just imagine that you’re are in an east-west corridor, ten twenty feet wide, which extends past your torchlight in each direction. The only obvious feature is the cargo door set into the south wall.)

  2. Gene tilts his ear towards the sound and wonders aloud “What in the world is that?”

    Even as is his curiosity piques, his instincts tell him to tighten his grip on his weapon and prepare for danger.

  3. Apollo tries to make a quick assessment of how quickly the source of the humming is approaching the party – his gut reaction is to urge the group to hide until they know what is generating the strange noise, but it may be that there is insufficient time to find appropriate shelter.

  4. (We’re in a hallway, I don’t think there is any cover unless we return back up the stairwell)

  5. (There’s that empty room we passed, or we could go the opposite way from the noise to see if we can duck into another coridoor / room).

  6. (K, I don’t know if you’d allow this, but could Olive roll on tech or intelligence to determine if the hum is coming from some sort of technological device? Olive’s initial thought is that it could be some sort of power source coming online.)

  7. Ibben makes a few clicks and ticks (Echolocation) in an attempt to identify what is making the noise.

    He then looks worriedly over his shoulder to the west. “Maybe we had best move on… and quickly!”

  8. “A wise sentiment, brother Ibben, a wise sentiment indeed” agrees Apollo, and strides hurriedly westward down the coridoor, away from the approaching sound.

  9. Olive: The noise is definitely from some kind of technological device, but you can’t identify what type.

    Ibben: You don’t pick it up with your echolocation; it must be more than ninety feet away.

    Apollo: You guess that whatever is making the noise is less than a minute away.

    There is no obvious cover in the long hallway. Even with Yobo’s nightvision and Ibben’s echolocation, you can’t make out any other doorways or rooms (the storage room to the east is just outside of Ibben’s echolocation range).

  10. Yobo slowly slithers close to the ground – towards the stairs and the sound. His tongue lashes at the air as he continues his attempt to discern the strange scent. He peers into the darkness (Night Vision) to see what is approaching as he stays still.

  11. Rasputin considers the situation.

    “I concur that we retreat west. Slinker, perhaps you can stay back, out of sight with your powers, and view whatever it is coming towards us.”

  12. “Absent thought: It’s a technological sound…” While everyone is talking, Olive taps his fingers in an intricate pattern on his head, trying to determine the type of sound it is.

    Looking up a moment later, Olive realizes everyone is planning to move. Giving one last effort to determine the source, the android places his hand on the ground, then on the wall, to determine if there is any subtle vibration coming from them. Perhaps some kind of travel device was present here as well.

  13. (Good idea. However, Olive picks up absolutely no vibrations.)

  14. “Face it guys.” Aka-Vasha said as he readies her weapon. “Their is no place to run, no place to hide! Whatever is coming at us is going to meet us! All we can hope for is that it friendly, but I’m willing to settle on benign.”

  15. Yobo: Your nightvision detects nothing, but by the sound it should be in view soon…

    So who is running and who is standing firm?

  16. Gene stands his ground.

  17. Yobo doesn’t run but tries his best to stay low and still against the corner of the floor and wall.

  18. Once Ibben sees that the others (except the wise Apollo) are apparently not taking his advice, he halts his movement and turns invisible, keeping on the far western side of the party.

  19. “Don’t worry, my friends. I’ll figure this one out.” Slinker proceeds to blend into darkness. Unbeknownst to the party, Slinker moves to the side of the hall.

  20. Noticing that the party is staying put, Apollo shakes his head in irritation, turns round and heads back to rejoin the group. “There is no shame in avoiding conflict – we need not pick every fight which presents itself.” he grumbles to no-one in particular, as he draws both pistols in readiness.

  21. In a hushed and concerned tone, Yobo says “My first thought was that this may not be something hostile approaching… but…. “. He slowly takes a step backwards. “If the rest of you think we should move on”, he whispers, “perhaps we should.”

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