35 – Burn It!


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BP Map #16

BP Map #16

You are near the eastern drop chute on the botanical garden level. The entry chamber here is a forty foot square room, with the garden to the west and passageways to the north and south. Strangle vines from the garden have reached into the room, and the PCs retreated to the southern hall while Olive went to gather the retainers.

Upon Olive’s return, the vines had crept far enough into the room to cut off the path between the drop chute and southern hall. Unfortunately, it seems that the retainers were attacked by six-legged catlike beasts with tentacles while you were separated. Pris was destroyed, and Xanax fled in fear. Only Reesus, Rogaine, and Andre remain.

A Little Fire

You listen with sadness as the retainers tell about the Pris’s death and the cowardice of Xanax. Hearing the news about Pris’s fate, Aka-Vasha looks displeased, as she was taking a liking to the milk-blooded woman. She quickly regains her composure to focus on the matter at hand. Pointing her sword towards the vine-covered floor she asks: “So how are we going to deal with these damned vines?”

In his neural network, Olive feels a bit of disorder at the loss of Pris. The synthetic was his only possible avenue of being understood by anyone in the group. None of the naturally-created party members would truly understand Olive, no matter how close that they may become.

Blocking out the conflicting data, the android focuses on the task at hand…

Angry with the death of Pris, Rasputin snarls wordlessly and pulls out one of his flasks of oil and prepares to light and throw it. “Let us make these plants burn!”

Gene also readies an oil flask. “We should prepare to burn our way through the vines using these flasks of oil” Gene offers. “Pay no mind to the coward, Xanax. He would only have deserted us later.”

Seeing the others pulling out flasks of oil, Olive instantly catches on to the plan of action. Working with the retainers, the android directs them to take two of the flasks, rip of some of the cloth from their clothing and tuck it into the bottle, leaving a long piece hanging from it. Olive lights the cloth on each and directs the retainers to throw into the heart of the vines in order to burn them.

Hopefully this won’t result in something catastrophic, but the group will find out shortly…

“Burn it!” Yobo shouts. The small reptilian man moves out of the way of Gene and Rasputin and stands watch behind the party, peering into the darkness.

Working quickly, the party douses the vines from both sides with oil then sets it alight. The plants twitch and writhe, pulling back slowly but surely from the flames. Within a minute, a clear path has been created on the east side of the room, allowing the party to reunite. Wisps of acrid blue smoke rise from the smouldering vines as they retreat…

Gene smiles. “Just a little fire to keep them at bay”

“Smoke rises, my friends.” responds Slinker. “How about that passage downwards?”

Possessing no oil, and not wishing to get too close to the approaching vines, Apollo decides to watch the group’s back. Sliding silently back into invisibility, gripping the eastern wall of the southern passage, he side-steps quietly down the passage, in an attempt to see down either the side passage or the descending staircase.

Ibben sees Apollo fade out, and continues to ‘watch’ the Judge’s movements (and anything else down the southern corridor) with his echolocation while the others deal with the vines.

From the top of the stairs, Apollo sees them descend into darkness. There are several landings below; the stairs extend quite far down – past the range of Ibben’s echolocation – and do not appear blocked or occupied.

Moving quietly to the intersection, Apollo peers down the side passage and sees that it extends only a short distance before turning south. There are doorways on the north and south walls, each with a brown keycard slot. The passageway appears clear, and Ibben detects nothing unusual within range of his mutant power.

As Olive and the others rejoin the party, Gene shouts to the invisible Judge: “Apollo, will we be able to continue down this other passage? What do you see?”

Apollo describes what he sees, and Ibben adds his echolocation insights. The party is reunited and appears to have a clear path either east or downwards. The gardens themselves are still blocked with strangle vines.

What are your actions?



  1. Becoming visible again, Apollo addresses Gene: “I cannot see far down the side passage, but the stairway leading downward seems clear – we should be able to use it to descend further towards the main doors. I don’t know about you, but I see no good reason to stay up here waiting to meet more of the local flora.”

  2. “Me neither, lets keep moving”

  3. Hearing about the doors with the brown keycard slots, Olive logs the data to internal memory for future reference. From memory, he also begins constructing a map for storage as well. He slows a bit as his systems are loaded with additional tasks, but the android thinks using the processor cycles are worth it.

  4. “Yes, downwards is our destination.” Ibben agrees.

  5. (Four votes for down… Any dissenters, or shall we move on?)

  6. “Ras, Do you have a feeling for how much further down we need go?”

  7. (I’ll have to check the map for distance, but it looks like it goes down far enough to reach the level of the large doors which you saw from outside.)

  8. “This is it,” states Rasputin. “Once down these stairs we should be on the right level”.

    Rasputin turns aside his disappointment over the death of Pris, squares his shoulders and motions the band downwards.

  9. Yobo turns his head warily towards the smoldering vines, makes a hissing sound and slithers quickly down the stairs, not waiting for a consensus.

  10. Aka-Vasha felt Yobo slither passed her legs, and watch as he slithers away. “Hay guys, I think Yobo has picked up on something, or he is just really bored with this deck?” Aka-Vasha then follows him closely from a safe distance.

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