30 – Movement!


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BP Map #14b

BP Map #14

You have calmed down Reesus, your Apeman retainer. The discussion following his outburst included a number of interesting observations about the politics of the Affiliation and the motivations of your Expedition.

Moving onward, you have emerged in a well-lit section of the vault and now stand at the north end of a long corridor. To the north is a large room filled with refuse. To the south is the elevator room, about 100 feet distant. The corridor extends past that, but it is difficult to make out details at this range.


You pause for a moment to decide whether to explore the refuse room or to continue towards the elevator.

Ibben whispers tersely to the others: “Since the whole point of entering the lit area ahead is to proceed downwards, let us not delay any further towards said goal,” He sounds somewhat annoyed, perhaps because he had wanted to continue exploring the darkened corridors.

“Perhaps those of us able to avoid visual detection should proceed first?”, he suggests with a trace of nervousness, glancing towards Apollo. Without awaiting a response, Ibben fades into invisibility…

…and moments later, Apollo fades as well. (Control Light Waves mutation.) The invisible duo begin moving south towards the elevator.

(The referee tosses some dice…)

Moments after fading from view, the invisible scouts spot movement! Far at the south end of the lit hallway – almost 200 feet distant – a large dark shape lopes across the corridor! You cannot make out any further details about the creature.

With a whispered warning to the rest of the group, Ibben freezes in place and reaches out to grab Apollo’s invisible arm to stop him as well. “I knew we should’ve kept away from here!” he thinks.

Olive rushes forward, moving quickly to put himself between the incoming entity and the group, then activates his repulsion field. Better safe than sorry, thinks the android as he stands at the entrance to the elevator room. (He can’t block the entire hallway, but certainly makes an obvious target.)

The party observes the southern corridor, but can’t see any further activity. Whatever it was that moved, it looked like it just dashed across the southern hallway.

“Another predator!” exclaims Rasputin in disgust. “The third distinct group in such a small area. It’s as if we are attracting the creatures,” exclaims Rasputin in disgust.

(Rasputin is right – there is quite an unreasonable number of predators packed into a very small area. Such an ecosystem could not have survived in here since the Fall like this.)

With Olive blocking the hallway south and the scouts ahead to provide warning, Rasputin quickly checks out the room to the north – looking for furniture and equipment could be used to make a barricade across the doorway. He concludes that a crude barricade could indeed be quickly constructed from the debris in the room.

“Hold up!” Aha-Vasha says to Rasputin. “There might be something in there laying in wait! We need Ibben’s deep sight to see what might be lurking within.”

(Ibben’s echolocation did not pick up any movement within the room. Your sight is probably better than his echolocation in these lit areas anyways.)

Olive continues to hold his position after hearing Rasputin’s assessment. With his knowledge of the layout of the room, the android thought it best to hold one front of any incoming attack.

You continue to observe, but after several minutes you still see no further movement. Whatever was there, it’s gone now.

What are your actions? Do you construct a barricade while maintaining Olive’s watch, continue forward to the elevator, or choose another course of action?



  1. Rasputin quickly formulates and outlines a plan.

    “Right. The creature may have gone, it may be attempting to flank us, or it may be gathering up some friends. Let us create barriers across both open exits in the large room. We can keep watch over the room with the shaft while we search the room. If all seems clear at this point, we can make our approach to the shaft.”

  2. Gene agrees.

    “Sounds good, Ras. Let’s move quickly.”

    Gene takes charge of the retainers and they begin constructing blockades while the remaining party members stand on guard.

  3. “Pah, that will take too much time! I say we head down now while we have the chance,” Ibben’s immaterial voice says (Ibben is still invisible).

    Ibben moves to the elevator shaft, and looks down into the depths.

  4. Yobo watches Gene and the retainers build the barriers. He moves over to the shaft to stand guard over it – peering into the darkness.

  5. “We are wasting time…” mutters Apollo, as if to himself. Then, as if reaching some conclusion, he spins on his heel and strides quietly but purposefully back towards where Rasputin and Gene have set about constructing a makeshift barracade. Allowing the light to once again follow its natural path, he drifts back into the view of the others and speaking with urgency in his voice states “We waste time here preparing for a battle that may not come – let us press on to our goal and be free of this stench-filled vault as quickly as we may. I fear, too, that no barricade we could build in such a short time would provide substantial defence against whatever awaits us out.. there”. Apollo gestures with a brief nod towards the distant southern coridoor. Whilst waiting for a reply, Apollo almost automatically checks each of his irons in turn, confirming that both are loaded and ready for use, should the need arise.

  6. “I guess you are right, this barrier will have to be sufficient, lets not wait for an attack.”

    Gene and the retainers abandon their task and pepare to move on.

  7. Aka-Vasha looks on with annoyance as the party is split between setting up defense, and moving onwards.

  8. Olive says nothing, continuing to hold until either an attack comes or the party decides to move forward or continue with construction of the barrier. Whatever the group decides, Olive will follow.

  9. “Yobo, what can you see down there? How far down does it go?”, calls Apollo in hushed tones.

  10. “No point not setting up defences while our scout is out scouting,” points of Rasputin mildly.

    Rasputin continues with his makeshift barrier until we get a report back from Yobo.

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