28 – Reesus Speaks


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Reesus the Apeman

Reesus the Apeman

After defeating the phase spiders, you have begun exploring the area hoping to score some swag in the webbing. Ibben finds some gemstone bearings in the pool at the intersection, while Aka-Vasha cuts open the cocoons to loot the bodies of the previous victims here.

The first corpse is the body of a vegepygmie – with a black keycard hanging from a thong around his neck. The second corpse is more interesting; it is the body of a Suidoid – a pig-like humanoid – a Beastmen from the Barrier Peaks, complete in the livery of his liege!

The Calm Before the Storm

After displaying the beryls to the others, Ibben pockets them into his robe for safekeeping.

“With a black keycard, we now have innumberable doors open to us which were previously inaccessible. Yet, we must not lose sight of our ultimate goal and become side-tracked; to find the source of the infestation, we must head downwards.”

Aka replies: “At lest we can now open some fresh quarters when we batten down to get some rest.”

Vasha chuckles: “Until then, we see if we can find some good loot in them!” She leers lustfully at one of the black-banded doors.

Ibben prods the pigman corpse. “The presence of a Beastman here presents an interesting question though. Was this one acting alone, or are the Beastmen hiding something from us?”

Seeing no other current use for his skill set, he offers to clean Rasputin’s gun while he addresses the social aspects of this new development. Rasputin nods his thanks at Olive as he passes his pistol across.

Pulling out a set of tools, Olive begins to work immediately. He takes his time, which looks like normal speed to everyone else, making sure he produces the best end product possible. The android knew his strengths, and convincing Beastmen to talk wasn’t one of them.

Still, Olive couldn’t resist a simple statement of fact: “Observation: Reesus’ is experiencing an increase of blood flow, causing a pigmentation change in his skin.” Olive leaves the beastman for the group to decide what to do with, and continues with Ras’s pistol.

With Olive’s comment, Reesus – your Apeman retainer from the Beastmen clans – seems very nervous…

Apollo picks up on Olive’s observation: “As he should, for our friend Reesus knows more than what he lets out.” The Judge turns to the Apeman and looks him squarely in the face. “Is that not right, Reesus?”

Reesus Speaks

Ibben turns his gaze upon Reesus: “Do you know anything of this?” he asks forcefully.

Gene speaks sternly to the retainer: “Start talking, Reesus. And don’t leave anything out.”

Apollo continues: “Come on, out with it. I know you have been withholding something since before we entered this complex, as I assume your countryfolk were. I do not believe the Beastmen scouts to be so inept they knew nothing about this place before the creatures began streaming out if it… and this corpse here (he points at the pigman husk) speaks volumes”

Staring at the suidoid body, Reesus answers Apollo without looking him in the eye. “Of course we knew of this complex. It was buried, until recently, with no entrances evident. When a storm washed away the mud and revealed the doorways, we elected to send in a scouting party. Soon afterwards, strange beasts began to emerge and attack nearby forts…”

Rasputin is pleased to have his theory about a previous expedition (and the fact we were likely to start running into their remains) confirmed but, knowing that Apollo has the situation under control, fades back so Apollo can have a free hand in his questioning.

Apollo “As members of the Affiliation, the Beastmen had a duty to report this installation to the Conclave immediately!”

Apollo’s tone appears to anger the Apeman. “Pah!” he spits. “You humans are all alike!”

Reesus stands with his hands on his hips, much bolder and more outspoken than the meek stance he has taken thus far during the Expedition. “You betray your bigotry in the very title you give my people!” he shakes his fist at you. “We are not mere ‘Beastmen’, as you call us. We are the Moreau, and I see now that it was foolish for us to join your Affiliation of fools! We did bring notice, but the Conclave only considered the risk great enough once the attacks spread to the Outer Baronies! They did not care if the clans of the Barrier Peaks should fall!”

Sensing the tension in the air, Gene grasps his trusty ‘walking stick’. Ibben lowers his hand to his pistol, but will need to load it if he wishes to fire.

Reesus waves his hand in front of him and continues his diatribe. “Outside the borders of your petty Baronies lies nothing but chaos and death… and rebirth! Ensconced in your paradise, you repeat the folly of the Ancients, while outside new breeds of life have grown beyond your petty limitations!”

Aka-Vasha, standing several paces behind Reesus, silently unsheathes her cutlass (with Yobo still behind her). Apollo cocks one of his pistols, then the other… The Slinker nods, as if in agreement.

Reesus points to Olive, then to Pris: “Look here – the very source of the corruption that led to the Fall, and they march with us!” He points to Rasputin: “This evil demagogue claims to lead, but to where? To Hell, and the release of great evil upon this scorched earth!”

Olive continues to clean Rasputin’s firearm, seemingly oblivious to the Apeman’s rage. Ras suddenly wishes that he had his firearm ready, and instead sets a hand on his longsword.

“Well?” yells Reesus at the party’s preparations for battle. “What will it be? Kill me now where I stand? Yes; we ‘Beastmen’ did not reveal all we knew to the Affiliation. But at the same time, we bowed to the will of the Conclave and allowed this Expedition into our territory. Is this treason? The Affiliation is fracturing; you all hold treason in your hearts! I can sense it!” His hand lowers, almost imperceptibly, towards his weapon…

It looks like Reesus is ready to lose his wits. You’re not sure if he’s going to attack or make a run for it…

What are your actions?



  1. (I really had fun with this post. I decided to forgo my usual colour-coding of the text this time around; hope you don’t mind.)

    (The picture doesn’t really have a lot to do with the post, other than having a monkey head, but it’s cool and I knew I would have to use it when I saw it online.)

  2. Aka-Vasha moves up to Reesus and she said: “Don’t be so surprised that the Affiliation dont really give a dame about any of us. Who cares what they think, the only thing they care about is their coffers and themselves! They are not here – we are! Its like we are alone out at sea, so we must stand to together or we will fall apart! Whatever is here, it threaten all of your lands, so if we dont take the fight to them and end it, they would take the fight to everyone! Seeing how we dont owe the Affiliation anything, whatever we find here is ours to divide amongst are selves – fairly and evenly!”

  3. Olive stands and hands the pistol back to Ras. He walks to Reesus, stares him right in the face. “Query: Do you want to talk about injustice? Regretful statement: My people are considered than little more than tools, slaves, and the symbol for everything that has gone wrong in the past. Angry reflection: My people aren’t even a ‘people’, as we,” pointing to Pris, “don’t even acknowledge each other. Envious conclusion: I wish I had your solidarity and your recognition by the Affiliation.” Olive stands for a moment, then walks away.

  4. Gene scolds the party, “Everybody calm down. Olive is right. Reesus, if you know more about the previous group now is the time to fill us in. We’re gonna get to the bottom of what’s going on in this infernal place and were gonna do it as a team. Everybody here was hand picked for their skills not their lineage.”

  5. Rasputin bristles at the insult offered to him by Reesus but quickly brings his emotions under control as he considers the opportunities inherent in what Reesus has reveiled.

    Rasputin has only a little to add to the speeches of Gene and the rest. “Reesus, we are not your enemies. In working with us, you can advance your cause both in the short term, as we may be able to rescue, or at the very least, recover the remains of the previous expedition, and in the long term by forming connections or alliances within our group to the benefit of your people, the Moreau.”

    Rasputin pauses, letting this sink in before continuing. “If you go your own way at this point you lose all that.”

  6. Ibben calmly reloads his pistol as the others talk to Reesus before he puts in his say, speaking in firm yet gentle tones.

    “Come now, Reesus, no one is accusing you of treason, we simply need the best information available if we are to survive and end the threat of this Ancient place. A threat, as you so aptly said, which effects the Bea… Moreau even more than the rest of us.”

    “You are correct when you say we are each here for our own reasons, but still we need to work together, not one of us could do this on our own.”

  7. Apollo smiles wolfishly at the Beastman “Matters of concealed information between different states of the Affiliation fall into the political sphere and are a little out of my jurisdiction. So calm yourself down man, and don’t do anything foolish. No one is going to shoot at anyone…(he looks around to all present)…right?”

    He turns to Reesus once more and lowering his voice a notch speaks to the Apeman as if they where the only two beings there.

    “And Reesus…do not presume to be the only one that knows what it is like on the Borders. I have been there, that’s where we Judges do most of our work. And yes, the powers that be really haven’t got a clue…but then again they never tend to, and THAT’s the main reason why people like us are needed even if the thanks we get “from above” are few and far between.”

  8. (So now that the apeman situation has been defused, where to next? Back to the vegepygmies? Or head east to the lit elevator shaft?)

  9. “Well?” Aka-Vasha said looking down both of the darken western and northern corridors at once. “What hellish abyss should we explore next?” She has no interest in going in circles, she wants to press forward and find better loot.

  10. “All indications are that the cause of the problems is below,” states Rasputin. “Instead of aimless wandering, slowly being worn down by the attacks of every creature we encounter, let us strike at the source of the problems while we retain our full strength.”

    “Also,” muses Rasputin, “Downwards may be the only way out of here unless we can get back through the airlock entrance.”

  11. Gene collects his thoughts and begins to speak.

    “I think we are going to be here a while, if we can make allies with the plantmen it is worth a shot. the black keycard may even reveal some useful items. I suggest we regress, regroup and consider our next moves. If we gain the trust of the plantmen, they may offer us more information about the dangers of this place. Who knows what else is in here? We haven’t been here two hours and we’ve already been attacked twice, things are likely to get a lot more dangerous.”

    Gene looks around the party and waits for their input.

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