26 – Phase-In


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Phase Spider

Phase Spider

Your party is engaged in combat with a clutch of phase spiders. One of the original arachnid trio has been slain, but two spiders remain and Gene has been poisoned. The larger spider has phased-out and is not visible to the PCs. Olive, Gene, and the remaining small spider remain near the pool of water at the intersection. The other party members are thirty or more feet away, with ranged weapons readied. The retainers remain near the rear ranks, weapons now at hand.

Initiative order for the second regular round is Pris and the small spider (on 7); Aka-Vasha, Rasputin, and Apollo (5); Yobo (4); Slinker, Gene, and the large spider (3); and Olive (2).


When the large spider vanishes, Rasputin shouts to the party: “Watch your backs, the spider could reappear anywhere. And Pris, you have that gun for a reason! Protect Gene.”

Pris regains her composure and moves forward to fire her stun pistol at the small spider – just as it jumps at Gene! (Simultaneous actions. Pris’s roll is 8 – a miss – while the spider gets a 17. Spider hits for 3 damage plus poison!) The stun blast misses the arachnid, who leaps towards Gene’s face. He blocks the attack with his arms – but is bitten instead on the hand! (Save vs. poison is 4 +1 = 5; another 19 damage.)

Gene yells as the venom courses like fire through his arm (to match the burning in his leg)! “Confound it!” he shouts angrily. “You Peter – Parker – Poking – Piece – of – (Gutterspeak deleted for the kids)!!!”

Aka-Vasha, her bow readied, fires an arrow at the baby spider. (Attack roll is a natural 20! 6 points of damage are inflicted.) The creature’s abdomen ruptures like a rotted pumpkin; Aka-Vasha’s skillfully placed arrow slays the deadly arachnid!

With the baby spiders finished, Rasputin waits – scanning the area for the larger monster’s return. (Prepared action to fire when it reappears.)

Likewise, Apollo holds his action, waiting for a target, while Ibben uses his echolocation to detect the larger spider’s re-appearance.

Yobo remains hidden behind Aka-Vasha, but congratulates her on her precise marksmanship.

Suddenly, the large spider phases back in – right beside Gene! He is ready for the worst, however, and swings at the arachnid as it attacks him. (Gene rolls 12 +1 = 13; a hit for 4 damage. The spider rolls a Natural 1!) Gene smashes the large spider with his mace again, and knocks it away, allowing the others a clear shot!

Prepared for the opportunity, Rasputin and Apollo fire their pistols with twin roars. (Rolls are another Natural 1 (!) and a 10 +2 = 12. Rasputin is injured for 1, while Apollo hits for 10) Rasputin’s gun suffers a misfire (and will require cleaning before being usable again), but Apollo’s bullet pierces the spider through!

Simultaneously, Slinker pulls the trigger on his crossbow. (Roll is 17 +4 = 21; hit for 6 damage.) Between Apollo’s bullet and Slinker’s bolt, you manage to kill the mother spider!

Green ichor oozes from the bodies of the arachnids. Gene slumps with his back to the wall, favouring his good leg and clutching his throbbing hand. Your surroundings are suddenly quiet; you can hear only the drip of water into the pool at the intersection, the hum of Olive’s repulsion field (up to 4d6 points now), and the clicking of of Ibben’s echolocation.

(Olive and Gene stand in the intersection, surrounded by three spider bodies. The other party members are about 30 feet south down the hallway. You do not see any foes, and Ibben’s echolocation indicates no movement.)

What are your actions?



  1. Aka-Vasha moves over to Gene, and hands him one of her oils of remedy. “You can owe me later!”, whispered Aka.

  2. (I forgot about the oils of remedy. Each spider bite would require a single dose, so Gene will apply it to his ankle – which was the more serious of the two injuries.)

    (Referee tosses the percentile dice… The poison is neutralized! Gene regains 21 hp!)

  3. “Thanks, Asha. I owe you one!” says Gene.

  4. Ibben keeps his pistol ready and continues using his echolocation as he moves towards the intersection so he can inspect all four corridors.

    “Indeed these darkened corridors are dangerous. Yet perhaps not as dangerous as what we may encounter in the lit areas. I still say we continue onwards. Shall we inspect the doors to the west, or continue north?”

    Ibben looks above his head at the webbing, to see if the phase spiders have collected any trinkets.

  5. Apollo reloads his pistols without wasting words.

  6. Aka-Vasha looks around the spider’s nest, knowing full well that there was likely others who were not as fortunate as the party were. Hopefully, such unfortunate souls left something of value.

  7. Even though he is wounded Gene’s mind stays sharp.

    As he observes Aka-Vasha searching the web, he has an idea. “I bet those bodies up there are Plant Men If they are should go back and offer their leader the spiders we killed and maybe they’ll trust us more.”

  8. Rasputin rubs at his hand and starts cleaning out his fouled weapon. Then he sighs.

    “Check the webbing, see if we can find anything of use. Scout – make sure we have not attracted anything else with the noise we have made.”

    “I feel it is pointless avoiding the lit areas now – if anything lives there they has to be aware of our presence and these unlit areas are too full of dangerous creatures. Let us head east at the intersection ahead and approach the shaft from the north. We can always return to these darkened halls later if we need to.”

  9. The android waits a few moments before doing anything, ensuring the danger has truly passed. Dropping the field, Olive tilts his head to the side. “Exasperated comment: Seems I don’t make for good spider bait.”

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