25 – Phase-Out


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Phase Spider

Phase Spider

The party has proceeded northward down the darkened hallway, reaching an intersection where leaking pipes have created a pool at the crossroads. Webbing hangs nearby – including the cocooned bodies of several humanoids.

Olive has advanced forward about thirty feet ahead of the rest of the party. Suddenly, three phase spiders appear from nowhere and attack the android! There is one large spider and two smaller ones; all have venom dripping from their mandibles!

The surprise round is over; I’m going to roll individual initiative for the PCs and each spider. Results are: Aka-Vasha and Slinker (on 7); Rasputin and Gene (on 6); Ibben, Apollo, and a small spider (on 5); Yobo, Olive, and the large spider (on 4); with the other small spider acting last (on 3).


(I’m going to adjust some of your stated actions based on the initiative results; Aka-Vasha, for example, will get her shot off before Gene charges the spiders.)

Aka-Vasha reacts first. She pulls back her bowstring and the arrow fires (Attack roll is 2 +2 = 4), but the arrow flies aimlessly down the hallway. Cussing, Aka-Vasha pulls out another arrow and leans against the wall, with one knee on the ground so she can give the others behind her a clearer shot.

Meanwhile, Slinker starts winding his crossbow and kneels against the wall opposite Aka-Vasha, leaving room for others to fire.

Rasputin quietly curses into his beard about the noise you are making, especially as the group took the unlit paths to avoid notice. As he curses, he lines up one of the creatures with his pistol and shoots. (Attack roll is 19 +1 = 20; hit for 6 damage.) Rasputin’s shot strikes one of the smaller spiders, spewing green ichor from the arachnid’s abdomen! The eight-legged monstrosity squeals in pain!

Meanwhile, Gene rushes forward and swings his mace at the largest spider! (Roll is 12 +1 = 13; hit for 8 damage.) The multi-eyed menace raises its front legs in an attempt to block Gene’s blow, but the mace strikes true.

Rasputin curses again as he notices Gene rushing forward and into the line of fire. He presses himself to the side to the tunnel to allow those behind to shoot while shouting, “Concentrate your fire on one of the creatures. Beware their poison – keep your distance and use ranged weapons.”

As soon as the opportunity presents itself, Ibben fires his readied pistol at any spider he can safely target. With Gene blocking the large spider, Ibben targets the smaller creature that Ras hit seconds earler. (Roll is 7 +5 = 12. Hit for 11 damage!) His combat empathy and echolocation serve him well, and he buries a bullet in the spider’s head, killing it!

However, the other small spider remains unharmed and strikes the nearest target (referee tosses a die) – Gene! (Attack roll is 17; hit for 1 damage plus poison!) Backing away from the large spider, Gene is caught by surprise when the smaller arachnid nips his ankle. It is a small cut – but he feels the sting of venom! (Save vs. poison is 8 +1 = 9; a fail. 21 points damage!) Gene yells in agony and clutches his leg as the poison courses through his veins!

(Pris gasps with horror as she sees Gene injured. Trembling, she raises the stun pistol but does not fire.)

Apollo, his iron ready, tries to shoot the devious little spider (Attack roll is 3 +2 = 5.), but the bullet ricochets off the metal walls and bounces down the hall.

Yobo cowers behind Aka-Vasha, intimidated by the spiders’ surprise attack.

Olive has been unnaturally still for the android, apparently in deep concentration. “Repulsion field activated…” he says, standing in an odd stance, holding his hands up, ready to redirect any future incoming attacks. (Repulsion field blocks 3d6 damage this round.) As he lets go of the mace, it dangles from his wrist from the leather strap.

The large spider, seemingly stunned for a moment by Gene’s blow, backs up several steps then ‘twists’ space around itself and phases out again!

(Olive, Gene, and the remaining small spider remain near the pool of water at the intersection. The other party members are thirty or more feet away, with ranged weapons readied. The retainers remain near the rear ranks, weapons now at hand.)

What are your actions?



  1. “Watch your backs, the spider could reappear anywhere,” suggests Rasputin, “and Pris, you have that gun for a reason. Protect Gene.”

    Rasputin waits till the rest of the group has expended their firearms, then rushes forward to help finish off the small spider. (If the small spider is finished, he waits, scanning the area for the larger spiders return.)

  2. “Confound it!” Gene shouts angrily. “You Peter-Parker-Poking-Piece-of-(gutterspeak deleted for the kids)!!!”
    Gene smashes the large spider with his mace again! (If it hits me again i’ll use my karma point.)

  3. (Gene – The large spider phased out; only a small one remains behind.)

  4. smash that one too! :P sorry, i hadn’t had my coffee when i posted. changes “large” to “small”. :D

  5. Olive attempts to say “leave”, but doesn’t want to risk dropping his field. He holds his position, hoping he looks like a desirable target.

  6. Ibben reloads his pistol, meanwhile using his echolocation to detect the larger spider’s re-appearance. If/when it does reappear, he will call out its location to the others, while firing his pistol again (if it is safe to do so).

  7. Aka-Vasha fires her bow at the baby spiders.

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