24 – Phase Spiders!


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BP Map #12

Map #12

Your group (now one larger with the addition of Pris the synthetic) have proceeded north to a new section of the installation. Crossing a broad lit corridor, you have remained in the dark passages and reached an interesting intersection.

Broken pipes protrude from the ceiling ahead of you, with water dripping to a pool on the ground. Fungus and mold has begun to grow in the moist intersection, and strands of webbing are strung near the ceiling.

A Bad Feeling…

The ceiling in the intersection ahead is damaged, and a number of broken pipes protrude from above. A steady drip of water from one of these pipes has created a pool on the floor. The leak appears to have been active for quite some time, as evidenced by the growths of fungus and mold around the pool.

The party advances cautiously. The front rank is about thirty feet from the intersection when Yobo notices one further detail… there are strands of webbing strung near the ceiling as well.

Ibben draws his pistol. “It looks like there’s something alive in there… maybe it feeds on the fungus, or maybe it doesn’t…”

He begins clicking and clucking to see if his echolocation can detect any movement coming from the webbing.

(The referee tosses some dice… Ibben’s echolocation reveals no movement from within the webs. He does detect humanoid-sized objects, just outside of Yobo’s line of sight, but they are not moving.)

Rasputin stops to consider the situation. “Anything to detect Ibben, any… spiders? I’m suspicious that these darkened halls are filled with predators.”

Ibben reports his findings to the others. “You may be right, I do not like the looks of this. I don’t detect any spiders or other predators, however. Should we carry on, or go back?”

Ras replies: “We may be better served to avoid this area and risk the lit areas and the downwards shaft.”

Ibben looks back to the lit corridor: “That shaft we just passed looks to be in working order too. I was hoping we might find another, less conspicuous, way down however. I am still for proceeding onwards.”

Gene concurs: “Lets fan out with the torches but don’t get under the webs; the last thing we need is radioactive spider-bites” he cautions as he watches the tangle of webs.

Rasputin still has misgivings, but agrees. “Let us go on, but carefully. I have a bad feeling about this.” He readies his weapons and keeps a careful eye out for any dangers.

Olive marches forward suddenly. “Query: Perhaps I should go first due to the possible health dangers?” The others don’t have time to stop the speedy android, who shuffles to the front of the group.

Swinging his mace, Olive advances – ready for any threat, scanning the area before him. The android also uses his sensors to determine if the the composition of the room’s air that deviates from normal parameters (otherwise known as smelling the air as an machine).

Phase Spiders!

Olive moves northward and glances into the open apartment to the west before advancing to the intersection. It has been completely cleared out and is seemingly empty. Olive continues onward.

As Olive reaches the pool, the musty smell of the fungus and mushrooms assaults his sensors. Examining the intersection, he is able to confirm Ibben’s echolocation. To the west (about ten feet distant) he sees several smallish humanoid forms hanging from the ceiling, their forms completely concealed by the webbing that wraps around them.

Looking east and west, Olive observes lit corridors in the distance (the northern hall is completely dark). All passageways are lined with the ubiquitous doorways with panels that you are now very familiar with. Looking upwards, he sees that the damaged ceiling is crammed tight with piping, ducts (too small for Yobo), and cables – there’s not enough room for anything to hide there.

Interestingly, there are no signs of spiders, other predators, or any other life forms nearby (with the exception of the mold and fungus, of course). Other than the dripping water, the area is quiet. Olive turns back to speak to the group. “Observation: There appears to be no predators here at this time.”

Phase Spider

Phase Spider

Immediately after this statement, you see a number of unusual ‘twists’ in the space around him. Appearing from nowhere, three blue-and-white mottled spiders menace Olive! One of the spiders is the size of dog, while the other two are approximately cat-sized. The creatures spring at the android, catching him completely by surprise!

(Surprise round; the phase spiders flank Olive and attempt to bite him. Attack rolls are 15, 12, and 6. Two hits for a total of 3 hp damage plus poison.)

“Holy shit!” yells Slinker as Olive tries to fend off the arachnoid menaces that surround him. The mandibles of the spiders drip with venom, and two of the beasts manage to puncture his green plastic shell! Luckily, as an android Olive is immune to their poison.

Olive swings his mace, trying to get a good line of attack on one of the skittering menaces (he can attempt to hit next round)

What are your actions?



  1. “Repulsion field activated…” Olive stands in an odd stance, holding his hands up, ready to redirect any future incoming attacks. As he lets go of the mace, it dangles from his wrist from the leather strap.

  2. Gene rushes forward and swings his mace at the largest spider.

  3. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, Ibben fires his readied pistol at any spider he can safely target.

  4. Rasputin quietly curses into his beard about the noise we are making, especially as we took the unlit paths to avoid notice.

    As he curses, he will line up one of the creatures with his pistol and shoot. After firing he presses himself to the side to the tunnel to allow those behind to shoot while shouting, “Concentrate your fire on one of the creatures. Beware their poison – keep your distance and use ranged weapons.”

    Rasputin curses again as he notices Gene rushing forward and into the line of fire.

  5. Aka-Vasha pulls back on her bowstring as she was pushed to the side Gene’s rush, and her arrow flies aimlessly down the corridor.

    “Dammit Gene, watch where your going!”, cussed Aka.

    Aka-Vasha pulls out another arrow, and leans against the wall, with one knee on the ground so she can give the others behind her a clearer shot.

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