Spidergoat Stew


Update: The website has been deleted for reasons unknown. I’ll let you know if I get any more info.

For those who may be interested, Decoucy has started a new Mutant Future gameblog called ‘Spidergoat Stew‘ in which I will be participating as a PC. At present, he is still looking for another player or two.

From the website:

The small community of Gyxrage had seen its share of troubles in the centuries since the end of the ‘Old World’. But now fresh attacks by Pigmen have made travel to the river south of town more and more difficult, interrupting trade downriver to New Portsmouth. And for a frontier burg like Gyxrage, trade is life.

The town’s worthies have tracked the source of the attacks to an old bunker used decades before by a mad scientist that once plagued the land – Dr. Sinferno. Old men and women still cower at his name and fear is growing amongst the populace that a hard existence will become only harder.

Now a group of brave souls must investigate, root out the threat to the town, and face the dangerous legacy of the evil Dr. Sinferno!

Go To: Spidergoat Stew



  1. Site looks like it was taken down. Know what happened?

  2. Nope; no idea. Possibly he is migrating to a new site name?

  3. Aw bummer! I’m the robot this time!

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