23 – Northern Passage


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BP Map #11

BP Map #11

Rasputin has convinced Pris the synthetic to join your growing menagerie as a retainer. She still seems suspicious of many of the party members and is reluctant to take up arms in defense of herself or the group, however.

Growing impatient with the scouts, Yobo was been sent south to find out if there’s a problem and summon them back. Ibben and Apollo were just finishing their search of the electrocephelagraph room anyways, and returned with Yobo to the others.

Gene, Aka-Vasha, and Olive remain with the retainers at the crossroads. Gene is convinced that he saw something move down the eastern corridor…

Something Down There?

Gene continues to observe the corridor to the east of the crossroads. “There’s something down there, I’m sure of it…” he repeats. Hoping to lure the unknown creature(s) closer, the watchmen move slightly northward to leave the passageway clear for any potentially curious interlopers.

Olive simply waits for a change in the activity of the hallway where Gene detected something. He oddly stares at Gene as he waits with his mace at the ready, sensors focused on any change in sound, temperature, or other warning condition.

(The referee tosses some dice.) The watchmen wait in silence, rooted to the ground in anticipation of action… and wait… and wait. The retainers begin to grumble. “Well I didn’t see anything.” whispers Xanax.

“Fine. Whatever it was that I saw must have gone elsewhere.” responds Gene. “It’s clear here; let’s get back to the others.”

Authorization & Planning

Meanwhile, back in the small side room Rasputin notes with satisfaction that Pris seems to accept him as a legitimate authority figure. With the scouts now back back he attempts to ‘authorize’ Pris to use the pistol with the violet card.

Holding the violet card in front of the synthetic, Rasputin instructs her to take the stun pistol and use it when ordered. Pris initially seems a little suspicious of the fact that Ras ‘loaned’ the violet card to the scouting party. (The referee tosses a d20 for Rasputin. CHA check, opposed by Pris’s INT; roll is 19.) However, after some quick talking he convinces her that everything is kosher and she agrees to use the stun pistol – but only to defend herself and her human companions.

At this point the watchmen return, crowding into the small room. Everyone is brought up to speed about the current situation. The retainers are not thrilled to learn that Pris is joining them (their morale drops by 1), but don’t press the issue. For her part, Pris reacts to the visibly non-human retainers with disdain.

“Let us proceed onwards,” Ibben says. “If we wish to stay out of the lit areas, which I would personally prefer, that would mean travel to the north. We would need to cross a lit corridor, but that should be manageable.”

Gene concurs. “North sounds good, Ibben. I’d like to put some distance between ourselves and those plant people.”

Rasputin throws in his opinion: “Although our ultimate destination has to be downwards”, he states, “It cannot hurt to scout the areas around the lit shaft areas to determine if their are any hostile forces present. Let us head north as Ibben suggested, but keep as close to the shaft as possible while remaining in the darkened areas.”

Northern Passage

With your course of actions decided, the party gathers its gear together and proceeds northward. Your torches flicker in the darkened passageway, illuminating your surroundings and the path ahead. You proceed past the closed doorways (with black keycard slots) and the abandoned apartments (empty of valuables) before reaching the lit corridor.

When you reach the lit corridor, Aka-Vasha and Yobo conduct a quick check of the surroundings. It is as Yobo described earlier – to the east is the elevator shaft, to the west is lit corridor, and the the north is the dark passageway. Yobo was correct – there is something moving within this shaft. It appears to be smooth continuous movement, like that of a machine, not a creature. Ignoring this for the moment, the party moves quickly northwards across the lit hall without incident.

The northern passage is almost a mirror image to the one you just left to the south. There are a number of black doorways, as well as some that have been forced open (revealing scavenged and empty apartments within), and one doorway without a keycard slot (just the panel with an open/close button).

You proceed northward around the bends to scout out the remainder of this corridor. In the dim half-light ahead of the party, Yobo (with his nightvision) can see something interesting in the intersection. The ceiling there is damaged, and a number of broken pipes protrude from above. A steady drip of water from one of these pipes has created a pool on the floor. The leak appears to have been active for quite some time, as evidenced by the growths of fungus and mold around the pool.

(The referee tosses some dice.)

The party advances cautiously. The front rank is about thirty feet from the intersection when Yobo notices one further detail… there are strands of webbing strung near the ceiling as well.

What are your actions?



  1. Ibben draws his pistol. “It looks like there’s something alive in there… maybe it feeds on the fungus, or maybe it doesn’t…”

    He begins clicking and clucking to see if his echolocation can detect any movement coming from the webbing.

  2. Rasputin stops to consider the situation.

    “Anything to detect Ibben, any… spiders? I’m suspicious that these darkened halls are filled with predators. We may be better served to avoid this area and risk the lit areas and the downwards shaft.”

  3. Ibben nods. “You may be right, I do not like the looks of this. That shaft we just passed looks to be in working order too. I was hoping we might find another, less conspicuous, way down however.”

  4. (The referee tosses some dice…)

    (Ibben’s echolocation reveals no movement from within the webs. He does detect humanoid-sized objects, just outside of Yobo’s line of sight, but they are not moving.)

  5. Ibben reports these findings to the others. “Should we carry on, or go back? I am still for proceeding onwards.”

  6. “Lets fan out with the torches but dont get under the webs, last thing we need is radioactive spider-bites” Gene cautioned as he watched the tangle of webs.

  7. “Let us go on, but carefully. I have a bad feeling about this.”

    Rasputin will ready his weapons and keep a careful eye out for any dangers.

  8. “Query: Perhaps I should go first due to the possible health dangers?” Regardless, Olive will shuffle to the front of the group unless someone stops him. He continually swings his mace, ready for any threat, scanning the area before him. The android also uses his sensors to determine if the the composition of the room’s air that deviates from normal parameters, (otherwise known as smelling the air as an machine).

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