Eugenic Humans and Moreaus (Draft)


(These are the last two races to be converted from my own homebrew post-apocalyptic game system. I’m posting them in ‘draft’ form because otherwise I doubt I’d ever get them online. This time, I present eugenic humans and moreaus. Eugenics are genetically tailored beings, similar to tweaked humans but more extreme in that they possess actual mutations. Moreaus are anthropomorphic animal folk, genetic hybrids of humans and other species.)

Eugenic Human

Eugenics are true ‘super-humans’, genetically engineered specimens created before the Fall and intended to replace and supersede normal men. With certain abilities and characteristics built into their very chromosones, eugenic humans possess traits indistinguishable from the mutations now common in the mutant future.

(In the Affiliation setting, Eugenics are even rarer than Pure Humans. Although they possess inhuman capabilities, they are tolerated as ‘normal’ because of their pre-Fall ancestry.)

Game Rule Information:

Hit Dice: 1d6 per point of CON.

Mutations: Each Eugenic Human selects three beneficial mutations, of any category.

Radiation Susceptibility: Like mutants (and unlike Pure Humans), Eugenics can and do mutate as a result of radiation exposure.

Reaction Adjustments: Eugenics are treated as Pure Humans by the rest of society, except for those with disfiguring physical mutations who are treated as Mutant Humans instead.


Moreaus are genetic chimerae, hybrids with a mixture of DNA from homo sapiens and one or more other animal species. There are many different ‘strains’ of Moreau, each with its own characteristics. A Moreau’s mutations are determined by their strain; in addition to the examples listed below, the referee may allow additional types of Moreau.

Compared to Mutant Animals, Moreaus are more human-like; they are always humanoid in form and typically possess a limited number of mutations. Like Mutant Animals, Moreaus have difficulty finding acceptance in the Affiliation and are often referred to by a number of derogatory nicknames, such as ‘beastmen’, ‘furries’, or ‘taheen’.

Game Rule Information:

Hit Dice: 1d6 per point of CON.

Mutations: Depends on strain; see below for examples.

Radiation Susceptibility: Moreaus mutate as a result of radiation exposure. Radiation-induced mutations are determined randomly.

Reaction Adjustments: Moreaus are treated in the same manner as Mutant Animals.

Each Moreau also receives the following traits based on their strain. Sample strains include:

  • Apefolk: A hybrid of humans and apes, apefolk were used as battle fodder in wars on and off-world. They lack any notable mutations, but receive a +2 STR while retaining the intellect of humans.
  • Camazot: Camazots are freakish human/bat parahumans with the following characteristics: -2 STR, +2 DEX, Complete Wing Development, Dwarfism, Echolocation, Bizarre Appearance, and Vision Impairment.
  • Catfolk: These human/feline hybrids possess the following characteristics: -1 STR, +1 DEX, Increased Balance, Natural Weapon (retractable claws inflicting 1d4 damage), and Night Vision.
  • Dogface: These human/canine crossbreeds have the following characteristics: +1 STR, -1 WIL, Increased Physical Attribute (STR), Increased Sense (smell), and Natural Weapon (bite inflicting 1d6 damage).
  • Jagrilla: These engineered soldiers combine human, jaguar, and gorilla genetics. Jagrillas possess the following characteristics: +2 STR, +1 CON, +1 DEX, -1 INT, -1 WIL, -2 CHA, Natural Weapon (bite inflicting 1d8 damage), Night Vision, Pain Insensitivity, and Simian Deformity.
  • Suidoid: Suidoids are bipedal mutant pigs with four functioning arms and a long whip-like black curly tail. +1 CON, -1 CHA, Aberrant Form (two additional arms), Increased Sense (taste), Natural Weapon (whip tail inflicting 1d6 damage).



  1. Eugenic humans are meant to cater to players who like the idea of playing a mutant but who can’t stand the idea of rolling random powers. The name is swiped from a Darwin’s World supplement – Foundationists.

    Moreaus were originally adapted from d20 Modern as a ‘Mutant Animal’ race but with more plausible backstory. I still have trouble buying the whole concept of Mutant Animals and picture the Beastmen of the Affiliation to be various Moreau strains.

  2. MF mutant animals are cool, but we must remember they are rare unique beings.

    I guess Moreaus could also be used to play MF monster races such as the Pantheroids or Castoroids. While those races are “natural” stable mutated races as opposed to designed beings, from the prespective of folk in the Wastes, Explored Lands or Affiliation there would be no difference.

  3. The creepy eugenics tree is complements of edsan from his Mutant Future blog:


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