20 – Electrocephelagraph


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BP Map #10

BP Map #10

Your party is divided into three groups.

Aka-Vasha, the Slinker, Yobo, Rasputin, and Olive are with Pris in a small room off the hallway. The injured synthetic has completed her ‘reboot cycle’ and awakened. She seems confused but not hostile.

Gene and the retainers remain at the crossroads as guards, ensuring the vegepygmies keep their distance. Meanwhile Apollo and Ibben have ventured back south, using their ‘Control Light’ ability to move invisibly. With the violet keycard that Pris was carrying, they have opened one of the locked doors and discovered unusual relics of the Ancients within…


Gene maintains his watch, watching the now-visible Apollo and Ibben carefully enter the room to the south. The vegepygmies show no reaction; they simply maintain their vigil as well.


Ibben steps into the room. “Let the door close behind us, then we can explore this room at our leisure,” he whispers quietly to Apollo.

The judge moves into the room, and a few seconds later the door slides silently shut. There is a panel beside the door (this one without keycard slot) that you should be able to use to re-open the door.

Making full use of your ‘Control Light’ abilities, you begin a more thorough search. Ibben eyes the sign on the wall, rueing the fact that he has not yet learned Ancient, and promising to himself that he will have to get someone to teach him. Apollo checks the signs out as well, trying and read the Ancient’s script. He mentaly lets out a silent prayer for the one that tutored him in the rudiments of that old, old language.

(The referee rolls Intelligence checks for Apollo and Ibben to decipher some of the Ancient text. Hmm; a 13 and 17. Not bad…)

The signs are clearly instructions and warnings. They seem to instruct one person to sit in the chairs, while another operates the computer in some manner. (The details become unclear at this point.) The warnings include “Do not operate unsupervised” and “Overuse may cause [indecipherable], [indecipherable], and even death”. You don’t know what the purpose of the machines are, but it seems to involve something called “direct brain stimulation”.

There is one long word that repeats frequently in all the text, even on the ‘helmets’ above the chairs. It is not a word that you recognize, and you have to spell it out:

“E – L – E – C – T – R – O – C – E – P – H – E – L – A – G – R – A – P – H.” says Apollo.

“Whatever the heck that means…” asks Ibben, shrugging.

Computer Terminal

Computer Terminal

Ibben moves across the room to the computer/data terminal, idly examining the odd seats on the way past. Once at the terminal, he studies it closely. There is a display panel with a number of dials and knobs beneath. Everything is covered with a layer of dust, but Ibben sees that a dim green light is glowing beneath the monitor!

“The computer, it’s still active!” calls Ibben. This vault is certainly the best-preserved structure of the Ancients that he has ever encountered!

Memory Loss

Meanwhile, back in the other room Pris’s eyes flutter open. Lying calmly on the ground, she looks around the room with a confused expression. In a quiet voice, she asks (in Ancient) “Where am I?”

She ignores Olive completely; the question appears directed at Rasputin.

“Wry remark: Well, there’s gratitude for you.” Olive gives a shrug to Rasputin and let’s him take care of the explanation. Besides, the android felt he did quite enough to help her out.

Rasputin replies to ‘Pris’, “Ma’am, you suffered combat damage and have re-initialised your system programming. Am I correct in my understanding that you have lost all memory of prior events?”

The synthetic looks thoughtful for a moment, then responds. “Access to my memory has been blocked. This should only occur if there has been some sort of file corruption or virus.” Suddenly she appears alarmed. “Is it possible? According to my chronometer, I am two-thousand, five-hundred and thirty months overdue for routine maintenance! What has happened?!”

Looking to Ras, Olive’s body language simulates an upset human. “Smug comment: Apparently, she has forgotten what has transpired.” The android sighs deeply, putting on a show for those around.

Rasputin cannot fail to see the opportunities inherent in the synthetics memory loss, even if it deprives him of useful information about this installation.

Aka-Vasha relaxes and quietly overhears the conversation – even though she can’t understand any of it without Rasputin’s translation.

(Rasputin provides a running translation to his companions in Unislang. Note that Olive is able to understand and speak Ancient as well.)

Pris looks imploringly at Rasputin: “What are my instructions?”

What are your actions?



  1. Rasputin speaks to the synthetic, projecting confidence into his voice.

    “Pris, we are a team sent by the Affiliation to determine the origin and cause of a recent series of devastating raids against nearby outposts. The origin of the attacks is from this installation. We are awaiting a report from our scouts, then need to proceed to a nearby shaft and thence below to find the cause. Sorry I cannot give you more time to adjust. Here is your weapon back – I hope you still know how to use it.”

    Rasputin offers the synthetic the pistol back. In his conversation, Rasputin tries to use an inclusive ‘we’ so that Pris will draw the inference that she is, and has always been, a member of the team.

  2. Pris looks surprised and more than a little disgusted. “A weapon?” she asks. “I’ll need violet-level authorization before I’ll even touch such a thing!”

  3. Ibben raises his eyebrows in surprise at its functionality, but is careful not to touch any of the knobs on the computer, heeding the warning on the sign; although he could not understand much of it, he knows that it’s not something he wants to risk.

    Hiking up his robes, he crouches down to look under and behind the chairs for anything else which may have been left by whoever last used this place.

    (Afterwards, he will suggest to Apollo that they return back to report to Rasputin)

  4. Looking to Ras, Olive waits 1.32 seconds before saying something. “Suggestion: Try giving her authorization, Master Rasputin, supreme authority, grantor of all accesses, far and wide, etcetera etcetera.” The android’s optical backlight flickered for a moment in Olive’s simulation of a wink.

  5. “I don’t think we should mess with this brain-affecting machine. It’s too risky. But let us give the computer a fiddle, it seems to still have power.”

  6. Slinker whispers to Rasputin as discreetly as he can – ‘Are you sure you want to give that pistol back to the nutty electric lady? Might go off the rails you know… In fact I think I can operate that thing, can I carry it for now?’

  7. “Ah…yes. We will get you authorised again in a moment…when the scouts get back,” suggests Rasputin to Pris.

    Turning to Slinker, “She may be nutty but it appears she is on our team now. Given our situation, we need to grab what resources we can. It’s a risk, but let’s see how this pans out for us.”

  8. Ibben shrugs to Apollo. “All right, go ahead.”

    Before Apollo has a chance to begin, Ibben moves back to the door and waits just inside, turning himself invisible again and carefully NOT touching the panel beside the door.

  9. Slinker shrugs his shoulders.

    ‘Sure thing, boss, but if she shoots you dead I reserve the right to laugh like a drain…’

  10. Rasputin looks at Slinker in startlement for a moment.

    “How does a drain laugh?”

  11. “Humorous reply: Like this…” Olive synthesizes the sound of a drain drinking in a large amount of water, complete with glugs at the end for extra points.

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