19 – Behind the Purple Door


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Vault Doorway

Lead by Yobo, the scouts have completed their initial reconnaissance to the north. The lit corridors are similar to the darkened ones that you have explored thus far, and there is another elevator shaft to the east.

The other party members have remained with the unconscious Pris. Rasputin has figured out how to use the stun pistol, and Gene has developed a plan involving Apollo and Ibben using their mutant powers turn invisible and try out the violet keycard on the doorway that you passed by earlier (to the south).

Two of Everything

The scouting party returns from their reconnaissance. “Thanks, Yobo, for the report!”, said Vasha in a surprisingly joyful tone. “I would not put you at risk unless I know your capable at what you are doing, and you are quite capable, little mite!” Still feeling sore from all the fighting, Aka-Vasha head down to the room holding Pris. As she walks in, she asks how their new companion is fairing. She then finds something to sit on, and give out a sigh.

Back in the room, a plan has formed. With their newly-obtained violet keycard, Ibben and Apollo intend on using their ‘Control Light’ mutation to invisibly scout the room you passed by earlier to the south. Gene will remain at the crossroads with the retainers to ensure the vegepygmies keep their distance.

Rasputin adds: “Once Ibben and Apollo get back I feel we should head towards the other shaft. Based on the observed layout of the vault from the outside, the egress out of the vault for the creatures raiding the nearby lands must be far below.”

In a more thoughtful tone, “This vault must be huge. If what we have seen so far is any indication, there must be hundreds of rooms on this level alone… with at least one more level below. It would make a fine defensible keep if it were cleaned out of its ‘infestation’.” Rasputin gets a strange, far way look on his face for a moment…

As the ‘invisibles’ and Gene prepare to leave, Aka-Vasha disrobes, so she can rub some Juju salves on her injured torso, and then rubs some on her broken wrist. The cool paste soothes her injuries and refreshes her body (Aka-Vasha heals 6 hit points).

Olive leers at Aka-Vasha. “Playful query: You’re very comfortable with your body, aren’t you?” A weird staggering static noise comes from the android as he looks to Aka-Vasha. His approximation of laughter was hard on the ears and sounded like a stuttering waterfall.

The notion of modesty with bare chests is lost on Aka-Vasha, as the women from her village freely go shirtless. So, with Olive’s sudden ear-piercing laughter, and his general eccentric mannerisms, she just pass his comment off as just another random, quirky comment.

Gene is momentarily startled by Aka’s display. “She must have two of everything…” he mutters to no one in particular then leaves to survey the hallways.

More static comes from the android at Gene’s comment. Olive takes of his hat and waves it at Pris’s face, as if it would have the effect of waking her up quicker. He whistles a quiet song to himself while he waits, taking a few moments now and then to look around for danger.

The Purple Door

BP Map #10

BP Map #10

Gene maintains watch at the crossroads along with the retainers. Mace at the ready, Gene sees Apollo and Ibben turn invisible then (presumably) proceed south. If they have any difficulty at the violet door, Gene is ready to support them. He is also wary of the rebooting synthetic, his hand still stings from its attack and he doesn’t trust it one bit.

Each cloaked in invisibility, Apollo and Ibben maintain distance between one another as they walk down the hallway. There is no response from the vegepygmies as you pass south through the crossroads. Approaching the doorway with the violet-rimmed keycard slot, you realize one weakness in your plan – the dim light from the faraway torches is not sufficient for exploration!

Cursing quietly, Apollo becomes visible again and instead uses his mutant power to focus a beam of light on the doorway. It is similar to all the others that you have seen in the vault; in this case, the panel beside it this one has a violet-rimmed slot.

Taking the keycard in hand, Ibben inserts it into the similarly-coloured slot. There is a split-second pause, then the door silently slides open!


Inside is a room quite different to the looted apartments that you have seen so far! There is a short entryway, then within is a dark chamber lined with chairs along the south wall (six in total). Each chair has a helmet-like device attached above. There are also a few buttons and knobs and words in Ancient on each.

On the west wall is a sign with several paragraphs written in Ancient. In an alcove to the east is what you recognize as a computer or data terminal. Near the doorway is a wall panel with a switch. Except for a layer of dust, everything here is clean and undamaged.

Do you proceed further within for a thorough search?

The Synthetic Awakes!

Meanwhile, back in the other room Pris’s eyes flutter open. Lying calmly on the ground, she looks around the room with a confused expression. In a quiet voice, she asks (in Ancient) “Where am I?”

She ignores Olive completely; the question appears directed at Rasputin.

What are your actions?



  1. Ibben steps into the room. “Let the door close behind us, then we can explore this room at our leisure,” he whispers quietly to Apollo.

    (Assuming the above plan is OK with Apollo, and works smoothly, Ibben will begin exploring the room, turning visible and using control lightwaves similar to the way Apollo just did to illuminate the door)

    Ibben eyes the sign on the wall, rueing the fact that he has not yet learned Ancient, and promising to himself that he will have to get someone to teach him.

    He moves across the room to the computer/data terminal, idly examining the odd seats on his way past. Once at the terminal, he studies it closely. (Does it seem to be operational, or dead?)

  2. Gene maintains his watch.

  3. “Wry remark: Well, there’s gratitude for you.” Olive gives a shrug to Rasputin and let’s him take care of the explanation. Besides, the android felt he did quite enough to help her out.

  4. Rasputin replies to ‘Pris’, “Ma’am, you suffered combat damage and have re-initialised your system programming. Am I correct in my understanding that you have lost all memory of prior events?”

    Rasputin cannot fail to see the opportunities inherent in the synthetics memory loss, even if it deprives him of useful information about this installation.

  5. Aka-Vasha relaxes and quietly overhears the conversation – even though she cant understand any of it.

  6. Apollo will check the room out with Ibben, making full use of his light control abilities to try and read the Ancient’s script.

    He mentaly lets out a silent prayer for the one that tutored him in that old, old language.

  7. (Since Apollo is literate in the High Tongue, he’ll have a chance to decipher some of the Ancient words. I’ll roll an Intelligence Check in the next post.)

  8. ((Ibben is literate in High Tongue too, can you roll an INT check for him as well :)?))

  9. Looking to Ras, Olive’s body language simulates an upset human. “Smug comment: Apparently, she has forgotten what has transpired.” The android sighed deeply, putting on a show for those around.

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