18 – Reconnaissance


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BP Map #8

BP Map #8

Through a clever mind game, you’ve managed to convince the synthetic to abort her emergency shutdown and perform a reboot instead. However, it’s been several minutes now and the ‘reboot’ is taking longer than you first expected…

In the meantime, scouts from your party have travelled down the northern corridor and found another lit hallway further north. Several other party members have returned to the ‘crossroads’ to the south to check on the vegepygmie presence to the west. Based on Ibben’s empathic sense, you believe they are there as a prudent precaution for their ‘tribe’ and are not hostile.

Olive remains with the synthetic, who has been pulled to a more comfortable location in the small apartment near where you first found her.


The party regroups for a moment in the room with the ‘rebooting’ synthetic to decide on a course of action. Olive still sits beside her, convinced that she will revive soon. “Notification: I will be staying with her until she is back online.”

You worry that the android may have lost his marbles; the synthetic looks basically dead to you. Olive caresses her hair lovingly. “Playful comment: It seems you have a nickname now… Pris.”

Apollo informs the group of what he learned from the plantmen’s minds and tells them to stay put and report any new developments. He then stays with the main group that is trying to heal ‘Pris’.

Stun Pistol

While you wait for the synthetic to regain consciousness, Rasputin takes the opportunity to further examine the ‘pistol’. (Technology check; it only takes 1 turn since you saw her fire the weapon. The roll is 20%; a success!) He quickly figures out how to operate the ‘safety’ on the weapon and enable the firing mechanism. Congratulations; you have obtained a working stun pistol!

Ibben remains watching the unconscious Pris carefully; he does not fully trust her not to come back to life in full combat mode again. “Although we now have a violet keycard, I do not think we should double back or we may have the plantmen down upon us.”

Ibben points further down the northern corridor. “I think we should continue exploring to the north.”

Aka-Vasha agrees. “Yobo, peer around the corner and sneak carefully down the hall.”, Aka whispers to him. “Slither close to the wall so you you won’t be spotted.”

The diminutive mutant reptile looks suspiciously at Aka, not entirely convinced of his safety.

“I’ll be watch you tail, little mite!” Vasha cheerfully whispers to Yobo, as she lowers her arm so he can slide down from the comfort of her shoulders.

Grumbling, Yobo creeps north towards the lit hallway. With his back against the wall, he cautiously peers to the north, east, and then west. (The referee tosses some dice.) He spends a few moments looking more carefully down the eastern branch, then returns to the party excitedly.

“There’s another shaft to the east, like the one in the first big room we found!” he reports. “It looks different, though. It’s dimly lit and there’s something moving inside – I can’t see what from this distance, and I don’t want to get too close on my own.” Yobo pauses before continuing: “To the north and west is the same as what we’ve seen before; hallways with doors.”

Noting Yobo’s recon info, Gene offers his suggestion. “Now we should send the ‘invisibles’ down to the violet door.” suggests Gene. “It may contain useful relics or information”. Not waiting for an answer from anyone, Gene takes up a watch position at the ‘crossroads’.

Rasputin nods his approval to the plan of sending the synthetic ‘invisibles’ back to try and open the violet keycard door.

“I’m up for it Ibben. At least we will determine if the plant-men have any other acute senses besides sight.”

Apollo lets out a small smile. A rarity!

“I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, right?”

What are your actions?



  1. (I only had enough time tonight for a quick post, and still need to update the map.)

    (Unless you say otherwise, I’ll assume Ibben and Apollo will move south with the violet keycard to check out the previous room.)

    Update: The map has been updated.

  2. “Once Ibben and Apollo get back I feel we should head towards the other shaft. Based on the observed layout of the vault from the outside, the egress out of the vault for the creatures raiding the nearby lands must be far below,” suggests Rasputin.

    In a more thoughtful tone, “This vault must be huge. If what we have seen so far is any indication, there must be hundreds of rooms on this level alone… with at least one more level below. It would make a fine defensible keep if it were cleaned out of its ‘infestation’.”

    Rasputin gets a strange, far way look on his face for a moment.

  3. Gene maintains his watch, mace at the ready.

    If Apollo and Ibben have any difficulty at the violet door he will move to support them. He is also wary of the rebooting synthetic, his hand still stings from its attack and he doesnt trust it one bit.

  4. The referee has assumed Apollo’s actions correctly. He will, of course turn, invisible on his way to the door.

  5. Olive takes of his hat and waves it at Pris’s face, as if it would have the effect of waking her up quicker. He whistles a quiet song to himself while he waits, taking a few moments now and then to look around for danger.

  6. “Thanks, Yobo, for the report!”, said Vasha in a surprisingly joyful tone. “I would not put you at risk unless I know your capable at what you are doing, and you are quite capable, little mite!”

    Still feeling sore from all the fighting, Aka-Vasha head down to the room holing Pris. As she walks in, she asked how their new companion is fairing. She then finds something to sit on, and give out a sigh. She then disrobes, so she can rub some Juju salves on her injured torso, and then rubs some on her broken wrist. (1 dose used)

  7. “Playful query: You’re very comfortable with your body, aren’t you?” A weird staggering static noise comes from the android as he looks to Aka-Vasha. His approximation of laughter was hard on the ears and sounded like a stuttering waterfall.

  8. The notion of modesty with bare chests is lost on Aka-Vasha, as the women from her village freely go shirtless. So, with Olive’s sudden ear-piercing laughter, and his general eccentric mannerisms, she just pass his comment off as just another random, quirky comment.

  9. As gene surveys the four hallways he’s momentarily startled by Aka’s display. “She must have two of everything…” he mutters to noone in particular as he continues to survey the hallways.

  10. More static comes from the android at Gene’s comment.

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