15 – Synthetic Subdual


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Subdued Synthetic

Your barrage on the synthetic continues. She has dropped her pistol and switched to a metal rod, which she has used to great effect against Gene and Aka-Vasha. Olive defends her – repulsion field active – with Aka-Vasha, Rasputin, Apollo, and Gene also in melee. Yobo, Ibben, and the Slinker remain about twenty feet away. The synthetic doesn’t speak, but occasionally shrieks in electronic tones and static.

Initiative for round 3: Ibben (on 6); Slinker, Yobo, and Olive (on 4); Aka-Vasha, Apollo, and the synthetic (on 3); then Rasputin and Gene (on 2). The retainers stand ready, awaiting orders.

Round 3

Ibben shakes his jowls at the needless injuries caused by the attempt to capture the synthetic, thinking that she is insane and cannot be communicated with even if she is captured. Nevertheless, he continues to keep watch on the surrounding corridors, which his echolocation indicate are still clear – though he does hear the howling of the vegepygmie plant-dogs in the distance to the west.

Slinker remains ready with his crossbow aimed and a spaced-out look in his eyes, strangely silent during the battle.

Hiding behind the Slinker, Yobo yells: “The thing is talking! Very high pitch and very rapid. I can’t understand it. Are you hearing this Olive?” Yobo yells above the fray. More quietly “hopefully it’s saying “I give up” and not “you will all be assimilated!”

Very carefully, Olive takes a step or two closer to the android. He’s moving to protect her and to make sure that she doesn’t escape.

When Yobo makes his announcement, Olive responds loudly in his pleasant tone. “Snide remark: It would be much easier to understand her if everyone could stop the testosterone-filled hate fest and quit yelling for a moment.” The android attempts to access his memory and play back what the female android said, dropping his repulsion field and manipulating the speed and pitch to approximate what he thinks her voice may sound like.

In a female voice, speaking in Ancient, Olive says “There is still extreme danger!” followed by static, then “Must not continue!”, followed by an electronic squeal, then drops down on top of her attempting to block any attack directed at her.

(Olive makes an opposed DEX check, rolling a 16.) The synthetic resists, but does not anticipate the android’s superhuman quickness as he falls atop her. Though not actively grappling her, Olive does block her from further assaults.

Annoyed by her failed attack, Aka-Vasha tries to pounce on the synthetic like a springing tigress. (I’m assuming she’s trying to subdue the synthetic, not injure her. Opposed DEX check, roll is 15.) Dodging the synthetic’s metal bar, Aka-Vasha gets her in an armlock, preventing further assaults from the minx!

Assisting his allies, Apollo tries to disarm the synthetic completely by tossing the metal bar aside (Opposed DEX check, roll is 9), but Aka-Vasha’s grapple interferes with his attempt.

The synthetic screeches furiously and attempts to twist free (Opposed DEX check, roll is 3), but is unable to! She emits a burst of static, then shouts in Ancient: “I hate you all!” (Only Olive and Rasputin can understand the words.)

Reasoning that the pistol must be set up correctly for firing, Rasputin tries to emulate the synthetic in regards to how he holds the pistol and the the correct way to activate it. He will hold his fire however unless one of his companions seem truly in danger.

Rasputin feels that we may yet be able to subdue the synthetic without risking an untried artifact.

Gene draws his pistol and levels it at the subdued synthetic’s head. “Surrender, we have you outnumbered”. His thumb draws back the hammer and readies the pistol for firing.

Gene will hold his fire in anticipation of the synthetic’s surrender. If she breaks free he will fire. If she surrenders he will continue to aim his weapon at her for the time being.

Seeing no hope for escape, the synthetic emits a low rumble then stops resisting. Aka-Vasha adjusts her armlock to a better position and Apollo knocks the metal rod aside. The synthetic sulks and begins crying. With a pout mutters “I hate you all!” again in Ancient.

What are your actions?



  1. “What is it…I mean, she, saying Olive?” – the Judge inquires.

  2. Ibben focuses most of his attention to the west. “Sounds like something is going on with the plant-men,” he says, “Say alert.”

  3. “We’ve no use for prisoners” Gene says coldy.
    “If you can understand me, then prove your worth or we will destroy you.”

  4. Olive looks to Gene as he begins to cradle the synthetic. “Indirect Threat: If you insist on continuing to be rude to our guest, I will take it as a personal insult.” He holds the stranger in a comforting way, whirring through static white noise to her. Looking back to the group, he gives some information regarding what the synth is saying. “Warning: We should not progress further. She warns of an infection that may be loose ahead. Let me see what I can find out. She is… visibly upset about it…” Olive offers to help the synth up, if she’s ready, and stands guard over her still.

  5. Aka-Vasha tries her best to maintain her hold on the andoid.

    “Don’t know how long I can hold her!”, cried Aka.

    “If you want her subdued, then you guys better hurry up! I cant hold her all day!”, said Vasha.

  6. “Clarification: She is as subued as she needs to be. Please let go.” Olive’s eye flickers with some unknown android emotion.

  7. “Confounded machinery!” Gene begins to curse in Gutterspeak under his breath.

  8. “Infection!?” – Apollo explodes “Damn fine! That’s all we need…We where sent here to estimate a military threat. If there is a plague here the Affiliation is in a world of trouble.”

  9. “Assuring Comment: The word infection could mean a multitude of possibilities. It may not be as bad as anticipated.” Olive looks to the synth and makes more white noise.

  10. “What!”, Aka hissed at Olive. “Are the rigging that makes up your machine brain loose?”

    “Are you going to sputter gears all day?”, said Vasha. “Quickly, bind her hands and feet! She is not going to give up peacefully!”

  11. Rasputin catches Aka-Vasha’s eye. “Calm down, we need information and this synthetic is our best source.”

    Looking to the synthetic, Rasputin asks, “Ma’am, we are here to help. Tell us more about this infection. Do you mean infection as in disease or as in unwanted creatures?”

    Rasputin theorises that the ‘infection’ mentioned might be ourselves or the plant creatures, not actual disease.

  12. Olive slams his mace into the ground, making a loud thud that rang off the nearby walls. “Warning: I will not allow her to be bound. She has given up her fight. Leave her be.” He holds the mace in his hands as it drapes over the synth, ready to defend her if needed.

    The android was feeling something stirring in his mind. These humanoid cared nothing for the synthetic. They saw her as a machine or a tool, not as an entity. No wonder she was angry at them. Olive simultaneously felt sorry for them and wanted to give them a piece of his mind. There was no time for that now though.

    He simply defended his fellow construct and waited for her to speak.

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