14 – Feisty Foe


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BP Map #6

BP Map #6

You are in combat with the berzerk female synthetic. Olive is trying to defend her from further attack, though a number of PCs have still been able to engage in combat. Gene, Aka-Vasha, and Apollo are all in melee range. Rasputin is about ten feet distant, while Yobo is back with the Slinker and Ibben about twenty feet away.

Initiative for round 2: Gene and the synthetic (on 7); Yobo and Ibben (on 6); Olive, Rasputin, and Slinker (on 5); Apollo (on 4); and Aka-Vasha (on 3). Your retainers remain at the rear of the party and will not act again this round.

Round 2

The synthetic has been knocked to the floor and bleeds milky-white goo from several wounds. She has dropped her pistol and now wields a long metal bar. She twitches bizarrely for an instant, then with a determined look she uses the bar to defend herself against further blows…

Gene moves up and tries to restrain the synthetic. (Opposed DEX check to grasp her; roll is 7.) His clumsy attempt draws a swing from the metal bar (free attack roll is 5), and she manages to fend him off (but does not strike).

With a cold look in her deranged eyes, the synthetic twirls the rod with inhuman speed and continues to harass Gene. (Two attacks; rolls are 18 and 5. One hit for 5 damage.) She rises to her feet and cuffs him once with the tip of her weapon, forcing Gene back a step!

From his cover away from the melee, Yobo snarls to the others: “I don’t know who’s more dangerous- her (pointing at the synthetic) or you guys!!!” He slinks over towards the rear of the party and waits to see what happens next. He has a bad feeling about keeping the synth around and says so “For all we know she’s the gorram compound executioner!”

Thinking that one more body in the fray would be more likely to hamper efforts rather than aid them, Ibben continues to keep watch on the surrounding corridors, hand on his pistol. The ‘pings’ of his echolocation confirm no approaching movement.

Seeing everyone act so emotionally doesn’t make much sense to Olive, but his emotions were fully synthesized, so panic and passion have always been difficult to him to understand. The android’s voice booms, in cheerful tones, as his volume output reaches its maximum. “Exclamation: Everyone, please halt so we can figure this out.” As Olive steps back, putting the synth between him and the nearest wall, still defending her, his form seems to vibrate. “Repulsion field initiated.” (Defends against 3d6 damage this round; protects Olive only.)

The green android moves into a position like a mime pretending to be up against a wall, standing sideways between the group and the stranger. Looking over his shoulder, he speaks to his synthetic sister. “Introduction: Hello, my name is Bobby Olive and I am attempting to save your life. What is your name?” As an afterthought, Olive speaks again. “Warning: I would not make any attempt to attack to me or through me. I am very capable of defending myself.” It was intended more for the synth, but he wanted his fellow team members to exercise caution as well.

With the force field active, her escape routes are now restricted. The synthetic snarls and shouts more electronic noise in response to Olive’s introduction. She certainly doesn’t appear to be getting any friendlier…

Stun Pistol

Seeing that the pistol has fallen to the ground, Rasputin makes a grab for it, using his sword to defend himself from the synthetic. Inspecting it quickly, he is surprised by its complexity. It’s obviously a pistol of some sort, but has more knobs and buttons than seems necessary. He’ll need to spend some time figuring it out before firing it safely. (Alternately, he can try to ‘fire blind’ next round, with a high risk of a dangerous misfire!)

The Slinker readies his crossbow, prepared to fire if the synthetic breaks free and runs down the hall towards him.

Apollo shouts: “Keep her pinned, Olive! I’ll take care of that bar.” The mutant judge sees the wisdom in Olive and Rasputin’s tactics and refrains from hurting the female android any more. He strikes at the metal bar she is holding hoping to disarm her (rolling a 4 +1 = 5), but misses completely.

In the mad-panic of the foray, Aka-Vasha grapples with the android’s arm to free her of her weapon. (Natural 1! Synthetic gets a free attack; roll is 14 – hit for 6 damage!) Grabbing at the metal bar, Aka-Vasha instead nearly has her wrist broken as the synthetic crushes it against the wall!

Your feisty foe continues to defend herself, though she is now surrounded and pinned against the wall by Olive’s force field.

What are your actions?



  1. (I was hoping to get a couple rounds of combat in tonight, but ran out of time. I also want to upload a picture of the pistol…)

    (Still, there’s enough here for a post.)

    Update: Stun pistol image now uploaded.

  2. Reasoning that the pistol must be set up correctly for firing, Rasputin trys to emulate the synthetic in regards to how he holds the pistol and the the correct way to activate it.

    He will hold his fire however unless one of his companions seem truly in danger.

    Rasputin feels that we may yet be able to subdue the synthetic without risking an untried artifact.

  3. Gene draws his pistol and levels it at the Androids head. “Surrender, we have you outnumbered”.
    His thumb draws back the hammer and readies the pistol for firing.

    Gene will hold his fire in anticipation of the Androids surrender. If she breaks free of the force field he will fire. If she surrenders he will continue to aim his weapon at her for the time being.

  4. Annoyed by her failed attack, Aka-Vasha pounces on the Android like a springing tigress.

  5. Ibben shakes his jowls at the needless injuries caused by the attempt to capture the synthetic, thinking that she is insane and cannot be communicated with even if she is captured.

    Nevertheless, he continues to keep watch on the surrounding corridors.

  6. “The thing is talking! Very high pitch and very rapid. I can’t understand it. Are you hearing this Olive?” Yobo yells above the fray. More quietly “hopefully it’s saying “I give up” and not “you will all be assimilated”

  7. Very carefully, Olive takes a step or two closer to the android. He’s moving to protect her and to make sure that she doesn’t escape.

    When Yobo makes his announcement, Olive responds loudly in his pleasant tone. “Snide remark: It would be much easier to understand her if everyone could stop the testosterone-filled hate fest and quit yelling for a moment.” The android attempts to access his memory and play back what the female android said, manipulating the speed and pitch to approximate what he thinks her voice may sound like.

  8. (Olive will have to drop his repulsion field to concentrate on manipulating the synthetic’s transmissions for playback to the group.)

    (Also, you’ll note I’ve added an image of the stun pistol, above.)

  9. Olive drops his field and does playback the transmissions, but emits a high squeal, then drops down on top of her. He will take any attack directed at her.

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