12 – Android Attack!


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BP Map #6

BP Map #6

The vegepygmies have continued their slow withdrawal down the eastern corridor, and – after stripping the repair ‘bot for parts – your group moves forward, exploring the halls. While most of the doors are closed to you, inside one with an open doorway you spot a pair of skeletons, perhaps centuries old. Next, you find a door labelled with the words ‘Police Headquarters’ in Ancient.

Yobo scouts further ahead and reaches a crossroads. To the west, the corridor widens to a room heaped with debris. The vegepygmies are there, heading further west. To the north, there is a humanoid figure lying on the floor about thirty feet distant. And to the east, Yobo sees illumination about sixty feet down the hallway.

At the Crossroads

Confronted with several options, you pause for a moment to consider the best course of action.

Rasputin feels that the Police Headquarters can be left for future exploration: “Since the doors can obviously be forced – but only with significant effort if you consider how few have been forced – at some later point, if we cannot find another way to open it, we could attempt to force the door to the ‘Police Headquarters’. There could be useful equipment inside.”

You move forward as a group, with the front rank at the crossroads.

“We should not head west, unless we wish to raise the ire of the plantmen.” Ibben says. (By this point, the vegepygmies have retreated out of sight to the west.)

“Some other residents of this place may, or may not, inhabit the lit area to the east.” he continues.

“Let us first investigate the body to the north. Carefully.”

Rasputin concurs: “For now, let us check out the android, then decide which way to go. I believe we would be best served keeping away from lit areas until we know more.”

Realizing that his powers may once again be of use, Ibben offers to use his neural telepathy to see if the fallen creature is conscious. His echolocation power will also allow him to sound out his surroundings (as shown on the revised map)

The portly mutant moves forward and approaches the fallen figure. As he nears, he sees that it is a female humanoid wearing some kind of jumpsuit. He extends his mind towards her, reaching with tendrils of thought.

(The referee rolls some dice.)

He connects, and his mind is filled with seething noise – like electronic feedback. As he cuts contact, Ibben realizes that the fallen form is an android! Her mind is broken; Ibben’s not even sure if she’s conscious.

Throughout Ibben’s mental contact, the android remains motionless upon the floor. Ibben withdraws and rejoins his companions.

When Ibben tells the group that the fallen figure is an android, Aka-Vasha asks about it as she has never seen such thing. Rasputin explains that the woman is an artificial being, like Olive, but was made to look like a living person. “This one must be an advanced android, also known as a ‘synthetic’.” he says.

“So, if I was to cut her,” said Vasha. “Would she bleed…”

“…or would she leak!” continued Aka with a cruel smirk.

Ignoring Aka-Vasha’s retort, Rasputin considers the group’s next move. “Olive, is there any chance that you can repair the damaged android? We still need more information about this vault.”

Olive considers Rasputin’s request for a moment and considers his supplies of spare android parts for repair. In his cheerful voice, he agrees that it may be possible – though difficult – to repair the android, depending on her damage. (See the ‘Repairing Technology’ rules on p. 43 of Mutant Future. With their Pure Human knack for Ancient technology, Rasputin and Gene would also be able to assist.)

Gene is quick to offer his help in repairing the robot, and Yobo casually crawls behind him in case the android goes insane when woken from it’s electronic slumber.

“Don’t worry Yobo” Gene chuckles. “I don’t think this robot was made for fighting.”

Olive walks towards the android, Gene at his side with Yobo behind. As he nears her, Olive makes one of his typical odd comments: “Observational comment: You’re a pretty lass, aren’t you? Assuring comment: We’ll have you back to the land of the living in no time, my dear.”

(Meanwhile, the referee snickers and tosses some dice.)

Android Attack!

Unfortunately, this touching moment of android affection ends as the female figure sits up suddenly, and with some kind of pistol in hand (previously concealed beneath her) fires a ray of energy at Olive!

(Surprise round; berzerk android gets a free attack. The referee rolls the attack die in the open for all to see. It’s a 13, and he announces a hit! Next, he requests a Save vs. Stun from Olive; the roll is a 2; fail! It’s not a sensory assault or mental attack, so Olive doesn’t get immunity or a reroll.)

Berzerk Android

A searing wave of blue strikes Olive as he stretches his hand imploringly towards the synthetic female! Olive immediately falls to the ground, twitching. “Warning: Power overload! Initiating emergency reboot.” he says in a tone strangely different than his usual ‘game show announcer’ voice.

The defective synthetic, now crouching in a defensive position on the hallway floor, opens her mouth and emits a noise like electronic feedback (it sounds the same as what Ibben detected telepathically). You see evidence of previous damage upon her form, perhaps from energy weapons. Gene and Yobo (plus stunned Olive) are about ten feet from her, while the rest of the party are behind in their standard marching order.

What are your actions?



  1. (Yeah, that was a pretty cheap surprise shot against Olive. Don’t forget about your Karma Points; amongst other uses, you can spend one to reroll a failed save.)

  2. Snapping to his senses, Gene rushes forward and sidesteps the android as he delivers a strike to its midsection. Hopefully he won’t catch a bullet in his back for his trouble. By moving beside the android he hopes to distract its attention from the others and give them opportunity to attack it.

  3. If there is a clear line of fire Rasputin shoots his firearm.

    Otherwise (or afterwards) he will move forward and drag Olive from the fray before the female android hurts him further.

  4. “Now I will finally see if you will bleed or leak!”, cried Aka-Vasha as she charges the android with an arcing blade.

  5. “Damnation!” – cries the judge.

    Apollo will draw his sword and leap into action, trying to take down the female synthetic as fast as possible.

  6. Ibben involuntarily takes a step back as the Android leaps to life. “She is insane!”, he says redundantly.

    He draws his pistol from his robes and, eyeing the android carefully, he will fire a single shot at her. (providing he can get a clear shot without hitting his allies, otherwise he will keep watch)

  7. “This robot wasn’t made for fighting- my hindquarters!” Yobo yips at Gene. Wary of getting blasted in the hail of gunfire, Yobo stays down on all fours and scurries back towards the main body of the party.

  8. (K, let’s try a karma reroll so I get back online quickly.)

    “Rerouting neural pathways…” Olive is completely stunned, but his eye flickers between red and a deep purple color.

    (If I get back in the mix, I’m going to try and save the synth. Probably will have to disarm her. She may just be shocked or scared.)

  9. (And yes, if required, I’ll jump in the way of any attack directed at the synth.)

  10. (Olive’s reroll is 12, a success. He’s right back in the action.)

    (I’ll roll for individual initiative in this combat; your actions will occur in the order rolled.)

  11. When Rasputin sees Olive protecting the android, he breaks off his attack. He realises Olive is correct.

    The android has already been attacked and is most likely in some sort of ‘defensive mode’.

    As soon as he realises this, Rasputin calls out to “Hold your fire. Try to disarm and subdue the android.”

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