11 – Crossroads


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Repair Robot

Ibben has successfully negotiated safe passage around the vegepygmie territory, and has been instructed to take the eastern corridor to bypass the plant-men. The large vegepygmie that Ibben was in telepathic communication with issues an order to his companions, and the group of plantmen that was approaching you from the east begins to withdraw.

Not wishing to press your luck, the group immediately departs down the eastern corridor. You stop for a moment to more carefully inspect the remains of the small robot lying in the hall and to explore the open room at the end of that hallway.

Dead ‘Bots and Empty Rooms

The party pauses for a moment at the remains of the small robot. “Let us strip the robot of the tools and anything else of use,” suggests Rasputin, “then make a brief search of the southmost room, then head along the north passage. This way we will get out of the plant creatures territory and can continue our investigations.”

Seeing the slow withdrawal of the vegepygmies northward, Ibben notes the plant-men carefully. “We are still being watched”, he says, “let us hope these creatures keep their word.”

You retrieve the small hand tools and, using them, pry open the robot’s chest plate to scavenge its remains.

(The referee tosses some dice.)

Inside are two gem bearings, which you recover – they are likely to fetch a fair price in Affiliation marketplaces. Rasputin pockets the gems, while the hand tools are given to a retainer for carrying.

Olive is happy to assist with the dismantling of the robot. He retrieves enough spare parts to permit one more set of repairs upon himself, if needed. After helping scavenge the unit, the android tips his hat to the robot as he walks away. “Odd comment: Thanks for the stuff, Dad!” He skips away, starting to ‘whistle’ again.

Your brief search of the southern room turns up nothing further of interest. The door shows signs of being forced open, and the room itself seems to have been stripped bare of valuables.

Ibben keeps a careful eye on the northern corridor as the South room is being searched. “It is a pity we have not yet discovered a key to these doors. It seems the open rooms have already been looted.”

Knowing full well that the rooms are way to disheveled to yield anything of any real value, Aka-Vasha continues up the corridor, and while sliding against the wall, she takes a peeks around the corner to see what’s up ahead.

A quick check of the open room to the northwest confirms that it’s similar to the last one you checked, and that all the other doors appear to be locked (there are black keycard slots in the panels beside each).

Peeking around the corner where the passageway turns east, Vasha sees the plantmen continue their slow withdrawal. The corridor continues east for a ways then turns north; the vegepygmies move away and turn down the northern passage.

Gene follows the group cautiously, wary of ambush from the side doors. As he passes each open doors he puzzles over the state of the rooms beyond trying to discern the nature of their missing occupants or clues to their fates.

Gene takes a closer look into the open room to the west. Again, the door has been forced open. And again, it is filled with little more than jumbled furniture, rotted rags, and smashed lights. In this room, however, there are two dusty humanoid skeletons. Both look to have been here a very long time; most likely centuries.

As the group moves forward, Bobby takes his place in line and silences. He trades his sling in favor of the mace again, confident he can rush ahead and offer apologies to potential attackers.

Yobo keeps his eyes open for possible openings/passages that he may be able to explore that the others can’t and aren’t looking for- rat holes, ventilation ducts, access to a crawl space in the ceiling, etc.

Yobo hasn’t seen anything resembling a duct or hole yet. The corridors are constructed of sturdy metal, and ventilation seems to be provided via small slits in the ceiling.


BP Map #6

BP Map #6

Thirty feet down the eastern corridor is another doorway. It is different than the others that you have encountered so far – it’s emblazoned with bold orange lettering in Ancient! In addition, you note that it has an orange-coloured slot in the panel beside it.

Rasputin, knowledgeable in Ancient, translates the words upon the door. “Police Headquarters, it says.” He turns to Apollo. “Your ancestors, perhaps, Judge Irons?”

Leaving the police area behind for a moment, your first rank of scouts continue forward to determine what lies ahead. The passageway turns north, then there is a four-way intersection about fifty feet further. There is a doorway here with a black-rimmed slot, and another with a violet-rimmed slot.

Yobo scurries forward alone to investigate the crossroads, hoping to take advantage of his nightvision in these darkened halls. To the west, the corridor widens to a room heaped with debris. In the room, he spots the vegepygmies heading further west; presumably back to their own territory. To the north, there is a figure lying on the floor about thirty feet distant – a humanoid, it appears! And to the east, Yobo sees illumination! About sixty feet to the west the ceiling light panels, inactive in the areas you’ve seen so far, are operational.

Yobo scurries back to his companions, still waiting at the ‘Police Headquarters’, and reports what he has seen.

What are your actions?



  1. “We should not head west, unless we wish to raise the ire of the plantmen.”, Ibben says.

    “Some other residents of this place may, or may not, inhabit the lit area to the east.”

    “Let us first investigate the body to the north. Carefully.” (Ibben will use his neural telepathy when he gets within range of the body, to see if it is alive/conscious. He will also use his echolocation when he gets to the intersection to keep watch on each corridor.)

  2. Ibben moves forward and approaches the fallen figure. As he nears, he sees that it is a female humanoid wearing some kind of jumpsuit. He extends his mind towards her, using his neural telepathy.

    (Th referee rolls some dice.)

    He connects, and his mind is filled with seething noise – like electronic feedback. As he cuts contact, Ibben realizes that the fallen form is an android! Her mind is broken; Ibben’s not even sure if she’s conscious.

    She remains motionless upon the floor. Ibben withdraws and rejoins his companions.

  3. Once he receives the report of the scouts, Rasputin considers our next move.

    “Olive, is there any chance that you can repair the damaged android? We still need more information about this vault.”

    “Since the doors can obviously be forced, but with significant effort if you consider how few have been forced, at some later point, if we cannot find another way to open it, we could attempt to force the door to the ‘Police Headquarters’. There could be useful equipment inside.”

    “For now, let us check out the android, then decide which way to go. I believe we would be best served keeping away from lit areas until we know more.”

  4. (The referee snickers and tosses some dice.)

    (By the way; Olive can probably attempt a ‘Repair Technology’ check, with a difficulty modifier depending on what’s wrong with the android…)

  5. Yobo casually crawls behind some of the larger party members in case the Android goes insane when woken from it’s electronic slumber. :)

  6. “Don’t worry Yobo” Gene chuckles. “I don’t think this robot was made for fighting.”

    Gene sees if he can help Olive repair the robot in any way.

  7. Olive walks over, bends down and checks the android. “Observational comment: You’re a pretty lass, aren’t you?” He runs his hands over its head in a soft, caressing movement. Olive begins the process of trying to figure out what is wrong with the android, while asking for his tools at the same time from a retainer. “Assuring comment: We’ll have you back to the land of the living in no time, my dear.”

  8. When Ibben told the group that the fallen figure is an android, Aka-Vasha asked about it as she has never seen such thing.

    Someone explained that the woman is an artificial being, like Olive, but was made to look like a living person.

    “So, if I was to cut her,” said Vasha. “Would she blood…”

    “…or would she leak!” continued Aka with a cruel smirk.

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