06 – Gasping for Air


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Willingham Lurker

The party has been exploring the large room with an elevator shaft in the middle. Three corridors lined with doors extend to the east, north, and west. Nothing notable can be seen in the north corridor. Down the east corridor, Slinker has found the remains of a battered and broken robot. Aka-Vasha was examining the west corridor, checking out a pile of rags and small bones on the floor, when she was enveloped by a camouflaged creature lurking on the ceiling. She may be in danger of suffocating if not freed.

The party was caught by surprise when the lurker attacked (surprise round is over). They are scattered in various spots around the area. The referee rolls initiative for the party (a 6!) and for the lurker (another 6!). Adjusting for individual initiative, the PCs will act first (on 7), followed by the lurker and your retainers (on 6).

Round 1

BP Map #2

BP Map #2

The enveloping lurker twists around Aka-Vasha, it’s muscular body constricting her tightly, and the pair fall to the floor. Her cutlass clatters to the ground and you can hear her muffled shouts as she strains to get the creature off her!

Aka-Vasha struggles helplessly in her confinement. Without her sword, she reaches down to her hip and pulls out a dagger to stab desperately at it’s leathery hide. (Attack roll is 12; hit for 1 +3 = 4 damage.) She manages to to pierce the creature’s thick hide, but it’s barely a scratch on the lurker!

Gene shouts “Andre, help her! Quickly!” As soon as he gains his wits he also moves towards the struggle. (Hopefully Andre can use his enormous strength to pry her loose from the monsters clutches.)

Gene runs to Aka-Vasha (full-round action) while Andre turns and lumbers into battle (he will act on his initiative count).

Hearing Gene’s warning Apollo draws both his pistols and move into line-of-sight of Aka-Vasha and her attacker. He will let loose with both barrels if he feels he might get the creature without harming the female…

(Apollo holds his action until he can get a clear shot. You’ll have to get the lurker off Aka-Vasha first, though. Also; I’m ruling that since he’s firing both guns, Apollo can make two attack rolls and take the best result – he doesn’t get two separate attacks. Same would go for a character wielding two weapons.)

Yobo yearns to help Aka-Vasha but fears getting blasted by the other’s fire. He scans the ceiling to see if there are any other Lurkers. The lurker was camouflaged near-perfectly as a ceiling panel. Yobo doesn’t see any other areas that appear unusual at all – he believes that there was only one of the creatures.

“Combat mode initiated…” With a flash of his red eye, Olive rushes forward with incredible speed, but doesn’t bring up his weapon to strike. Instead, he leaps towards the creature and pushes his lit candle from his other hand into the monster’s eye and uses his other hand in an attempt to pull the thing off of his companion.

(Olive’s attack rolls are 6 +1 = 7 with the candle and 4 +1 = 5 for the grab.) Running to the battle, Olive snuffs out the candle on the lurker’s thick hide, missing the creature’s eye (and inflicting no damage). He doesn’t manage to get a good grip on the creature (but can try next round)

“Apology: Sorry, I almost dropped my light source into your eye. Query: Are you in need of medical assistance?” It was an odd scene seeing that android apologizing for something that seemed intentional, but in the stress of the moment, it would likely be overlooked.

Meanwhile, down the eastern hallway, the Slinker investigates the robot remains. “Hey lookit this – it’s Olive’s cousin Ned! – Uh? What’s the yelling about?”

Slinker suddenly feels, er, naked, and runs back with inhuman quickness to the others to see what the commotion is about. Seeing the mayhem ensuing he digs around in his discarded kit for a knife to cut through the ‘orrible thing and give Aka Vasha some air. He remembers that he packed no knife, but does grab his axe (I’m being strict about the possessions listed on your character sheets).

Rasputin moves closer, drawing his sword. “Careful with firearm. They may penetrate straight through the creature into Aka-Vasha,” he shouts. He deftly leaps over the pair on the floor and attempts to cut Aka-Vasha free. (Attack roll is 3; miss.) Instead, he misses sparks fly as he brings his sword down on the metal floor.

Rasputin motions Rogaine forward as he runs. The heavily-encumbered Near-Human drops his pack and moves forward. Rasputin figures if the party doesn’t manage to pry the beast of Aka-Vasha, or cause it to release her through damage, Rogaine may be able to control it with his mutant power (Parasitic Control).

Apollo, guns raised, doesn’t bother to look at Rasputin as he responds: “No worries…” He will take aim but won’t shoot unless the cloak-thing is pulled off Aka-Vasha and he gets a straight line of fire… When that happens he’ll pull both triggers.

Ibben draws his pistol, but seeing his allies rush to Aka-Vasha’s aid he instead remains invisible and keeps watch for any additional intruders.

The lurker’s continued constriction crushes Aka-Vasha (5 points of damage), and forces the remaining air from her lungs! (Referee rolls the dice; she will fall unconscious at the end of the next round unless freed!)

(Attack roll for Andre is 14; a hit!) Grabbing the lurker in his enormous hands, Andre the Goliath attempts to rip it off its target. (Opposed Ability check; Andre’s roll is 14, success!) With a mighty groan, he pulls the creature off Aka-Vasha (who then gasps desparately for air)!

Seeing a relatively clear shot now, Apollo’s twin irons roar as he fires! (Apollo rolls twice, taking the best result: 10 +2 = 12 and a natural 20. A hit for 7 damage!) With smoke and deafening bangs, Apollo hits the lurker! The noise echoes down the metal halls; from somewhere in the distance you hear a bellow in response.

Seeing Aka-Vasha freed, Rogaine stays several paces back, weapon in hand. Meanwhile, Reesus and Xanax stand alert with their weapons, making sure no other foes approach.

Round 2

(The referee rolls initiative for the next round. Party gets a 1, lurker rolls 6, so initiative order is lurker, then PCs, then retainers. Aka-Vasha, Gene, Olive, Rasputin, and Andre surround the lurker, with Rogaine a few paces back. The other party members are now all within 1 round’s movement of the combat.)

Twisting in Andre’s hands, the lurker turns and tries to envelop him! (Attack roll is a natural 1!) The Goliath simply grins, however, as he keeps the creature thrashing in his powerful grasp.

Taking her fallen cutlass in her free hand, Aka-Vasha slashes at her former tormentor (roll is 2 +1 = 3), but is still gasping for air and misses badly.

At the same time, Gene thumps at the lurker with his mace (roll is a natural 20, damage is 6 +2 = 8) and thumps the creature soundly! The lurker begins making an eerie squealing noise at it squirms.

Muttering more non-sensical apologies, Olive does an odd trip which incidentally brings his mace repeatedly on an interception arc with the lurker. (Attack rolls are 3 +3 = 6 and 5 +3 = 8.) Both attacks miss; perhaps it’s his unusual fighting style.

Rasputin takes a more pragmatic approach and simply tries to stab the lurker (roll is 17; hit for 3 damage), and does manage to graze his foe.

Turning the tables on his opponent, Andre attempts to constrict it in a bear hug (roll is 2.), but the panicked monster evades him.

Seeing no room to enter the melee, the Slinker (axe in hand) instead dashes into the western hallway behind Rasputin and keeps his eyes open for any other foes. Apollo reloads one of his pistols, while Ibben, Reese, and Xanax remain at alert (but detect no additional foes). Yobo scurries about, concerned about the battle noise the bellowing response echoing from somewhere in the distance.

The lurker is unusually tough and you don’t appear to have injured it severely yet. The four PCs in melee still surround Andre and the lurker; you have it pinned in place for now. It squeals like some demented pig as it tries to slip from the Goliath’s hands.

What are your actions?



  1. Gene continues bashing the creature with his mace!

  2. Taking a deep breath to settle her gasping, she have another go at the creature.

  3. Olive, figuring the others have a handle on the creature, goes over to Aka-Vasha. “Query: Are you able to walk? Do you need medical assistance?” He helps steady his fellow team member. If unneeded, the android will rush forward again, saying apology after apology to the lurker.

  4. Apollo will reload his other gun.

  5. Aka-Vasha shrugs off the android, being to focused on tying to kill the loathsome creature. She staggers to her feet, and both heads spins. (it continues on to what I last said)

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