Two New Races for Mutant Future


(Here are two optional races for Mutant Future, based on some of my previous post-apocalyptic campaigns. They don’t fit into the current campaign, but this site gets a fair amount of traffic so I figured I would post them here.)

The post-Fall world is inhabited a wide range of humanoid species. While many strains are decidedly inhuman, Near-Humans are more-or-less normal (though they still possess a small number of mutations). Stock Humans descend from the survivors of the Fall who lacked the genetic advantages of Pure Humans.


Near-humans (sometimes called half-mutants) are one step removed from their human forbears. Unlike mutants, most near-humans can probably still pass as a ‘normal’, unless their mutations dramatically alter their appearance. Near-humans actually outnumber ‘normal’ humans and are the most common single race in the Affiliation.

Near-humans may possess additional trivial mutations with inconsequential game effects (a vestigal tail or forked tongue, for example). Such abnormalities are not immediately obvious and considered unremarkable in this post-apocalyptic setting.

(Note that in a campaign using Near-Humans as a race, I would rule that Mutant Humans would always be easily recognizable as such from their appearance – even those with no ‘obvious’ physical mutations – and could not pass as ‘normal’ without some sort of disguise.)

Game Rule Information:

Hit Dice: 1d6 per point of CON.

Mutations: 1d4 physical or 1d4 mental. Near-Humans possess a few mutations; the player may choose to start with either physical or mental mutations (not both).

Radiation Susceptibility: Like mutants (and unlike Pure Humans), Near-Humans can and do mutate as a result of radiation exposure. Radiation-induced mutations may be of a different type (physical or mental) than the character’s original mutations.

Reaction Adjustments: Most Near-Humans are treated as Pure Humans by the rest of society. Those with disfiguring physical mutations are treated as Mutant Humans instead.

Stock Humans

The post-Fall descendents of normal humans, Stock Humans are much like the people of the modern Western world. Lacking mutations, they are treated as Pure Humans by most. In terms of population, Stock Humans are much more common than Pure Humans.

(In general, Stock Humans are intended as an NPC race. Pure Humans – with their increased hit points, ability scores, and immunity to mutation – are more powerful than Stock Humans and thus more attractive to most players. In terms of game mechanics, Stock Humans are simply Near-Humans with no starting mutations.)

Game Rule Information:

Hit Dice: 1d6 per point of CON.

Mutations: None.

Radiation Susceptibility: Although they start with no mutations, radiation exposure can induce mutations in Stock Humans.

Reaction Adjustments: Same as Pure Humans, unless they suffer a disfiguring physical mutation – in which case they are treated as Mutant Humans instead.

Experience Adjustment: Stock Humans must learn quickly to survive, and gain a +10% bonus to all XP earned.

Karma Points: If using my Karma Points house rule, Stock Humans receive +1 Karma Point per level (instead of +1 for every two levels).



  1. I was inspired by edsan’s blog to post these; he has also provided a number of additional races for Mutant Future.

  2. Oh; and if I were using Near-Humans in a ‘Mutants & Mazes’ campaign, I would allow them to progress in a ‘normal’ Labyrinth Lord character class.

    They would have one Class 2 beneficial mutation or two Class 1 beneficial mutations. These would be offset by one Class 2 detrimental mutation or two Class 1 detrimental mutations.

  3. These are good and simple ideas. I like the concept of Pure Humans being a PC-rarity type of race. Might make players more eager to take it.

  4. I had an idea.

    If a player trully wishes to have a Stock Human character, the way to turn them into a PC race might be giving them some metagaming edge.

    An extra point of Karma, for a minimum pool of 1, or needing only 2/3 of the XP required to rise in level. Maybe even giving SH’s the “Unaltered DNA” benefit my Sleeper race gets.

  5. I included the Stock Human because I really wanted a simple race for NPCs that wasn’t stacked with modifiers. You can use a ‘Stock Human Standard’ NPC with no exceptional Ability Scores and they have absolutely no modifiers to any roll.

    In terms of your suggestions, I’d probably lean towards additional Karma (1 per level instead of 1 per 2 levels) and a 10% XP bonus if a player was interested in playing a Stock Human.

    Near-Humans are also great as NPCs because the referee can just pick a key mutation or two that defines the NPC instead of rolling a half-dozen for a Mutant Human.

    In general, Near-Humans and Stock Humans are the peasant rabble of the post-apocalyptic Mutant Future and the game rules exist to make the referee’s life easier.

  6. I bow to you more balanced Stock Human PC option. :)

  7. I’ve updated the Stock Human’s Game Rule Information to incorporate some of the playability suggestions. Since the changes don’t affect NPC creation, they’re still easy for a referee to generate.

    I’ve also ret-conned two of the retainers as near-humans, though it doesn’t affect their game stats.

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