Character Update


Update: PC recruitment is closed!

Just an update on character creation. Things are moving faster than I expected – we’re up to six seven EIGHT PCs now. Since I am looking for between six and eight players total, we’ve only got space for two one ZERO more. And I know I’ve gotten interest from more than two other potential players…

So I’ll be going on a first come – first served basis. If you get your character info into me, he’ll be in the Expedition. But I’ll be capping it at eight PCs, so space is tight. I’ve seen other folks on the Mutant Future forums looking at starting online games, so that’s an option too.



  1. I’ve also removed the ‘Sample PCs’ that were online. Once the spaces are filled I’m going to do a general cleanup/update of the site and get ready for the first game post.

  2. So, is your PC roster full or is there room for just one more?


  3. Still room for one more! First person to get their character stats in via e-mail gets to join.

  4. And we’re all full up now! PC recruitment is officially closed.

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