Mutant Future Released!


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The Mutant Future RPG has been released! The game can be downloaded for free from the Mutant Future website…

Go To: Mutant Future Website

Download the rules and read them over. I’ll be contacting folks who expressed interest in playing and start assembling the group. I’m looking for between six and eight characters overall; first come, first served.

Players can now start rolling up their PCs. Check out the Character Creation page for details; first step is to roll for Ability Scores.

Remember to e-mail all character creation info to me at k-slacker@shaw.ca.


One comment

  1. As I said, I’m going to spend the next couple of days reading through the rulebook and contacting those who expressed interest in participating in the Expedition.

    If you’re a potential player, then download the rules and jump right into character creation.

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