00 – A Brief History


Welcome to the Barrier Peaks RPG!

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks is an old-school rules-light post-apocalyptic RPG. Set in a world devastated by global warfare and overrun by mutants, the game features weird powers, strange monsters, insane foes, and big guns. It is ‘high-flux’, with the promise of great rewards and the constant threat of a pointless demise.

In addition to the actual Play-by-Comment game, this site hosts links to the Mutant Future rules (from Goblinoid Games), contains character creation details, and provides some background material for the campaign world.

Read more on the About the Expedition and Mutant Future RPG pages, or skip right into the adventure from the first game post.

A Brief History

The Fall devastated the world. Society crumbled, and all that mankind had worked for was seemingly destroyed. Yet, somehow, humanity’s descendants slunk out from the ruins and continued their struggle for life. In time they adapted to the harsh conditions of the mutant future.

As the radioactive glow slowly faded, the children of man learned to hunt the necropoli and search for surviving items and equipment. And thus, on the ruins of the old age, society began to build itself anew. In the wastelands people banded together, formed communities, fell in love and struggled for not only the right to life, but for a life worth living. Eventually, society re-formed into what might be considered a new civilization. Vast regions are still lawless, but other large areas have formed into a crude feudal system, somewhat reminiscent of medieval times.

In this new era, a loose network of economic, political, and military alliances known as the Affiliation has arisen to unite many of the independent baronies, tribal clans, and necropoli gangs. The Affiliation serves to hold back raider warlords, mutant beasts, reawakened Ancient threats, and the other forces of chaos which still arise from the wastes. Now, centuries after the Fall, civilization is slowly returning as society begins a new renaissance.

It the dawn of a new age and a time of adventure!


One comment

  1. Avid readers of Stephen King will note that I ripped off much of the background here from his Dark Tower series. The setting has been left deliberately vague, however, so that players can fill in details as desired.

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